"Thunder & Lightning" by Bleu Wales

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...don't hurt me. *hides from those who hate me for not updating other things* Sorry, sorry, SORRY! I became obessessed with Chazz and his uber dorkiness! That's how this was born. ...also, he's probably WAY out of character. It just turned out that way.

Another important note: THIS WILL NOT FOLLOW ANY OF THE ORIGINAL PLOT WHATSOEVER. Chazz will not leave for North Academy, or do anything crazy like the Society of Light. IT WILL BE JUST LIKE IF DUEL ACADEMY WAS A NORMAL DUELING SCHOOL WHERE NORMAL THINGS HAPPEN.



Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.
An excited grin plasters to your face as you run through the halls. It’s your first day of your freshman year at Duel Academy. Almost an hour ago you had been ready to stab your eyes out with a pencil as Dr. Crowler made the painstakingly easy task of roll call take up half the class by adding on a few unneeded comments to each person’s name. Although, it did make you happy to hear your uncle twice removed add on “the bane of my existence” to yours. Some meteor of good luck only relates you to the man by marriage (your great aunt to his brother or something).

Crowler arriving at the P’s steeled you from blinding yourself. The first surname that came out of his mouth was Princeton which, one, made you snap around to see the owner of the name and, two, actually came after your friend Tambri Persimmons. Favoritism much? The name that went with the surname was Chazz. Put together that equaled Chazz Princeton, the raven-haired, grey-eyed boy in the row behind you that raised his hand. In mathematical equations, your relations with the boy are as follows:

Chazz Princeton + (Full Name) + childhood = Best friends.

More recently, however, it’s been like this:

Chazz Princeton + (Full Name) + adolescence = Distant acquaintances

This was mostly because Chazz’s brothers began pressuring him into other things, such as Duel Monsters, which apparently meant that he had no other time for you. Even when you started playing the card game as well. This made you extremely angry with your BFFLAB and you lashed out at him one day. That was the last time you saw him on a friendly basis. The other times were at galas and things held by your impossibly wealthy parents where they force you and some boy to dance in hopes that something slightly romantic or interesting will occur. Nothing remotely similar to love has ever blossomed during one of those awkward, robotic waltzes. Though you’ve caught Chazz smirking at your situation multiple times and you pout in response.

Now that you are entered and fully registered as an Obelisk Blue at the Duel Academy, away from your parents and Chazz’s pressuring brothers, you’re hoping that the two of you can rekindle your dying friendship. No matter how insane it sounds. That’s how you end up running into the dueling arena at the Obelisk dorms, panting and out of breath. You can see that there are already a few people standing around, two of which are Slifers. Either way, you push past them and throw yourself on the nearest blue uniform.

“Chazz!” You squeal. There’s a pregnant pause, prompting you to look up and find a totally unfamiliar Obelisk standing there with a blush. You let go of him and laugh sheepishly. “Whoops! Wrong guy!”

“(Name).” Someone deadpans behind you. Your eyes alight with sparkles as you can recognize that exasperated tone anywhere.

You turn on your heel, stomp up the few steps of the bleachers and throw yourself onto the boy. “Chazz!”

He is expecting your violent hug attack and braces himself on the railing ahead of time. You hear him sigh as he walks down the steps and you cling to him until he pushes you off at the bottom. There is a boyish laugh. One of the Slifers seems to be having a grand old time watching the two of you.

The Slifer grins from ear to ear. “That your girlfriend?”

A smile of your own lights up your face as you jump up and hang on Chazz’s arm. “FiancĂ©e, to be exact!”

Chazz sputters and pushes you away. “Wha - No you’re not!”

“Are you still not telling your friends?” You whine. Crocodile tears build in your eyes. “Boo Boo, I thought you said you were going to come out with it at the beginning of the year!”

The four other boys are sniggering quietly, obviously afraid to endure the wrath that is moody!Chazz. The arguing escalates to the point where you’re yelling and throwing a diamond ring at him. Where the ring comes from, nobody knows. The boys can’t help themselves and fall into fits of laughter, complete with tears at the embarrassed/befuddled look on Chazz’s face. Just as you pretend to be crawling back to him, another voice cuts in through the commotion.

“Looks like you all are having fun.”

It’s Alexis Rhodes, an Obelisk living across the hall from you. She smiles with a wave to you, which you return with a glomp once you’re on your feet. Chazz looks as though he wants to do the same. Little hearts are practically dancing around his inflated ego - erm, his rather large hairdo.

“Alexis~” He all but squees.

More faux-tears run down your cheeks. “Two-timer!” You shriek, throwing the same diamond ring at his head again. Then, you throw your hands in the air and run out of the arena, shouting behind you, “I’M GOING TO GO BURN ALL YOUR CLOTHES!”

“You don’t even know where my room is.” Chazz quips.

Your head pops into the doorway with a cattish smile. “Obelisk boy’s dorm, third floor, room 322.”

“Crap!” Chazz grumbles as he chases after you, the desired effect. “What in the hell, (Name)?!”


The remaining people sweatdrop. Jaden turns to Alexis. “Any idea who that chick was?”

She laughs. “(Full Name). She and Chazz used to be best friends.”

Syrus raises an eyebrow, flinching at a resounding crash and scream that echoes from further down the hall. “Used to be?”



Alexis shakes her head. “I don’t get it either.”

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