"So Ordinary" by Kay

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So, I kind of broke Fic Trade a little and wrote a CYOA, because I thought it best reflected the idea of the prompt, even if only a one-shot is expected from the writer. As you can see, I really, really had a lot of fun planning this CYOA (which is why it took me so much time to actually start writing it). Everything except the last few chapter/choices has been written, so I'm going to try and update a few chapters every day after I go through and edit them. I was pretty sick of seeing the finished, yet unedited chapters lying around in my drafts folder. I have a habit of editing everything at the end. But, alas, my attention span really isn't long enough for that sort of thing, especially if the WIP is already over 5,000 words.

So, without further ado (because wow, this Author's Note is long), I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you, RyuseiStreamGirl. :) I'm sorry for posting this up late (and incomplete, even if it is over 5,000 words). I kind of felt bad for keeping you in the dark. x.x I also think I went a bit overboard with your prompt. :X But, in any case, enjoy~

[1] Oh Suzuhito, you and your repetitive character designs.
So Ordinary
By Kay

I. Knock, knock, who's there?

"Arrrghhh!! Where the hell is that skin toner?" you yell as you slam the drawer shut and proceed to gutting the contents of another. You don't care how much of a mess you make, you'll clean it up later, but that damn toner. "I don't want to go back to Seibu to get another one! And tsk, it was so expensive. And, and..." You glance at the clock. 6:45P.M.

You let out a groan before falling back onto your bed. "Fuck, 45 minutes left. I'm definitely not going to make it in time if I don't find it!" You pick up the purse you threw down unceremoniously a few moments ago and comb through its contents, making sure everything you need is there. "Well, at least I'm dressed. ...sort of."

You start twirling a piece of stray hair, and it comes to you. You stand up immediately and walk over to your dresser. "Hair, hair, hair..." You look through your jewelry box. "What type of clip shall I wear to the date?" You pick up a miniature ribbon clip from the box and try it on. "I wonder what Nakura-san is like. Will he be handsome? Or will he be a let down?" You frown at the clip in your hair and take it off to try on a purple lily hair tie [1]. "...he did mention he was forever 21 on his profile. Such an odd comment."

You nod. The hair tie matches the clothes you're wearing, and so you flick your hair, once, and pat your face as you look into the mirror. "Right, now for that toner..."

You decide to get ready for the date, with or without the toner, and set your purse near the front door of your apartment. It's then that you spot a Seibu shopping bag slouched next to the shoe rack and you hit yourself in the forehead. "Ohhh! Dammit, of course! I bought a new one a few days ago..."

As you take the new bottle out of the bag, there's a knock on your door. You turn towards it, eyeing it strangely, because you are sure that you've never given Nakura your address and that he was the one who told you to meet him at the East entrance of the Ikebukuro Station. But, the knock comes again and well, you are heading out anyway, so you might as well answer it. You slip the bottle of toner into your purse, before putting on the pair of heels you chose earlier and answering the door.

You look through the eye hole first. There's a man with dreadlocks and glasses standing outside your door, one that you haven't seen before in your apartment complex. But, whatever, you're about to go out, so you might as well ask him what he wants while you lock up.

"Yes?" you ask as you step out the front door. "What is it? Is there something the matter? I'm about to head out, so..."

"Are you, Ms. [Y/N]...?" He adjusts his glasses before slipping his hands into the pockets of his jacket. You nod and he continues. "Well, miss. We've got something to discuss."

"We can talk while I head over to the elevator, right?" You look at your watch. 7:00P.M. now. "I'm kind of running late..."

"Going to a date, I presume?" he asks just as you take out the keys to your door.

"E-Excuse me?"

"Well, miss. You see..." He rummages the inside pocket of his jacket, only to pull out a business card that he hands over to you. "There's some outstanding fees that have been collecting up on your account and--"

"Fees?" You snatch the card from his hands. Tanaka Tom, it says, and under his name, in tiny characters, is the online dating site you frequent. Oh, shit. "Mr. Tanaka, right?" you ask him.

"Yeah, that's me. But, call me Tom."

"Well Tom, last time I checked, I didn't have any overdue fees on my account. I paid my subscription last we--"

"You sure about that?" Tom asks and you, hopefully, not visibly, gulp.

"Yes? And if you'll excuse me--" With a click, you lock the door and try to push your way past him. "I'd like to leave for my date, please."

Tom turns around. "Hold on--"

You hear the sound of knuckles cracking behind you. "You causing Tom problems, 'hein?"

"Wait, what?" You turn around and there's a blond man towering over you. No, wait, is that Ikebukuro's infamous Heiwajima Shi--

Tom sighs. "Shizuo, calm down, she's not being--"

"But she's causing you trouble, right?" Shizuo cuts him off and turns towards you. "Gotta pay up, girl, or..."

"C-Can you come back another day?" you squeak, glancing desperately over to Tom. "I have a date to go to and--"

Tom sidesteps to the right, his back now resting against the corridor wall, and you notice Shizuo slowly walking towards you. Beads of sweat are running down your back, and you can't help, but think that you're going to look disgusting for the date. But, as you look back towards Shizuo, you see your reflection on his blue-tinted sunglasses.

And hear the sound of knuckles cracking, again.


II. Excuse, excuse. Think of an excuse...

III. "Hmph, going to that date, thank you very much."

IV. Fuck this, just RUNNN!!

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