"Idiosyncrasy " by Mozart

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what the hell am I even doing
but I'm doing it for the self-satisfaction.
You hadn't lived in Santa Destroy long enough to understand the rules of the society.

Yes, you'd gotten used to the random dead bodies and blood splatter. You didn't even mind about the fact that half of the people in town were probably murderers and rapists. You could deal with it! Honest!

But some people in this town...broke the fucking law.

You could remember that beautiful day when you were on your way to work. The sky was blue, the grass was green, the birds were singing and the sign told you it was time to cross the street--

--and the pavement was gray and very, very hard. You figured this out when some jackass hit you square in the ribs. You were thrown quite gracelessly a few feet away. Despite your dazed and confused state, you managed to stagger upwards to see your attacker cheerfully rolling on his merry way in a massive motorcycle that had to be compensating for something.

You brushed yourself off indignantly, and the most eloquent thing that came out of your mouth was: "INCONSIDERATE ASSHOLEEEE!"

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