"Jedi Destiny I: Hate of the Jedi" by Mikells

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Episode I
Revenge of the Sith

It’s been nearly twenty-seven years since the fall of the
Galactic Empire. The New Republic and the New Jedi Order
have flourished, and the galaxy once more knows peace.
Recent years have seen the Imperial Remnant merging with
the New Republic; many former Imperial loyalists become
officers and officials and citizens within the Republic
while others are tried for war crimes. And still, there
is some of the Remnant that refuses the merger.

In this time of peace, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has
concluded that his time is best spent in training the
next generation of Jedi Knights at his Praxeum on the
moon of Yavin 4. Already, his niece and nephew, Jaina and
Jacen Solo, have graduated into Jedi Apprentices.

But a dark force looms over the horizon, one that Skywalker
has neglected to foresee, and that unknown force has
their sights set on one of the newest students to the
Yavin 4 academy. Determined that they will acquire their
target, they set forth their plans against Skywalker, intent
to show the Jedi no mercy in their quest for vengeance....

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