"Birthdays" by Bleu Wales

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME~ Written at eleven in the morning for me! :D Though it offically won't be my b-day until 2 hours from now (2 am) I couldn't wait to post this (because I want to go to sleep). I also had no inspiration for the title. Anyway, please enjoy~

P.S. - Sorry if Ed's out of character. I like to think he isn't but...I don't really trust my own judgement. *sweatdrops*

Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist. *dies from sorrow*

The sun is just setting, spraying orange and rose across the dark blue sky. The pot on the stove is bubbling happily with some sort of meat, vegetables and broth. Scattered around the kitchen is the mess that it took to prepare the simple-looking meal. Across the room, slumped over at the kitchen table, is a girl who is dreadfully tired and worried. Her hair is mussed and a few strands are sticking out at random but her face is buried in her arms. Never again would she attempt to cook, even if it was for him. Cooking is hard, she decided, no wonder I always eat out.

The quiet of the home is interrupted with her dramatic exhale of breath as she got to her feet once again. She wants to clean the mess in the kitchen yet she still has so much to do. Her feet lead her to the bathroom where she steps out of her clothes and gets in the shower. Once she deems herself clean, she changes into a light, blue dress, toying with her hair until exclaiming that its untamable. She returns to the kitchen and stirs the stew slowly, adding in a little more milk. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him after all, no? She turns down the gas a little to let the soup simmer, moving on to her bedroom to fix her makeup.

The girl sits down on the cushioned seat in front of her vanity and examines her face for any blemishes. She lightly dusts her face in a complimenting shade of rogue before dashing on a bit of eye shadow as well. He says he likes it when she doesn’t wear make-up. So she decides to go light. After finishing with a touch of perfume, she opens the black, velvet box in front of her and smiles at the contents. The simple silver necklace is enough to make her cry, though she held it in quite well when he had presented it to her.

He knows she likes the little things so the quaint piece of jewelry made her glomp him multiple times. The clasps are difficult to work, though, but she manages to get them to snap together. She finds herself in the dining room, setting out the nice chinaware decorated with blue swans and ducks. A few decorative glasses follow the china and she sets out the good silver. Between the two sets of plates she places two tall, white candles, lighting them with a match.

She checks the clock after straightening up the living room. Almost time. The timer she had set beeps loudly and she runs frantically to the kitchen to retrieve the chocolate cake from the oven. The cake is a little burnt around the edges and probably tastes horrible (she can’t remember if it was sugar or salt that she had put in there) but she knows he’ll like it. At least, he always says he does. She ices the cake in a rush, getting a few splotches on the counter and whatnot, but ignores them for the time being.

She momentarily forgets how many colorful, little candles she’s supposed to top the cake with, wings it and shoves a bunch on there. Not a moment after she places in the last candle, a knock comes from the door. Her bare feet slap against the hardwood floors as she runs to answer it, the person on the other side obviously getting impatient, if their incessant knocking is anything to go by. The girl huffs as she opens the door.

“Patience is a virtue, you know,” she remarks blandly to the boy standing before her.

He doesn’t say a word as he envelopes the girl in a hug, swinging her around in circles. She laughs and clings tightly to his neck so as to not fall. He sets her down and just looks at her, taking in her appearance then the room around them. He has never seen her house so clean.

“What’s the occasion, (Name)?” the boy asks as he surveys the spotless foyer, peeking into the tidy living room as well. “Looks like the Furher’s coming for a visit or something.”

She hits his arm playfully, pouting slightly. “Your birthday, silly! Don’t act like it's not all that important!”

“It's not, really,” he says, removing his coat and hanging it on the hooks near the door. “It's just celebrating one year closer to death anyway.”

For a moment, there is silence. She is then in front of him, her hands holding his as she stared into his beautiful golden eyes, determination playing on her features. “That’s not what celebrating your birthday’s about. Its about celebrating another year survived in this harsh world. Celebrating another year of good memories with friends and family and…with me.”

He chuckled and pulled her into him, making her squeak cutely. “Always the optimistic, aren’t you?”

“I have to be to love you, Edward Elric," she offers with a shrug.

The young, blonde alchemist leans down and kisses her once softly. “I love you, too, (Name).”

A loud growl interrupts the moment and the couple looks at each other skeptically. They run to where the sound came from, ending up in the kitchen. Some sort of brownish-green blob is growing from inside the pot of stew on the stove. They both watch with sweatdrops as it devours the nice cake.

“What the hell is that?!” Edward shouts.

She laughs sheepishly, “Uh, happy birthday?”

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