"Set Your Girl On Fire" by Plzu

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Hello! Haven't quite updated... anything. In a reallyreally long time. But on the bright side...
(This is taking forever to be validated. I'm losing hope, but not my patience! ;_______;)
Anyway, this story was inspired by the song, Set It Off Like Napalm, by Emarosa.

I, obviously, do not own Kingdom Hearts or its characters. Nor do I own you. But you're silly if you need such a confirmation. :>
How lucky were you?

Standing a little off to the side of the dance floor, Riku's arms loosely draped around your waist from behind. His chin rested on the area where your shoulder met your neck, his silver locks slightly tickling you. Most girls in there would die to be in your position. You closed your eyes to their envious glares and leaned back contentedly onto Riku's chest.

You felt Riku's lips move against your neck, as if speaking. With the music blaring loudly, you couldn't make out his words. "Hmm?" you hummed, head tilting closer to his. He placed his lips right below your ear and murmured, "let's dance." The intimacy of the position of his lips made heat rise up your neck as you nodded at his request.

Riku took your hand and led you to an open space on the crowded dance floor of the club. He turned you around and clasped his hands firmly on your hips, subtly indicating that you were his, no one else's. No other guy should dare try to touch you.

Hesitantly, you began to slowly gyrate your hips in Riku's hands. You honestly weren't used to doing this, moving your body in such a sensual way and attracting attention. But in a club, everyone was a mass of grinding bodies, each couple lost in their own world of sweat, heat, and pleasure. As Riku pressed up closer behind you, grinding slightly, you relaxed and let loose. All restrictions were gone. You slowly stretched your arms up over your head, rotating your hips while stepping back closer to Riku. He groaned and you felt his hot breath on the back of your neck.

Both of you were lost in your own world of heat, much like everyone else on the dance floor. At this point, nobody would be able to distinguish you two from the rest of the grinding mob. But you had inadvertently caught some(no)body's attention.

Axel sat at the bar, the rim of an empty glass in front of his smirking lips. His attention was directed toward your form on the dance floor, emerald eyes alight with the thought of you pressed against him. Your every movement set his body aflame, and he wanted nothing more than to return the favor. The only problem was the possessive pretty boy latched onto you from behind. He'd have to take care of that.


Several songs later, both your bodies were slick with sweat. Your breathing was heavy and you longed for a cool refreshment. Voicing your need, Riku made the big mistake of leaving you on the dance floor to get you something to drink.

Just as the next song began, someone appeared before you. The first thing that drew your attention was his flaming red mane. It definitely stood out from the crowd. After his hair, you decided to examine the rest of him — or at least, you attempted to — but your sight wouldn't travel beyond his vibrant green eyes. Despite the weight of his gaze sending chills down your spine, something akin to fire spread beneath your skin.

Taking note of his delicious smirk (wait, what?), your mind barely registered that he was moving towards you. Oh God, you couldn't move away. Your legs couldn't have picked a worse time to become immobile.

He was finally close enough for you to notice two distinctive marks beneath his eyes when he stopped. Your bodies were merely inches apart. "Pretty irresponsible of that guy to leave you unattended," he said, loud enough to hear over the pulsing music. "If it were me," - he abruptly tugged you close to him by your belt loops - "I'd never let you out of my sight."

You couldn't suppress the blush that crept up your cheeks or the shiver that travelled throughout your body. But you did manage to come back to your senses as you attempted to push away from his chest. "Let go of me!" you exclaimed, loud enough for him to hear. "He only went to get me a drink. He'll be back any second!" You continued to fruitlessly push away from him, a frustrated frown marring your features.

By now his smirk had grown into a full-blown grin. "A lot of things can happen between two people in the time it takes for him to get a drink." The redhead made his point by pressing himself forbiddenly nearer against you. He drew his lips dangerously close to your ear and whispered, "By the way, the name's Axel. Got it memorized?"

You couldn't try pulling away anymore. He had you — and in more ways than one.

On no accord of your own, your hips began rotating to the rhythm of the music. You were astonished at how fluidly your body was moving with Axel's, how easily and without the slightest bit of hesitation. Wasn't it only a couple of minutes ago that you were in Riku's arms, barely able to move at first? And Riku was your boyfriend for crying out loud! But here you were, completely comfortable dancing in a stranger's hands.

Oh, but he was one fine stranger.

