"White Keys, Red Satin" by Isis san

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Here we go! Gokudera's story has arrived.

Gokudera: UGH.

Shut up. Deal with it. This is a fifty nine chapter'd beast and I intend to tame it!

...Yes. The fifty nine chapters is a pun. :D

Enjoy! Reviews are loved and appreciated!

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Key 1: Intruder

Gokudera felt his eye twitch.

What. The. Hell.

What was a girl doing in the music hall playing his piano during his time?

He stomped over to the stage and scowled at the girl, who was either ignoring him or hadn’t noticed him yet. Well, that was about to change.

“Oi! Woman, what are you doing?! This is my playing time!”

The slow moving hands rested on the keys and the music ceased. You looked over at the fuming male and raised an eyebrow. He certainly looked miffed. Maybe if you let him fume a little longer, he would explode? You began to play a new song and saw him twitch violently, but you spoke up over the melody.

“I apologize. The owner said I could come at any time and never said anything about other people or time slots. This is my last song, then I’ll let you have the piano.”

The boy scoffed and folded his arms.

“Fine, but just one song. That’s it.”

He plopped himself in one of the plush chairs and scowled at you for the entire song. It was remarkable to see him master an expression that, if held for more than a couple minutes, would hurt a lot. The boy was tapping his foot the entire time too. Did he have somewhere to be? Then why was he here? You decided not to bother with the thoughts and finished your piece.

“About damn time.”

He pushed himself to his feet and climbed up the stage while you packed your bag. As you slung your bag over your shoulder, you saw him stretching his hands over his head and flexing his fingers.

“I’m just warning you. I’m going to be here a lot, especially during this time frame, so don’t be surprised if you see me.”

You turned and left without bothering to hear a reply.

Gokudera just swore under his breath.

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