"Syndetos" by Tsula

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REDONE! I redid this chapter and will soon be redoing the following one to match up to my current writing tense and improved writing style. Plus I changed a few small things in the story and I need to go over the first two chapters to be sure there is no confusion.

I've been having such odd dreams lately. Each one has a distinct similarity with the last–a man.

I don't think he's human honestly. But I have no other title to label him by. I don't know how to really explain my feelings, other than maybe he just seems too surreal. No man has ever seemed so beautiful to me.

Enchantments, glamor spells, love potions–none of them could create such a bewitching aura. There was just something distinctly unnatural about him.

Perhaps I just don't want to believe that a normal human could have captured my heart so easily. But then, there was little that could be normal about him honestly. I don't even know if he is real. Though I wish for it with all my heart.

He could be something I just dreamed up, and yet when I wake I can still almost feel his soft touch and the warmth of his body so near mine.

I really don't know what to think anymore.

He seemed so sad though–so forlorn and alone. The man has haunted me, even though I still don't know who he really is.

In all likeliness, he isn't real; I don't really think he could be.

Yet, I can't help but find myself inexplicably drawn to him. I long to know him. I want to kiss away the frown I've seen him wear, run my fingers through his hair, and tell him that everything is going to be all right.

I want to hold him in my arms in the dark of the night, and know that he will be there with me when I wake.

I just, wish he were real.
I think I must be in love with him.

The light of your wand fought back the shadows that tried to obscure the page. A flick of your wrist sent your quill away and leaning back, you sealed up your secret little book. You sat it in the middle drawer of your bedside table and tapped your wand against it to make it close.

It was a safety measure. Not only did it lock the drawer tightly, but it also hid away the book in a secret compartment you had magicked in. Perhaps it was a little over cautious of you, but a woman's innermost thoughts are sacred. They are to be kept from the world, locked away from all others. Especially that last entry. You honestly had no foreseeable interest in sharing that with anyone.

Every word of it was the absolute truth. Those words were your complete and honest feelings. And they were for a man that you doubted even existed.

Your sigh turned into a long yawn and you realized just how tired you were. A sparse glance at your clock showed both hands were about to align at twelve, and you just knew you were going to have fun getting up in the morning.

Dousing the light, you put your wand away and curled into the comfort of your bed to seek out what little rest you could get. Laying down you stared through the crack in your curtains for a moment, watching the moonlight spread across the floor.

After a moment, you turned over with another yawn and let yourself be dragged down into your dreams of the unknown and haunting man.

Deep slumber claimed you quickly, stealing you away from all that surrounded and embraced. You fell away from it all. As such, you narrowly missed the sound of clawed hands within your bedside drawer.

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