"Standards of the Doomed" by AlacraticAvarice

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This is crack practice. Yes, that is the only reasonable explanation I have for writing this...

Dib: That or Zim is slowly taking over your mind. DON'T WORRY, AVA, I SHALL STOP HIM!!!

Ava: Thank you...?

Dib: But first, a disclaimer. Ava does not own Invader Zim. BECAUSE I WILL DESTROY HIM!!!

Ava: Fantastic...
“This is (Name), the latest useless addition to the human population of this school. Say hello, class.”

“Hello, (Name).”

Nodding absently at your colleagues, you keep to the task of picking crumbs of toast from your hair while your teacher, a rather terrifying old woman, hisses about how your presence will undoubtedly cause an implosion of doom and stupidity upon the educational center. How this is possible, you are not quite sure, but you have more pressing concerns at the moment. Flicking a glowing crumb out of your fingers, you finally glance up at your classmates to find them all staring stupidly or intently at you.

And then, HORROR.

It is green. It is short. It is sitting in its seat and looking at its fingernails. And you know what it is.

So, you take what is the most reasonable course of action. You simply decide to pretend it is not there.

You are normal. You are sane. You are not seeing green aliens sitting in your classroom.

But Dib knows you are.

“I just found an ally, didn’t I~?”

“Ms. Bitters, Dib’s talking to himself again.”

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