"Tournament Troubles" by Sharp Shiny Pickle

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So I had written a story based off of a certain observation I noticed while rewatching some Dark Tournament episodes of YYH and was planning on it just being another ficlet, but then kept thinking of more ideas and decided that it would be easier to just make them all part of one story. Ironically, that first story I wrote will probably be the last chapter, haha. Since they’re all part of one story, I tried to make them directly connected to each other so that they are more like chapters (albeit, extremely short chapters) of a story rather than a string of independent ficlets.

Oh, and if you haven’t already inferred this by now, this story will follow the plot of the Dark Tournament. One of these days, I’ll be able to think up an original plotline myself. (Actually, I just said that for comedic purposes–I have an idea for a legitimate chaptered story, but I just haven’t figured out what exactly I want to do with it. :P)

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho.
You stared intently at Hiei, processing all the information he had just told you. Apparently, all four of the guys were being forced to participate in the “Dark Tournament” where they would be fighting against all sorts of nasty demons.

“…can I come?” you finally asked with hopeful anticipation.


“Well, then let me present my six-part rebuttal that I started to put together halfway through your explanation. First of all I–”

“I don’t think your mind can comprehend how much danger you would be in,” Hiei snapped, interrupting your argument before it could even begin.

“I was going to address that in part four,” you replied, smiling brightly in response to his irritated glare.

“There will be thousands of demons at the tournament out for human blood. Unless you’re looking for a quick death, you aren’t going.” He then disappeared from sight, indicating that he was done discussing the issue.

“Oh wait, Hiei! Would that quick death be by you or by the other demons?” you called out a moment too late. The lack of an insult directed toward your mental capacity confirmed that he was currently well out of earshot. “He really should clarify these things. Guess I’ll have to track him down and ask him~” you said to yourself deviously before taking off to find the departed fire demon.

If Hiei thought he could just scoff at you and be done with the matter, he was sadly (though in his case it was probably more like “angrily”) mistaken.


My plan was to finish this entire story before I started to post it, but since I have to write A LOT of these so I can cover most aspects of the Dark Tournament arc, that plan went out the window (I’ve started working on over 20 of them already, though I’ve skipped around a bit). You’d probably be surprised on how long it takes me to write these ficlets–I really pour over the little, minute things and random details and what not because I am a perfectionist.

At any rate, please review and I hope you look forward to future chapters~ :D

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