"Here There Be Mages" by Rei

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Done for the challenge on Jamlyfics. Decided to post it here because... Meh. 8l


Doing this to help me get over a bit of a dry spell I'm going through. Word Count: 611
This was not how you'd pictured your summer beginning. In fact that was the last thing on your mind as you walked along the path, your armor clanking softly with each step. You and your small group were heading back to The Tower in Ferelden, where the Mage's were kept.


Because you were trained as a Templar and had sworn yourself to the constant supervision of the Mage's stationed there in the Circle. It was a boring job most of the time. You usually made a habit of hanging around Cullen since he was the only Templar that seemed interested in talking. He'd told you about when he'd been in the Chantry, and how he'd had this nightmare once about being turned into a chicken by one of the Circle Mages. You'd found it hilarious and laughed for hours with him about it.

In all honesty, you really liked Cullen. Technically relationships in the Templar order weren't permitted, but the rule was often overlooked anyway. It was a dumb rule after all.

But today you weren't doing your usual routine of spending the day with Cullen at the top of the Circle tower, talking about random things and how most Mages would not in fact turn you into a chicken. No, today you were walking along this annoying dirt path in the hot sun in a heavy suit of armor because one man couldn't just stay in the damn tower like he was supposed to.

The annoyance finally built to a breaking point and you jerked the chain that held the man, making him yelp. "Hey! Not so hard. I'm not into that kind of stuff you know?" The glare you sent him had him straightening up a bit, eyeing you. "Ok, ok. The Order has obviously sucked our all the humor left over in you by the Chantry..." he grumbled low with a frown.

You sent him a sneer over your shoulder. "Oh I have a wonderful sense of humor, just not for Apostates."

The blond mage replied to your sneer with a light smirk. "I see, you're one of the ones that completely hates mages. I'm surprised they assigned you to the Circle."

The smile that worked its way over your mouth would have been kind, if the light in your eyes hadn't been so angry. "On the contrary," you replied sharply. "I have many friends in the Circle, I just don't like the assholes that make me run around in the hot sun all day trying to catch them."

"Then why are you out here?" the Apostate asked, quirking his brow. "Let me go and you can run back to your Circle and have tea and biscuits with your 'friends', and all will be well in the world."

The woman beside him snapped at him, glaring. "Quiet Anders."

"So it does have a name," you murmured as you walked along. "And to answer your question, I was brought in from Denerim to help find your sorry ass. Call it a... "Summer Job", if you will."

Worst summer job you'd ever had in a long time.

A mischievous glow seemed to surface on the Apostate's face. "So you're new to the 'catch a mage and send it back' routine?" he questioned, sounding hopeful.

Time to shatter that dream. "Of course not. They sent me because I have a goddamned amazing record for catching you jackasses," you replied smugly, walking on ahead to get away from the annoying blond. It was already going to take you near a week to get back to the Circle of Magi, you wanted to talk to him as little as possible.
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