"All You Are To Me" by Suki-chan

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Okay, so nobody hit me for being a Toshiro fan-girl...because you have no proof I'm not. I just really, really adore him, okay! And I've been wanting to do an actual reader insert for him since I started Ice Queen, and so I decided to. Besides, I like challenges!

I know I've done a few reader inserts with Shiro-chan in my other challenges and such, but this one is entirely all about him! :D ! (Also, I want to do another one of these about a different character for a different anime...but I can't think of one to do. Any suggestions?)

So, please read and enjoy~

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“He‘s a bit of a grump, but he‘s pretty cute. I think he‘ll make a good taichou, don‘t you?”


Needless to say, you were startled. You really hadn’t expected it, but who were you to judge in all honesty? You weren’t, so you kept your mouth shut and listened politely like a good, little girl.

“Please take care of him from now on, alright?” Matsumoto Rangiku said in all of her glory and she smiled broadly at you.

“Yes, fukutaichou.”

You rose your eyes from the ground, meeting a pale face, shocking white hair and teal orbs. There was no smile on his lips, more of a dissatisfied scowl and it was directed at you. You weren’t sure how you felt about this and the mixed emotions weighed down your chest. Unbelieving, doubtful and distrusting, sure. Confused, taken back, and afraid, obviously. But you realized something as you bowed respectively to your new superior.

You were, to him, undeniably...

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Hitsugaya-taichou.”


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