"Almost" by Siruru

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It got this idea from writing the Vongola Primo chapter of Temperate Legato. I wanted to expand more on that idea on come up with this. "Grazie" means "thank you" in Italian.


You Were... - Ayumi Hamasaki
it's a mixture of coincidence and fate.

He watches his little descendant take on the Mare boy with everything that he has. Everyday, Tsunayoshi Sawada is turning into someone truly worth of his Vongola blood. Everyone around the boy notes the similarities between him and the Vongola Primo, but the blond can notice something that isn't his.

When he smiles - it's purely hers.

He was a youth born into a famiglia of elites. The Vongola founder didn't know the difference between rich and poor because he was still just a naive child. Thus, it came to his great surprise to accidentally meet a dirty, rag-wearing girl stealing from his boarding school's kitchen one day. There was a hint of fear and apprehension within her gleaming orbs, as they meet his blue ones. She was about to run out when he spoke.


She stopped and glanced at him with her head cocked to the side. They didn't understand each other, but he smiled at the sudden growl of her stomach. She was hungry and embarrassed, as she patted her abdomen and looked away from the older boy. He finally got an idea, as he handed her a slice of cheese with a loaf of bread.


He smiled and spoke softly, as to not scare her, almost like with a wild animal. She quickly got the idea, and snatched the food from his hand. She began scarfing it down like an unfed beast. However, she gave him a quick glance during her meal. She spoke with a hoarse voice in a nearly hesitant manner - she probably hadn't talked in days.


She smiled - and it was something he wouldn't forget so easily.

....when you weren't here - I had nothing.

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