""Feathers and the Like"" by Ser Nope

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A/N: Just trying to be symbolic here. I failed.... *sob*

Hibari: *tonfa’s* Shut up, herbivore.

Me: I don’t own anything except for the plot. This was six pages long. SIX!
When the Bombs Go Off...

Morning came, throwing its gentle light past the blinds and onto your little “nest” on Hibari’s bedroom windowsill. The light of the dawn made you open your eyes, and notice the time; 6:20. Hibari would have to be at Namimori in about forty minutes not that anybody would complain if he were late. But it was your job in waking Hibari up, and you took great pride in being his alarm clock (and not getting killed in the process).

“Hibari! Hibari!” you chirped into his ear. Your only response was a growl, and a stirring from the form under the blankets. Undeterred, you tried again, “Hibari! Hibari!”

This time, he actually sat up, blinking the sleep from his eyes, and running a hand through his hair. Your little heart squeezed a little painfully in your chest at his action. As he turned his still sleepy eyes on you, you greeted him with a chirp. Hibari stroked your neck with his index finger in retort, causing you to ruffle your feathers in delight at the contact. And so, you began the old Sunday morning routine.

Settled in Hibari’s hair, you watched over his daily routine. First, Hibari went through the motions of brushing his teeth. You took this time to preen yourself and to make sure not a feather was out of place–after all, Hibari didn’t tolerate messy uniforms. Next came breakfast; Hibari always ate something simple. You both would eat in silence, you and your little plate of bird seed, and the Namimori Demon and whatever he could get his hands on that was edible that week. Whenever Hibari got dressed, you sometimes stayed and admired his physique...but mostly you flew out the window to wait for Hibari outside.

The walk to Namimori was mostly silent, save for the times you decide to entertain Hibari by singing the Namimori anthem. Today is not one of those days, and you rest your wings occasionally to land on Hibari’s head.

If there were another place better than this, you didn’t know where it was.

Verde’s submarine cut swiftly through the water, bringing him closer to his research with every passing second; there was nothing Reborn or the other Arcobaleno could do to stop him from his research. Verde pulled out a small box from his lab pocket, and spoke softly to his alligator, “Soon, I shall see...”

Hibari was working in the reception room, finishing his paperwork. Kusakabe was left to patrolling the school, and you were left to keep watch over your carnivore. But your wings were starting to cramp up. You had to stretch them, or you would die from confinement. After all, you were a bird, an animal that was used to wide open spaces, and freedom.

Hibari briefly glanced up when he heard your wings fluttering towards the open window. He dropped his gaze back to his papers a second later.

The air felt great when it caressed your feathers after being cooped up in the rather stuffy Reception room. The view was nice and all, but it couldn’t compare to the actual open space of the world outside. Lifting off from the window sill, you headed towards the infant’s house. Maybe he would feed you, or at least entertain you.

You vaguely wondered if you were “betraying” Hibari because you were spending time with a group of “herbivores”. You shook the feeling out of your head. Technically, you were a herbivore as well. Even more so than the ones you were visiting.

Tsuna was genuinely surprised when you showed up at his window, chirping happily. Why would Hibari’s bird show so much interest in visiting him? Tentatively, he reached out a finger to you, as if he were afraid that if he moved too quickly you would bite him to death...or at least his fingers. When you hopped onto his finger to stare at him with your shiny black eyes, Tsuna flinched.

“What am I thinking? Hibari-san’s bird wouldn’t bite me to death,” he trailed off to look uncertainly at you, “right?” You just stared at him seriously.

“Tsuna! We’re going now!” you heard a voice calling from downstairs, and you recognized it as the voice of the kid you were looking for. With a chirp and a flutter of feathers, you had taken off from Tsuna’s finger and flew down the stairs to land on Reborn’s fedora, on the opposite side that Leon inhabited.

“Oh what a cute bird!” a female voice called from somewhere above you, and you searched through your memories for an owner to that felt like you should know who that was...

“Ky-kyoko-chan!” the stumbling words that Tsunayoshi uttered from his place at the top of the stairs confirmed your suspicions. Kyoko Sasagawa, idol of the school, and sister to the boxing captain, Ryohei Sasagawa.

“IT’S SO CUTE!” a loud shrill female voice announced from behind Kyoko Sasagawa, and a figure you didn’t remember stepped towards you to look at you, “Is it Tsuna-san’s?”

