"Queen of Hearts, King of Spades" by Akira Mokona

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Please read (Guidelines):

Well, thank you for paying attention to the bolded text above. This is the guidelines for the rest of the story. I’ll try to keep this short.

First of all, yes, this is alternate universe. It’s a mix of Turn Back the Pendulum and the present Bleach series rolled into one. However, that doesn’t mean that everything will play out the same way it does in the actual series. This is a fairy-tale version of it, if you want to call it that.

Second, please don’t kill me, but there are two original characters involved. The plot wouldn’t have been able to work the way it does now if I used a canon character. There’s nothing seriously threatening to the reader’s character from these two OCs, so there’s no need to worry. Yes, she is my own original character and her sister, but please respect my artistic decision by including them. Still, please note that Akira’s technically my creation, even if she exists in the Bleach universe. This story isn’t about my character, it’s about yours.

Third, updates will be rather slow. To compensate a bit, I’m adding a sort of preview to the next chapter at the end of each update.

Lastly, reviews are encouraged. This is my first time writing about an alternate universe and for some of these characters. Also, if you have any comments about strange occurrences in the story, or what you think is going to happen next, please feel free. If you don’t want to review, I bear no grudge.

Now, without further distraction, believe enjoy~

Songs listened to: Long, Long Time Ago from Pan’s Labyrinth

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach, Aizen, any other character mentioned, or you.

Please be respectful and do not spam.

Do not post anyone's real name in your review for any reason.

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