"Set Fire to the Rain" by Pepe Le Pew

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Fair warning: There will be out of characterness here, hopefully not too much. As this plays off in a somewhat AU!Future I can see them having changed a bit. I mean Yamamoto can't forever think that the mafia game is just a game. And Tsuna wouldn't become a boss if he stays as adorably pathetic as he does in the beginning, right? So I can see them having changed a bit and I'm going to try and incorporate that into the whole thing as well as what I know of their personalities.

Another thing: I'm going to avoid having them use their box weapons and rings. I'm still very early - like two hundred or more chapters behind everyone else - in KHR and only recently got to where the rings were introduced. I mean real early, I'm at Gokudera's fight with Bel (who is awesome, by the way). I might have the Reader get a ring, but for her it's going to be different than for everyone else. There's a reason for that too.

Ok so I have that out of the way, what else is there. Oh, I've always wanted to do a Crossover and Bleach is like my one true love of manga/anime. So thus I bring you this. It'll mostly play off in a somewhat AU!KHR universe, but there will be lots of mention about a somewhat AU!Bleach universe.

There is an actual plot, I promise and I plan on finishing this! Yamamoto has taken over my brain - and I blame CloudySky for fueling his attempts (I hope you enjoy this, Sky-chan!) - so Hisagi is once again on the backburner.

Ok, so I think I've gotten all the warnings and things out of the way. If there's anything you don't understand I'll try and explain it to the best of my abilities, you just have to ask. Also if you note any mistakes, please tell me!

So without further ado, enjoy!

I don't own KHR or Bleach - but if I could have Hisagi, Yamamoto, Ryohei and Hitsugaya I would be happy for life.
It was raining, icy sheets of snowy slush striking the Earth in a monotonous drum.

Your heated skin, from the explosion mere seconds earlier, was quickly becoming numb with the icy rain pelting against it. Your body’s natural higher than normal heat was the only thing keeping you from shivering apart. Your zanpakuto clinked against your side as you swiveled around, shihakusho heavy around your shoulders and making wet swishing sounds. You couldn’t see further than arm’s length from you, the wisps of your breath beaten away by the rain.

You run a hand down your face, trying to get the water out of your face for what it was worth. You forced yourself to breathe calmly, to take the situation into consideration and fall back on the eight years of torturous training you had suffered through only to request a transfer once the real deal showed its face. The transfer out of the Onmitsukido had been a blow to your pride, but the only chance of surviving you had. Even if it worsened the already bad relationship you had with your sister. You loved her, you truly did and you would’ve done anything you could to make her proud, but you weren’t an assassin — in all honesty you weren’t much of a shinigami either.

You breathed out slowly, forcing your thoughts away from the humiliation and anger that had burned in her eyes at your request. You might not’ve been much of a soldier, but you had the training and you knew how to use it.

You were definitely not in Seireitei anymore. Whatever had happened in that underground lab of the Twelfth, it had somehow thrown you out of Seireitei.

It wasn’t exactly beneath Kurotsuchi taichou’s skills to invent a teleportation machine, but there wouldn’t be much use for it. Shunpo would forever be more effective than a machine that left the traveler disorientated and confused — and besides, it wasn’t very subtle. You were out in the open, a street of some kind. What you could make out of the buildings told you they were of a more modern design.

You were somewhere in the Living World.

Once you figured out where, you could navigate the Living World. Everyone knew Urahara-san was stationed in Karakura and since Kurosaki-kun had been able to invade Seireitei from the Western region of Rukongai, he definitely had a Senkaimon you could use. You could then, in great detail, inform your captain what had happened down in that lab.

You took full blame for screwing up, but were sure Kurotsuchi taichou would blow it completely out of proportion. And he would do this at a captain’s meeting too, it would only make things worse for you.

Reckless, dishonorable and pathetic.

That was you.

Forever and always you.

You closed your eyes and breathed again, trying to force the thoughts of just staying in the Living World away.

It would be possible too. With the explosion they’d just assume you were dead, from what you had understood, the machine hadn’t been tested yet. It could’ve been intended for something completely different. If Soifon believed you dead in that explosion there would be no more arguments, no more one sided shouting matches and no more dishonor to her name on your part. You could just find Urahara-san, get a gigai and disappear. You were pretty sure you could convince him to make it so that you could use your zanpakuto without having to leave the fake body. He was good like that…at least that’s what you’ve heard from those who knew him.

You were too young to have ever met him and your sister hated him with the type of passion she rarely put into anything besides her duties.

You ignored the uncomfortable clenching in your chest. No matter what you decided you needed to figure out where were you were first. Then, and only then, could you decide what to do with your current situation.

“Excuse me.”

You spun around, zanpakuto clinking and shihakusho swishing, to face the voice. A woman, probably in her mid or late forties smiled gently at you. Warm, the type of warm Soifon’s eyes had never been, brown eyes took you in from beneath an umbrella.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

You swallowed and looked up.

It would be so easy to disappear, to just leave and never go back. It would be so easy to pretend that you never knew that world. You could start over. You could be something other than the pathetic excuse of a soldier you were.

You could be nothing but a memory to Soifon.

Your heart clenched.

“No. No, I’m not.”

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