"Limitless" by Bleu Wales

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My first Naruto fic, and it's about one of my least favorite characters. Failure. Anyway, the ending kind of forshadows Sasuke going back to the village to destroy the council of elders or whatever. And somehow, they all accepted it and let him back into the village! *sweatdrops* ^-^;; We'll just pretend that made sense.

S-So, I hope he's not out of character. :D Please...

Please enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Narto Shippuden that has basically turned into episodes full of reaction shots, flashbacks and cryptic sentences that have no end. "You mean -" YES. *cough*

The raven-haired boy looked up from the log he was practicing his taijutsu on. Sweat was beading on his forehead from the strenuous activity and he was panting slightly. Although you annoyed him to no end on a daily basis, the clear box of dumplings you were holding looked particularly delicious at the moment. He grunted in acknowledgement and went back to practicing his kicks while you set up the meal.

You appeared in front of him a few minutes later, blocking a roundhouse kick to the head with your forearm. A smile played at your lips and he scowled. Rolling your eyes, you moved away from him and over to the rock you had balanced your homemade lunch upon.

The both of you ate in silence, occasionally interrupted by you suddenly bursting out with some new information on your own progress in the ninja arts. Sasuke never really found it necessary to respond to your random outbursts since you tended to do that yourself. The only times you weren’t shy of him or nervous was when you sparred against him.

Perhaps he needed to fight you more often.

Birds chirped slightly overhead, the squalling of babies evident as their mother returned to them. You looked up at the branches above you and absentmindedly chomping down on your suddenly-empty chopsticks. You blinked, looking around for where the little ball of dough and meat could have rolled off to. Your eyes landed on Sasuke as he retrieved a dumpling from his previously cleared dish.

Faux tears dribbled down your cheeks when he silently ate it and neatly laid his chopsticks across his bowl. Without really thinking, you sent one of the chopsticks soaring at his pretty face. He easily dodged it, counterattacking with his own.

It struck you in the forehead painfully. You squealed and clutched the spot, real tears gathering in the corners of your eyes. Sasuke smirked as he turned around, leading you to glare.

“Too slow.”



He looked away from the other three standing near him. The sight he beheld made him blink as memories from Konoha came rushing back to him. You stood there in your same teal tunic, although the wrappings around your legs had moved up with the length of your shorts. You bent at the middle in formal greeting towards Sasuke and his party of wayward ninja.

As you did so, he saw your leaf headband or, more specifically, the scratch running through it. The other three immediately fell into fighting stances, the red-haired girl - Karin - looking as though she particularly wanted to kill you. You continue to smile sweetly at them. It seemed you were unchanged by their supposedly menacing stature.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you~” The singsong quality of your voice belayed only pure innocence.

You’d definitely changed since he last saw you. The blue boy - Suigetsu - on the right laughs.

“You’re wearing a giant, ugly-ass bow,” he motioned to the blue ribbon tied around your midsection like an obi, “How tough can you be?”

A small cough was heard from the other boy - Juugo - seeing as he probably made the connection that you were about to reveal. The placid lines of your face never faltered as you giggled without mirth.

“Sasuke-kun is wearing one, too, is he not?” You let your eyes fall upon his stoic expression.

Suigetsu choked before he quickly composed himself and attempted a comeback. “THAT’S A MANLY ROPE…BOW.”

“Is that so?” You deftly raised an eyebrow. A sigh soon followed. “Well, despite my appearance, it’s still not a good idea to fight me.”

Karin finally spoke up. “Why’s that?” She ground out.

“Wanna find out?” The eerie calmness of your voice made her step back some.

Before anyone could make the first move, Sasuke interrupted. “Let’s just go.”

A frown marred your face as Sasuke turned, the other three glaring over their shoulders at you. That wasn’t polite at all. You stand there pouting for a few minutes. Then your feet finally decided that it was time to move. In no time at all, you had caught up to them and walked alongside Sasuke.

