"Writing Tips from Luna Authors" by Penguiduck

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I don't really know what I intend for this to be, but I do know that there are some amazing authors here on Luna. What are your secrets? What tips can you offer the rest of Luna to help this writing quest? I'd like every author to contribute something! It can be a personal peeve, a tip, even some random thought as long as it's writing related.

I recommend these tips to be short so that we have a nice booklet that writers can easily flip through. :) I'll personally be submitting one tip per chapter whenever I have the muse to write one. Sound good? Go for it!
Pengui[tip] #1

"I never plan too far ahead in chaptered stories. Personally, I like the challenge of writing myself into a corner and then having to fish my characters out of it. Not only do I find this amusing, but I feel like it really does challenge your creativity. Now, this doesn't mean that I have no organization whatsoever. I do think about things vaguely and then work with what ideas I have. It's all about striking the right balance between knowing what you're going to do and what you have the possibility of doing later on."

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