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Hello all!

I'm so gratified that you're willing to take the time to peruse my work. So firstly, thank you. As you've probably noticed, I have decided to post stories of a different medium on Lunaescence: scripts!

Why? More than anything, I have fun writing scripts. =) You know when you discover a particular leaning towards something? You're not necessarily good at it, but you enjoy it so much more than any other activity. Screenwriting happens to be mine.

Having said that, I am in no way an expert. I only recently mustered the courage to put anything on paper (hence, focusing on tight, individual scenes within a full script), so I am very keen to improve. Don't feel pressured, but if you hate a particular chapter (or even like one), please don't hesitate to explain. Criticism/feedback - constructive or otherwise - is all helpful in my case. Regardless, it's awesome that you've reached this far already. Haha~ Thank you.

As for the format of scripts/individual scenes: I am familiar with script formatting, but I may deviate (very slightly) due to the Lunaescence formatting system. Let's just say it took me a while to get this chapter looking the way it did.

So, awesome reader, I hope you enjoy! Disclaimer: don't own anything KHR! related.

[TYL! Gokudera Hayato]


An almost empty hallway. A woman stands before a PHOTOGRAPH, staring long and hard. The exuberant faces stare back. A stand-off. She’s twentyish, captivating, and real. Yet we see distant traces of sadness. Desperation. Her name is [YOUR FULL NAME]. This is our woman.

Her eyes SLITHER across the picture. She gives up. Silence.

To her right a man’s VOICE, off-camera, says:

MAN (O.S.)
You look like shit.

She starts chuckling.

What the fuck, woman?

You know, there’s something invigorating about your voice. Don’t get me wrong: its not like I pine after it. But these days, when I hear it, I’m met with a sudden urge to turn around and say 'Screw you'.

As he enters the frame, [Y/N] smiles at him, beguiling. This is GOKUDERA HAYATO (25). A quick glance should have you thinking bi-racial, sexy, and tough as hell. A closer look shows determination and tenacity. A devoted kind. Loyal.

Between his lips is a CIGARETTE, and she waves her hand to dissipate the smoke.

... I didn’t think you’d come.

Tsuna asked for me. What was I to say?

Woman, don’t give me that excuse. Anything. You could have said anything, but you didn’t.

A beat.

You’re angry.

No shit.

What did I do this time?

Fuck. Gokudera takes a long drag, annoyed at this whole situation. He’s pissed and tense, unable to say what he wants without seeming like an ass.


Where have you been, [Y/N]?

... Excuse me?

You heard me... What? [Y/N] with nothing to say? Fuckin’ strange. Not quite how I remember you before that night.

What’s gotten into you?

He approaches her, faces close.

You love me, woman. Deny it all you want, but I felt it the first time, and again and again since then--

--It’s not--

--Weren’t you begging, pleading, never wanting it to end?--

--Shut up.

--Did I just imagine all these years, like it meant nothing?

Why are you being such a jackass? And don’t you dare think it was easy: what about Tsuna? Doesn’t capo[1] need his Right Hand Man? His Storm Guardian?...
How can you ask me to compete with that?

You never had to, dolcezza[2].

And he walks past her. [Y/N] watches him go, as angry as she is heartsick. She glances at the PHOTOGRAPH again. Then she says, loudly, strongly:

You asked Tsuna to call me, didn’t you?

And he stops, CIGARETTE poised mid-air.

I’m right, aren’t I?

Gokudera’s fucking stare says it all: she got him.


... Because you’ve done something to me, woman. Shit, you could be a UMA for all I know--


--And then you don’t say anything! I try letting it pass, but hell, you drive me crazy. I was losing my mind - that meeting was fuckin’ endless! I kept finding myself staring at you. Thinking, waiting. I actually had to turn my chair to stop. Goddammit... What have you done to me?
What the hell have you done to me that I can’t even look at the Tenth without seeing your face, let alone eat, sleep, and piss?

Wide-eyes, taken aback. A beat.

She suddenly moves to him, CIGARETTE lost -- KISSES him-- and it quickly gets passionate -- they’re definitely going to do it here, against the wall and on the rug.

But she pulls away, and he GROWLS in displeasure, reaching for her again -- NEEDING her. [Y/N] simply seems amused, watching the storm in his eyes with a small smile.

That night. At the villa. You said you loved me.

Heh. Don’t remind me.

[Y/N] caresses his cheek. His breath HITCHES.

That was a big deal.

‘Course it's a big deal, stupid woman. Never would have expected your reaction though...

Oh. What’s this? Gokudera Hayato with nothing to say?

You’re a massive pain in the ass, woman.
But I want you. Haven't got a clue why. I want your soul, your spirit. I want to be inside you, a part of your thoughts, your body... All of you, tesoro mio[3], everyday, forever.

She looks back at the PHOTOGRAPH; the Vongola Family pose on a wooden patio in the Italian countryside. We notice the modest villa in the background.

Intimate quarters, sparkling smiles, and a particular Guardian whose look says: “what the fuck am I doing here?!”

Shit. I suppose I’m stuck with you, then.

Oi. What the hell’s with that tone?

But she twinkles brightly:

It terrified me. Not because it didn’t make me happy.
But I’m sort of... not good at this. For a long time I didn’t believe it was possible. To feel this way.
Until you.
(sweetly awkward)
I wanted to say that I love you, too.

He kisses her, and their bodies hinge together in perfect unison.


[1] capo -- boss
[2] dolcezza -- sweetie/sweetheart
[3] tesoro mio -- my treasure [EDIT: a big thank you to Ayame for this correction. You rock.]

Please correct me if my Italian translations are wrong or used inappropriately. Thanks. Also, apologies if I butchered Gokudera's character.

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