He shot you a perturbed look and the girl shrieked something at you. You only smiled for the most part. Though, your arm twitched and Karin was suddenly nursing a bloody nose. Suigetsu laughed while Juugo just sighed.

“I defected from the village, dishonored my family and almost got myself killed stealing some documents from Lady Tsunade’s office.” You said with a grin. “I’m not going to just let you walk away from me.”

He scoffed, turning his head in the other direction. “Like you could stop me.”

The katana at his throat halted his progress down the dusty road. “I could try.”

Your eyes met his Sharingan head on without fear. The staring contest ensued for a few minutes. It was as if nothing could faze either of you from glaring at the other… until a leaf smacked you in the face. You yelped and toppled over, laughing despite yourself.

“I’ll win next time, Sasuke-kun!” You announced as you stood. “Of course, there won’t be any leaves present.”

The Uchiha spared you one last glance, then started forward. “Hn. Whatever.”

“You always say that!”



He looked away from the window. You were standing in the doorway of his hospital room. There were scratches covering most of your skin, along with bruises and painful-looking welts. You were decidedly worse for wear and he almost didn’t notice the cast around your left arm. Sucks that you were left-handed.

However, he wasn’t allowed any more time to take in the level of damage you received. You rushed forward and threw your arms around him. If he hadn’t been on his crutches, he was sure you would’ve had both of you sailing out the window. His shoulder was becoming wet where your face is buried. Sasuke merely stood there, unsure of what to do.

“I-I…” You swallowed thickly to try to gather your bearings. “I thought I lost you.”

Onyx eyes widened in understanding. Then they closed to block out the tears streaming down your cheeks. “Where were you when the battle started?”

You removed yourself from his person. He shut his eyes tighter when he realized that he missed the contact. “I circled around before I entered and joined the fight halfway through.”

There wasn’t a pause in between your voices. “Why?”

“You’d only get in more trouble if they found out I’d left for you.”



You look away from the long stretch of road before you. He’s about to say something about how stupid you are for leaving the hospital while still healing, but the bag slung over your shoulder makes him hold his tongue. A smile works its way onto your lips and you wave.

“Hey, Sasuke-kun.”

It’s a fake smile; he can read you all too easily. Neither of you say anything for the longest of times. Sasuke has a faint idea of what’s happening. You can see the question in his eyes and avert yours. A pebble next to your foot gets sent to the other side of the gates. It lands near Sasuke.

“Lady Tsunade gave me three days to heal before she kicked me out.” You explain.

Sasuke’s fists clench at his sides. “I thought she would -”

“I did, too.” You interrupt him. The expression on your face is as solemn as he’s ever seen it. “But I’m not as important as you, as strong or as helpful to the village as you are.”

Your eyes are locked in a stalemate once more. He doesn’t know how to convey what he’s thinking, and he’s not sure that you’ll understand. But he has to say something. You’re already walking away.

He grabs your wrist. On impulse, you turn to face him, only to be surprised completely at how close his face is to yours. A girlish blush rises to your face and you beat it back so it doesn’t spread.

“You are important to the village because…you’re important to me.”

Sasuke grumbles the last part and you can’t help to giggle at him. He’s not really thinking when he does it, but he leans down further. You’re so shocked you almost jump away. The kiss doesn’t even last long enough for you to respond, anyway. Before you know it, you’re being dragged down the street, back into the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

“Um…where are we going?” You ask uncertainly.

“Hn.” He lets you go to walk at your own pace. Also, people are starting to stare. “To talk some sense into our Hokage.”

A grin breaks out on your face and you run after him.


There were certain limits that you would go to. You trained until you body begged you to stop, you ate until you felt as thought you wouldn’t eat for weeks and you slept until you felt your mom was going to throttle you. However, with a certain dark-haired boy, there were no limits to how far you would go to help him succeed.

He was limitless.


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