"Departing Letters" by YOSHINA

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Stay frosty, my friends.
The thunder seemed to be taking a path of its own; dark, daunting, and dominating the clouds moving across the sky. Looking up to the heavens, the rain continued to trickle down, pitter patter across her face, the woman’s gaze dropped.

The cold rain came down harder, hitting her with unnecessary force, she remained absolutely still in front of the cold hard stone, almost memorizing every detail of it, including the carved names that lay upon it.

Silence seeping in, she could heard the wind tugging at the trees, swaying the leaves back in forth in retribution. The broken-down Kunoichi scrunched her eyebrows together as she observed the monument before her. Shoulders straight and taut, she leaned down, inquiring. “You were never the bright one out of the three, were you?”

‘You were supposed to come back. But I guess you’ve never been good at keeping promises either.’ Eyes becoming dull, almost dead-like, she didn't finch, not even for a moment when a sudden urge of emptiness filled her soul. ‘What a fool you were, Jiraiya.’

Intensely staring at the stone, tearlessly, she wondered why she bothered visiting him, though it the back of her head, she already knew the answer. With fingers tracing over his craved name, her voice as soft as the flying birds resurfacing in the air, she murmured. “You… Bastard.”

Hands clinching tightly at her side, in the palm of her hand, she held his final words. “This…”

Shifting forward uncomfortably, she gritted her teeth in frustration as anger arose in her veins. Holding back every ounce of resentment towards him, she parted her lips. “This is your way of saying goodbye, huh?”

Palm running across her face, she heavily sighed before reluctantly looking up, tossing the note onto the ground. “You selfish son-of-a-bitch… The one time I actually read something you write, you go on and dead on me, you lousy pervert!”

"Out of all the times you could have told me how you felt..." Hot tears filling up her face, the throat of the Kunoichi closed tight as each word pitched higher than the last in an effort to squeak out the words that were bottled up inside her. "You leave it in a letter...”

Frozen to the spot, the tears split over and flowed down her face like a river escaping a dam. Pressing her eyelids shut, a pained look washed her face as remorse settled into her heart. “This whole time, you loved me… You fuckin’ loved me.”

A gut wrenching sob wracked through her and escaped her lips as her entire body collapsed onto the ground. Anger and sadness surged through her and she thought for a moment, her heart stopped beating for him.

At the end, they both lost.

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