"150 Bottled Fairies" by Rosebud

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Here we go. Zelda fanfiction! I love challenges
001: Trust
It had been a peaceful night for your village.
You had just laid yourself on your soft bed; Your ears perked up for the sounds of the gentle sleeping breath of your family. Their unconcious sounds gave you a lullaby for your own sleep.
You slipped off into a welcoming dreamland.
The next thing you knew, you were waking up to the smell of fire and the horrid sounds of screaming were ripping through your ears.
Your village had been attacked!
Frantically, you scrambled to get out of the house. The place you once called home was now a firey death trap! Your father caught up to you, and pulled you by your arm as you both ran for the front door. He braced himself and rammed open the door, only to find moblins waiting outside.
The sword pierced your father's side, and the strong hand that you knew as your papa's fell back and limp in his last gesture for you to run away. But, there was no escape, the fire licked at your back and the murderous monsters loomed ahead. The sword came up once more, this time to strike you down.

You screamed.

Link was shaking you fiercely, worry etched along his face as you snapped your eyes open. He ran his fingers along the side of your head, trying to soothe you. His long golden hair mingled into your (hair color) hair as he held you to his chest; the rough chain mail rubbed along your cheeks from under his nightshirt as he rocked you slowly.

"Shhh....shhhh...", he whispered into your ear.

You clung to him like a frightened child, and with wide eyes you surveyed the area.
The fire of your campsite flickered lazily, illuminating the sword and armor that rested nearby, as well as the two mares that turned their heads sleepily to observe you. The night sky was pitch black, only broken up by a few stars that were littered here and there on this cloudy night. The little lights of the fireflies winked in and out of existence as they buzzed peacefully over your head.
It was alright, there was no fire here... no monsters...
Still, it took a long moment of his constant rocking to soothe your tortured heart.
Link looked questioningly at you, loosening his hold to look you in the eye.

"I'm.. I'm okay..", you responded, "I'm alight... it was just a nightmare... Did I yell again?"

He nodded, then raised his hand up to the sky, and waved it a few times.

"I know it's still late... I don't know if I can sleep after that though...-?"

Link didn't wait to hear your excuses, you hadn't slept properly in weeks. The nightmares had begun to get worse for you, which meant you had taken to staying up all night just to not have dreams. If you were staying up too late, you couldn't protect yourself very well because you would be groggy. He pulled you back down to the ground and curled his arm around you.

"Link..?", you questioned

Link hummed into your ear, a song that you had taught him, the melody of the wind fish. Once, that song helped put the little kids in your village to sleep, but that felt so long ago. You rested your head on his arm and sighed as the melody took you back to better times.
That night of moblins and fire had been a blessing and curse. You had lost your family, but you gained someone who sliced through the fire and moblins to save you.
You had someone to trust...
You slept.

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