"The Genius and Mediocrity" by mangamaniac48

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I had to write this drabble eventually. I hope you like it. Please review. That is all.

The first time you saw him was at an art gallery, where your class had an excursion. You two were in the same exhibition, and when his sapphire eyes met yours, you were struck by the intensity of his stare, and you blushed fiercely.

"Oh ha ha," giggled your friend. "(Y/N) has a crush on that cute rich boy on the other side of the room," she sang deviously. You flushed.

"What, no, don't be silly," you stuttered, but you blush gave you away. You glanced, embarrassed, at the boy, but his head was turned away from you. You were horrified. What if he had heard?

You didn't realise the large man in the corner, smirking at the good-looking boy, occasionally glancing at you, and you most certainly did not know what he was thinking, of pairing you with a certain raven haired young man...

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