"Diary of a Square Survival" by Knightsnipe

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-Made originally in Minecraft 1.7.3 Beta.
-Chapters 5 and later made using Minecraft 1.0.
-No mods were used in the production of this story, only texture packs.
-Minecraft belongs to Mojang.
Day 1.

I wake to the bitter cold in a strange new land. After a quick look around, I think to myself as I watch the sun rise quickly into the air, 'I need shelter.' I spot some trees in the distance. As I near a tree, I realize it is a tall redwood. Getting wood is not going to be easy, for the only tools I have are my bare fists.

As time goes on, with repeated beatings, the tree gives: first log obtained. This will make at least four planks. As I look up in the air and see that the sun has risen higher and higher, the realization that I may not have shelter before nightfall hits me. I'm going to need a hole, since I will have no house. The basic protection of a hole is all I will have. As I set to digging my temporary home, all I have is my hands. As I dig longer and longer, the light grows dim. I will have to dig well into the night. Pity.

I see sheep approaching my hovel. I could use the wool to make my nights a bit warmer. I have no shears, so I must kill sheep, for that is the only way they will give me wool if I cannot shear them.

My homemade cave is anything but comfortable, and as I realize night has fallen, my time to build a safe shelter is over. As I prepare to spend the first restless night in this strange land, I pray that nothing will attack me.
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