“Haru?!” Tsuna’s voice sounded shocked, and you cocked your head at his rather comical expression. Obviously he wasn’t expecting her.

“Tsuna-kun, I brought Haru along, if you don’t mind,” Kyoko Sasagawa said with that sweet smile.

“O-of course it would be fine!”

You tuned them out, and instead chirped warily at the gushing female in front of you. “–and she’s so adorable and fluffy! I just want to hug her! But that might not be a good idea–“

This “Haru” was cut off by one Tsunayoshi Sawada, saying, “She?! How can you tell that it’s a ‘she’?!”

Haru gave Tsuna an “are-you-kidding-me?” look, “Of course she’s a female! She’s yellow, fluffy, small, cute, and sings! Of course she’s a she!” You could tell Tsuna didn’t have the heart to tell her all birds were like that. Good kid.

“We should get going,” Reborn said, silent in the entire exchange. Everyone made some noise of agreement, and walked out of the house. Once you were out, you took flight to tail them from the air.

Verde was watching his computer screen as it processed hundreds and hundreds of surveillance cameras in Namimori. It was only a matter of time before he would find the Vongola Lightning Guardian...

Wait. What was that?

Verde’s screen stopped flickering through images, and focused on one image. It was a shot of the shopping district of Namimori. The Vongola Lightning Guardian was tugging on his caretaker’s pant leg, trying to get her attention. Her attention was focused on the Vongola Tenth Boss; Tsunayoshi Sawada. Verde frowned. It was good he had found them, but to get the Lightning Guardian alone would be a pain.

“No matter,” Verde finally said, pressing a button on his keyboard, “This will be a good time to test out my invention.” The room he was in rumbled, as something came to life underneath it.

“Now this is a rare opportunity indeed; to kill not one, but three birds with one stone in one afternoon,” he shook his head, “that is rare indeed.”

You blinked, something was watching you...Rotating your head to the side; you noticed one camera was trained on your group, never moving. Strange... Alarm bells were going off in your head at this, and to escape the nervousness, you took to the skies. Head away from here, away! Your instincts were screaming, and following them, you headed towards the park to wait out the time until Hibari would be done his paperwork and could be actual company.

Nobody noticed the camera, or your departure, except for Reborn. Reborn glanced over to the unmoving camera, and frowned.

“GYAHAHA! TSUNA! PLAY WITH LAMBO-SAN!” Lambo shrieked obnoxiously.

Tsuna sighed, “Lambo...” Lambo didn’t listen and ran the rest of the way to the park.

“Ah! Lambo! Wait!” I-pin shouted and raced after him.

“I-pin-chan! Lambo-chan!” Haru and Kyoko called, “Don’t run off!”

Tsuna just sighed and walked along, “I wish all days could be like this...Reborn?” Tsuna noticed his tutor’s frown, and felt his good mood waver; it was never a good thing when Reborn frowned. ...Then again, it was never a good thing if he smiled, either.

“He’s coming,” was all Reborn would offer ominously.

Tsuna felt a coil of unease in his stomach all the way to the park.

You were perched on the slide, pondering if it was time to go back to Hibari, when a loud ”GYAHAHAHA!” broke your train of thought. A kid wearing a cow-print jumpsuit raced through the park, and headed for the slides with a loud, “LAMBO-SAN WINS!”

...If you were ever having nestlings, you would make it a point to teach them not to be loud like that cow.

A fine whirring sound registered to your right, and you immediately lifted off from the slide, but not before you saw a large metal grate be opened the middle of the slide. The cow-print kid paused in his laughter to blink owlishly at the robot emerging from the platform. His shock soon wore off, and he skipped over to it, “GYAHAHA! A toy for Lambo! I’ll be taking it!”

His companion shouted a “No, Lambo!” before trying to pry him away from the robot.

Cocking you head to the side, you landed back on the slide, amused at their antics. That was before the robot moved and wrapped a cold metal arm around the two children. Alarmed, you took off, diving straight for Reborn’s fedora.

The Vongola Tenth was enraged at the robot, and Haru and Kyoko Sasagawa were in hysterics. Alarms were going off like crazy in your head, telling you to get the hell out of there. You would have, if it weren’t for Reborn’s hand on your talons, and whispering, “This is your chance, Hibird.”

You were confused; chance? A chance for what? You were distracted by a voice crackling out from the speaker attached to the robot’s shoulder. The voice was mild, though it was pretty loud to drown out the fearful crying of Lambo and I-pin, “My, my. I didn’t expect this much company.”

