"Cheer Up" by Invalid_Secret

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Hello! This is my first "project" I guess you can say. I'm not sure if I'm going to make this into a series or anything. We'll see; for now, it's "complete" as a failed ficlet. Enjoy!

And I apologize for the failed background story of yours.

Disclaimer: Invalid does not own any of the characters present, nor yourself. The characters belong to Kazuya Minekura.
You were frowning, as far as he could tell from his place above you. And it wasn’t very long for him to reflect that little marring feature, on his own face. He didn’t like it; it meant that you were thinking. Thinking of what, he wasn’t sure, but he had the feeling that it pertained to your past.

You see, [Name] came from a village, now nonexistent. It was wiped clean of its inhabitants; buildings and houses fallen in the chaos that came with the Minus Wave, as it passed over. Some of those that destroyed had been your friends, and those that were destroyed were both friends and family. Unlike them, you were lucky. You had taken that day to travel to a little hideaway of yours (a distant pool of water that served to collect your thoughts and keep you at peace, whilst feeding animals, in the dense forest). When you had returned, your town — your home — was in ruins. When you returned, you saw that the only thing left standing was a group of four men, and their green vehicle. You, at the time, were not standing; instead, you were on your knees, having fallen from the horror that struck you.

Needless to say, the odd party had taken you along with them, going only as far as to the next town, the blonde monk firmly stated. But, that didn’t end up being the case. You stayed with them for the next town, and then the next town after; until it had been precisely a month since that faithful day. Why, you may ask? “Maybe he’s turning soft,” a red-haired water sprite would snicker, only to nearly receive two bullets barely grazing his head. Whatever the answer may be, we’d probably never know.

Regardless, there you were, a month later, and leaning your torso forward against the windowsill of a second-story room, lost in thought. All while Goku took to leaning against his own windowsill of his room just above yours, in hopes to avoid the cigarette smoke of his two addicted companions. And, looking down, he spotted you.

He hadn’t realized how long he was staring, but all he knew was that that frown still tugged on your features and that dazed look in your [e/c] eyes still remained. He didn’t like it, at all. He grew to know you a little bit, during the time, and he knew that that frown did not suit you well. Your sadness didn’t suit you well. And he couldn’t help but feel sad when he didn’t know of how to flip that smile upside-down.

That is, until a thought occurred to him.

“[NAME]!!” Goku immediately called out to you.

It was safe to say that such a loud voice was able to clear the trance that you had placed on yourself. You jumped, from the sound, instinctively. And, oddly, that loud voice was vaguely familiar to you. You turned your head to the left, then the right. Even down, into the alleyway, wondering if that voice could’ve called to you from inside the shadows that the area contained. Alas, there was no one there.

“[Name]! Up here!” The voice called again, and you immediately shot your head up, catching the pair of large topaz eyes that had grabbed your attention. Granted that the positioning was a little uncomfortable, with you craning your neck so that your [e/c] eyes met with Goku’s properly, and trying to ensure that you didn’t fall out the window yourself, you tilted your head nevertheless. “Goku? Something wrong?”

Goku shook his head feverishly, though tempted he was to say that your frowning was a problem. He thought against it, not wanting to offend you. “Nah. Do you want to go find something to eat?” He offered, with a grin so bright that would make the sun turn away in shame. He thought that his plan was the most brilliant thing ever; after all, food always knew how to make him feel better!

An emptied out ash tray to his head almost immediately. “Damn ape! We just ate twenty minutes ago!” Gojyo exclaimed, hand still up to show that he was the one that had thrown the projectile.

“Well, maybe [Name] is hungry!”

“She doesn’t have a black hole for a stomach, unlike you, dumbass.”

“Shut up, water sprite!”

“Make me, you damn chimp!”

You blinked from your position, when Goku’s head disappeared from your sight, and incessant arguing escaped from the open window above, instead. Along with the occasional thuds that indicated that their fight turned into something more physical. And, though the attempt to make you eat and distract you from your woes had failed miserably, a small smile graced your features. You could always leave it to him and Gojyo’s comical fighting to cheer you up, if nothing else.

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