"Age comes with Emotions" by lostHEAVENx

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IMO, Luck is OOC.
But hopefully I portrayed him right =w= (read the novels, so...yeah!)


“You still haven’t told me your age!” You prod Luck as you stretch your strides to keep up with his lengthy ones. You have been trying to guess his age, since he looks so young, younger than you, perhaps, but he would never give a hint.

He merely sends his usual faint smile your way, making a dust of pink stain your cheeks.

“…In my days, men preferred silent women,” He states casually, though there is an underlying teasing tone.

“Hmmm~ Then you must be–” You stop mid-phrase to think over his words. His smile widens as he sees your face turn from confusion to annoyance, the blush on your cheeks reddening visibly.

“You just said I was noisy!”

“Ah, I’m joking–ow, joking!”

“Nevermind! You’ll tell me when the time comes, right?” you say to him, all annoyance and blush gone, he notices. Ah, he misses that colour which dusted your cheeks so beautifully —

“Anyway, you must be reaaaaally young, no? Your complexion is so smooth, you hardly have any wrinkles!” You continue, not noticing that he is distracted.

He does not say anything, and tunes out halfway. He wonders about his reluctance to tell you about his immortality. Maybe he’s afraid that you will think of him as a monster, then be scared of him and loathe him or something.

…Eh? When did he start feeling these…emotions? He has not felt this way, this soft towards anyone in decades. It’s your fault, he decides. Ever since you entered his life, he has renewed emotions.

“Luck? Are you listening?”

Your voice penetrates his thoughts; he blinks once, only to be greeted with a close up of your face, though you’re not tall enough to reach up to his full height. And his minds falls into the gutter–how soft your lips look, how they would feel–


“Ah, sorry. I was thinking about work matters,” He lies smoothly.

“What do you work as?”

“…you really want to know?”


“Hmm…maybe next time.”

“Ah, not fair!”

He merely laughs as he watches you fume childishly. Maybe not telling the truth would not hurt, for now.

[1] I wanted the setting to be modern Manhattan instead of the 1930 setting in the novels, but I've never been there, so I can't describe the place...SO FORGIVE THE LACK OF DESCRIPTION OF THE SETTING IN THIS T^T

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