Reborn let out a growl, “Verde. What are you here for?”

Verde chuckled over the speaker, and his tone became a little mocking, “After all this time we knew each other, what have I done that is not for science? I am here to do a little research.”

Tsuna was reaching for the bottle of Dying Will Pills in his pocket when the robot turned to him, “Ah ah ah. If you so much as move a finger, they’ll,” the metal arm holding the children moved, “not live to see another day.” Tsuna could only grit his teeth and squeeze his eyes shut as he tried to find a way to get Lambo and I-pin out of this mess.

Lambo’s cries were steadily growing louder and louder, and more frantic. Small green sparks were shooting off of his horns, as he cried in desperation, “Gotta. Stay. Calm.” Lambo burst into tears just as he finished uttering his mantra, and wiggled desperately to get out of the robot’s grip. The sparks increased in number, no longer becoming sparks, but flashes of lightning. Haru and Kyoko let out sounds of surprise at this turn of events.

You flattened your feathers backwards, and tried to make yourself as small as possible. You were not liking this at all. And if it weren’t for Reborn’s hand keeping you grounded, you would have been long gone.

Verde grinned as the lightning flashes appeared from the Lightning Guardian’s horns. Yes...everything was going according to plan. And this time, he wouldn’t be there if the robot blew up. Though it was a pity not to experience this up close.

Verde pressed a number on his keypad, and a compartment in the robot’s back opened, and the box weapon he had been working on emerged. Immediately, the box began sucking the lightning from the Lightning Guardian’s horns into itself. Yes...everything was just perfect.

Two things happened then. The first being that all the motion the Lightning Guardian had been making had loosened some sort gun from his hair. As soon as it was freed from its confines, it began to crackle and move on its own when exposed to the lightning radiating from the Guardian’s horns. The second thing that happened was that the box weapon began to malfunction then. It no longer was containing the weapon it was holding.

Verde desperately tried to contain the box weapon, but to no avail. The box opened of its own accord, and Verde could only watch as it shot a beam of light towards the convulsing gun, making it flip out of its owner’s hair and into the air.

When the Ten Year Bazooka had malfunctioned, Reborn readied himself. When the box weapon shot itself at the Ten Year Bazooka, Reborn tightened his grip on your leg. And finally, when the bazooka flipped into the air, he let you fly straight into its line of fire.

Smoke and something burning; its acrid stench burned you lungs, and clouded your vision. A pain shot through your entire being. Fearfully, you wondered if you were dead. That’s too had wanted to accompany Hibari at least one more time to Namimori Middle. Or at least say goodbye right? ...Well, the goodbye would be pretty one-sided, because you sure as hell knew that Hibari did not speak bird.

But you could hope, right?

A chill ran down Hibari’s spine as he finished reading over the page he was on. Something was off... It couldn’t be that somebody had entered the school without permission; a Disciplinary Member would have alerted him to that.

No...this was something else. Something had changed while he had sat at his desk, unaware. It frustrated him; that he did not know what was going on.

As soon as he wrenched open the reception room door to find Kusakabe and ask demand a report, a thought crossed his mind–

Wasn’t Hibird supposed to be back by now?

The smoke was clearing from the playground, an eerie silence falling over it, save for the children’s relieved cries.

Tsuna coughed and called out, “Kyoko? Haru? Lambo? I-pin? Reborn? Are guys alright?” Each one of them confirmed that they were indeed alive and well, “I swear I saw Hibird for a–” Tsuna’s voice stopped in his throat.

“What’s wrong, Tsuna-kun?” Kyoko asked worried. Tsuna only pointed to where the Ten Year Bazooka lay, and the slender figure beside it. Kyoko turned and gasped, “Oh my...”

Reborn smirked at the unconscious female on the ground, and reached out to stroke Leon, “Well, Hibird’s definitely a female.”

Tsuna was the first one to recover from his shock, “HOW ARE WE GOING TO TELL HIBARI-SAN HIS BIRD TURNED INTO A HUMAN?!”

Things to come: Being human is amazing, you admit. But is it worth it if you are no longer close to Hibari?

Me: Wow.
Hibari: ...
Me: YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENS! *shoves him out the door* Anyways. This took me one day to write! ^-^ I’m so proud. On another note...Reader! Hibird is so adorable! *steals Reader from Hibari* REVIEW PLEASE?! *runs off*
Hibari: *chases after authoress*

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