"Cracks Under the Surface" by ElleBelle

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What. Why. How. What are you doing.
Starting another story, ladies and gents. M'sorry, but I've been Potter obsessed, and craving some of my favorite character.

(I adore this little prick).

Anyways, the story is going to be taking place during 6th year, and continue out through the end of the series. I plan on updating as much as possible. Enjoy loves!

Prompt#1: Happy

You had always been considered an odd one.

The Sorting Hat, upon your first day at Hogwarts, didn't even know what to do with you. You had no brimming characteristics except your quiet nature, which didn't say much for your personality. Regardless of being inside of your head, the aging Hat couldn't pin-point where you'd fit in the most. However, it finally settled for the House of Ravenclaw, sending you over to the students who wore blue and bronze proudly.

For six years you continued to live in peace, only having a select few "friends", making good enough grades to get you by, and keeping to yourself as much as possible. The only real person you confided in was Myrtle, the ghost who haunted the first floor bathroom, as seeing you were both a bit "out of the ordinary" as you liked to think.

Even though your life was plain and rather boring, you were happy with it. That outlook changed the day you walked into the girl's bathroom to greet Myrtle, only to find someone else there.

It was the day you met Draco Malfoy, the person who single-handedly turned your life into a maelstrom.

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