"Mine" by Bleu Wales

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For all you Gevanni lovers out there. (You know who you are.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or "At Last" by Etta James
The sound of music - bows dragging across violins in a melody you could recognize anywhere - tore your attention away from the book propped up on your knees. It was floating in from somewhere further in the apartment, most likely the bedroom where the stereo was located. Finally, the first words of the song were sung.

“At last~”

“Oh, boy…” you muttered. You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face, however, as the sound of footsteps in the hall came nearer.

It was just like him to do something like this. The calendar hanging on the fridge not to far away displayed the month of June and a cute Labrador puppy - not to mention the large, red circle around the sixteenth. Well, at least he had remembered.

You shut your book and set it on the coffee table as the lights were slowly dimmed. His voice, as clear and suave as always, came from the doorway.

“Hello there.”

“My love has come along~”

Stephen was dressed to impress, well, to you at least; he always looked great in a black dress shirt. He was cleanly shaved, as usual, but his hair looked slightly more tousled, like he had actually attempted to do something with it but failed. Though it did make him look all the more appealing.

“Look at you, all dressed up, and me in nothing but rags.” The teasing lilt in your voice brought a glint into his eyes and he stepped forward. You were in a large shirt and shorts, what you usually wore to bed.

The blue eyes you loved so much looked you over once before stopping on your face. He touched your cheek lightly, running a finger along it to your ear. “I think you look ready for any ball.”

“I found a dream that I could speak to. A dream that I~ can call my own.”

His hand drifted down your neck and over your shoulder, down your arm and finally, grasping your hand. The lightness of his touch made you tremble slightly. He smirked and pulled you closer to him, putting a hand on your waist. You laughed a little at the silliness of it all but humored him anyway and began to sway around the room.

The song continued on as you danced and Stephen stared straight into your eyes the entire time. The intense gaze elicited a thrill from you; when he was like this, it always made your heart ache at his tenderness, the romantic side of him you rarely got to see because of his job. Now, there was no one there to ruin the moment with urgent business. Stephen luckily had the day off.

Getting a little more bold, you moved ever closer and pressed your head to his chest. His hand dropped yours as it joined the other at your middle. Your now-free appendage traveled up to his collarbone, exposed by a few unfastened buttons, and traced the lines there. His lips lowered to meet the top of your head and stayed there as you swayed still.

“I found a thrill~ to press my cheek to. A thrill that I~ have never known.”

You could feel the smile on his face. Everything was just perfect. The perfect time, the perfect atmosphere - just right for the one moment that would mean everything. All he had to do was figure out exactly how to do this.

“You know, (Name),” he began nonchalantly, earning a light hum from you, “the first time I saw you, I knew you were going to make someone very happy.”

You laughed. “Well?”

“You know, (Name), I always love it when I’m right.” He lifted your face to look at his, not even an inch between the two of you.

“And here we are, in heaven…”

Your eyes closed on instinct as he kissed you softly, passionately. It somehow seemed different from the other kisses he had given you. It almost felt like there was deeper meaning, much deeper than the love he usually showed towards you. It almost felt like...a promise.

His hand slipped away from your face but you didn’t notice, too wrapped up in the kiss. You didn’t see when he pulled something small out of his pocket. But you did feel the cool metal being slipped onto your finger. It made you pull away slightly, reopening eyes that were slightly glossy with tears.

It was just a simple golden band, the best he could afford probably, yet it was beautiful beyond comprehension. Well, to you, at least. His eyes were questioning and nervous. You almost had the audacity to laugh. Did he actually think you were going to say no?

Without further ado, you ran your fingers through his hair and pulled him back to your mouth.

“For you are mine~ at last…”

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