You tried to convince yourself that the ease of moving your body in sync with this newcomer was because you were still in the motion of your previous dance. But you knew that wasn't the case. You also knew what you should have been feeling at that very moment: ashamed, guilty, and utterly despicable. In short, you were supposed to feel downright wrong.

You felt anything but.

Wrong was supposed to describe how delectably close your body was to Axel's; wrong was supposed to be that feeling of wildfire that stretched along whatever exposed flesh he dared touch; wrong was supposed to be his moist breath spreading itself along your neck and collarbone, and how your head lolled back with parted lips in heated pleasure.

Wrong was supposed to be you, dancing intimately against the body of someone that wasn't Riku, and blatantly enjoying every forbidden second of it.

So why did it feel so damn right?

It was when Axel hitched your left leg around his waist, lips skimming your neck, that the sound of breaking glass reached your ears. Your head immediately whipped to the right, taking in Riku's livid form and the broken glass scattered at this feet. Axel also noticed Riku, but did nothing to change your position. He stood with his hand holding your thigh to his waist, other hand on the small of your back, pressing you against himself. His lips never strayed from where they were on your neck, now smiling arrogantly. So that you wouldn't fall, you kept your arms around his neck. The only thing that actually ceased was the dancing.

Riku glared at both you and Axel, the feeling blazing in his aqua stare torn between jealousy and rage. With wide eyes, you let his name slip past your lips, at a loss for anything else to say. The silver haired young man fixed his attention solely on you, gaze hardening. "What are you doing?"

Axel finally stood up straight, careful not to let you fall as he reluctantly unattached himself from you. He took two strides closer to the other young man, a smug grin set upon his face as he responded to Riku in your stead. "I was just keeping your girl some company. You shouldn't leave a lady alone like that, especially in a place like this." He spread his arms as if to emphasize his point, gesturing to the surrounding dance floor. Even though you heard the slight mocking tone in his voice, you looked around and noticed a couple of sleazy characters drinking at the bar, eyeing the dance floor for any vulnerable female. Then you realized Axel could've very well been one of those sleazebags. You felt the embarrassment creep up and stain your cheeks, and you looked down ashamedly at the broken shards of glass on the floor.

"What makes you think she wants your company?" queried Riku. The note of anger in his voice made you wince. You dared looked up into his eyes, seeing the fury in them. You'd never seen him this angry, and it was your fault, you knew it. You mentally berated yourself for being the cause of Riku's current frustration. I should've walked away…

But I didn't want to.

Your optics widened at the truth of the voice in your head that countered your original thought. And, just as that thought occurred, Axel replied to Riku. "She didn't push away."

"Maybe she couldn't." Your heart stopped when Riku's gaze, once again, slid over to you. He was looking for a confirmation, the agreement to his statement. He searched your face for it, and noticed the way you bit your bottom lip, a nervous habit of yours. He looked into your eyes. It was then that you realized your heart didn't stop, but sped up, and was now drowning out not only the music, but your thoughts. You couldn't look away from Riku, and finally, the only word that slid past your lips in a murmur was sorry.

The rage in Riku's eyes slipped, and you saw the hurt in his aqua blue optics. Just as quickly as you noticed, it vanished, and he went back to his usual emotionless fa├žade. You could no longer trace the anger or pain that was previously set in his eyes.

Without another glance, Riku turned and left. You watched him disappear among the throng of dancers.

You could've followed him. You could've apologized wholeheartedly and asked for his forgiveness, discarding the dance with the redheaded stranger from your mind. Make it seem like it never happened. But you instead stood rooted to the spot, and stared even after Riku's silver head was no longer visible.

Axel stood only a few feet away from you. He didn't watch Riku leave, but instead stared intently at you. He saw the lost look in your eyes. The pyro dared not make a move to snap you out of your reverie, just watched you closely and waited for you to make a move instead. He knew very well that you were contemplating following pretty boy. If you chose to do so, then Axel would forget about you and leave you be. No second dances.

He promised himself this.

But when you turned to look at him with a certain look in your eyes, he smirked. Maybe a second dance wasn't that unlikely. "You never gave me your name."

You looked at the redhead and his cocky grin. You took in what you failed to notice before; the torn, shredded collar of his shirt and his tight, leather pants. Maybe he really was a sleazebag. You decided to find that out for yourself.

You gave him a small smile, and your name.

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