"Clumsy" by Straw

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This...happened to me earlier today.
I have a lot of accidents that, when I relay them to people who read KHR, generally remind people of Dino.

And this little plot bunny was found!
...My ankle hurts, though. I hope it's better by PE tomorrow. Pickleball won't be much fun like this.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dino. Or you. Just my fantastic ability to have ridiculous accidents.

One step.

Two steps.

Three steps.


You glanced up at the ball of fire shining high in the robin’s egg sky. You small pink tongue darted out and dug into the ice cream you had just purchased. The day was warm, but not too much so, and you were planning on spending most of it outside, doing errands and the like. You shut your eyes happily as you swallowed a mouthful of ice cream and then took another step down the stairs.

“Hey!” You paused and turned quickly to find the source at the bottom of the stairway. You hadn’t heard that voice in several weeks. In fact, the owner of said voice wasn’t even supposed to be back from Japan for another week and a half. But, sure enough, it was Dino and his usual fleet of minions (not that he considered them that), headed your way.

You were so surprised that, as you reached to take another step so that you could get to him more quickly, you actually miss the last two…

…and tumbled the rest of the way to the ground. In your desperate attempt to stop yourself, you grabbed hold of the railway. This did not really help, but it did manage to get you to slam your back into the brick wall at the end of your descent.

Dino was there before you had a chance to even realize what had happened.

“[Name]? Are you okay?” He sounded worried. You groaned and got to your feet, gingerly placing weight on the ankle that had twisted in your fall.

"Fine." You laughed shakily. "Nothing hurt but my pride." At this point, Romario had caught up with his boss, as well as several other Cavallone Family members that were along for the ride.

“Boss, you’re dating someone clumsier than you. How is that even possible?” Dino glared at him for a moment, though not very hard and not very long, before turning his attention back to you. After a brief moment of the pair of you staring at each other, he hefted you into his arms.

“You aren't fine with an ankle like that. We’re getting you home.”

Not that you bothered to protest.

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