"Chocolate Kisses" by yami sango

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing.

Title: Chocolate Kisses
Rating: PG
Pairing: Quatre/You
Warnings: Fluff.
Spoilers: None.

I don’t know why I wrote this, but I am extremely happy with how this came out. I love Quatre, infact I love all the Gundam men, I really should write a story for all of them. :D


‘Such a beautiful melody,’ you thought. You wandered through the halls of the Winner estate. You were visiting one of your classmates, Andrée [1], one of the Winner daughters. The two of you were working on a project together. You were new in town, you knew they were wealthy but damn, you didn’t realize they were stinking rich! You had gone to the bathroom but soon found yourself lost trying to find your way back to her room.

But you soon found yourself side tracked. You heard beautiful music, it sounded like someone was playing the piano. It was getting louder so you guessed you were getting closer to soothing music.

Slowly opening a door to a room, you popped your head in. Your breath hitched in your throat, the boy making the music was just as captivating as the tune itself. You tiptoed into the room, still somehow unnoticed.

He looked sad, as sad as the melody he was playing. His fingers danced along the ivory keys effortlessly. His eyes held a heartbreaking story behind them, one you wish you could read. Who was this boy? He looked kind of like Andrée, was this her younger brother you heard of? Were all the Winner children this good looking?

His fingers hit the last notes and he sighed deeply, closing his eyes.


The boy finally looked up, his eyes snapping open. How did he not notice your presence before? How long have you been standing there.

“Oh.” You blushed finding your feet strangely interesting. “I didn’t mean to intrude… I just heard you playing.”

The boy smiled, standing up from his seat. “Thank you.” He held his hand out to you. “I’m Quatre Rebaba Winner.”

You tentatively placed your hand in his, blushing deeply as he kissed the back of your hand. “I’m First Name Last Name.”

Quatre slowly released your hand. “I take it you’re a friend of my sisters?”

You nodded. “Kind of… I got lost on the way back from the bathroom and found myself here.” You laughed lightly, rubbing the back of your head.

Quatre smiled, you were a very interesting girl. You didn’t seem like the type any of his sisters would socialize with. From the look of your clothes, were a commoner. “Would you like to hear another song?” He retook his head on the piano bench.

“I’d love too!”

Quatre chuckled, motioning you to sit down on the bench next to him.

You blinked.

“It’s alright. I don’t bite Miss Name.”

You swore your cheeks couldn’t get any redder then they already were. You sat down to the Winner heir. The next song was just as beautiful as the first one, just as sad…

“So tell me Miss Name, how do you know my sisters?” He looked over at you. You were looking down at his hands, watching them.

Your eyes never left his talented fingers, “I go to school with Andrée.” You bit your lip, “I amazingly got a scholarship. My family could never afford to send me to such a school… We are doing a project together.”

So, he was correct. You were from a normal family. You were amazingly beautiful. He didn’t know how to describe it, you weren’t wearing elegant clothes or expensive make-up. You were actually quite plain, but Quatre found it refreshing.


“Oh! Andrée is looking for me.” You quickly stood up from the bench and you being the klutz you are tripped over your own feet, landing face first on the floor. “Ow…” You sat up, rubbing your forehead.

“Miss Name!” Quatre quickly helped you off the floor. “Are you alright?”

Nodding your head you laughed nervously. “Sorry, I’m kind of accident prone.”

Quatre chuckled. His warm voice sending chills down your spine.

Name? Are you in here?” Andrée stepped into the room. “There you are!” She placed her hands on her hips. “I’ve been looking all over for you.” She looked kind of annoyed, “You know the project isn’t going to do itself.”

“Oh, right!” You turned to Quatre. “Thank you again for the music. I hope we can do this again.”

He offered you a smile. “I’d love too.” He took a hold of your hand, placing a light kiss on the back of it once more. “Until next time.”

“B-Bye!” You quickly exited the room after your peeved classmate.


You were definitely smitten with your classmates brother… You barely even knew him! But he seemed to have a secret story. One you wanted to get to know. Even after the project was long over, you found yourself visiting the Winner estate, this time a guest of the young Master Quatre.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months. You were slowly learning more and more about the younger boy. The two of you spend hours together. He was teaching you how to play the piano. You were sad, you hadn’t anything to give him in return…

You noticed a change in his music as of late. Instead of loneliness, the melody held a happy note to it as did his eyes. You smiled, maybe he just needed a friend?

“Hey Quatre?”

“Yes Miss Name?” The blonde looked through his sheet music.

Your face was tinged pink. “What kind of candy do you like?” You recently came to realize you had a crush on him and Valentines day was coming up.


You nodded. “Yes… Candy.”

“Hm,” Quatre never really ate any candy. He had sampled extremely expensive chocolates at family dinners. He wasn’t really fond of those. “I can’t say I’ve had candy.”

You cocked your head to the side. “Oh?” You shouldn’t be surprised, but you were. How could one not have had candy before?! He was rich, he should be able to afford all the candy in the world! You were going to have to remedy this!

Quatre stared at you. He was confused, did he say something wrong?

You glanced down at your watch, “Oh no! Its almost 5! I have to get going!” You grabbed your jacket off the spot on the floor where you threw it earlier. “I’ll see you Quatre!” You waved to your friend as you ran out of the room.

A small smile graced Quatre’s lips. You were just too cute for words.


Quatre glanced out his window at the gardens below. It had been a few weeks since Quatre has seen you. You stopped showing up at the Winner estate after school. Had he said something wrong? He closed his eyes, he missed your company. You put him at ease, he felt as if he didn’t need to keep his guard up around you. You excepted him for who he was. You didn’t even judge him when you had found out he was a cold blooded killer… When he had told you about the war, you wrapped your arms around him. His worries melted away at your gentle touch.

“Master Quatre?” A deep voice broke his train of thoughs.

“Yes Rashid?”

“You have a visitor.”

Quatre sighed, “I’m not in the mood right now.”

Rashid frowned. “I assure you Master Quatre. You’ll enjoy her company.”

Her? The former pilot glanced over. “Alright. Send her in.”


You hadn’t seen Quatre in weeks… what if he didn’t want to see you anymore. You felt bad that you hadn’t told him what you were up too. You clutched the package you held behind your back. But you had wanted to surprise him. You had gotten a part time job to earn money to get him a valentines day gift. It seemed like an eternity before you reached the heirs room.

“Hey…” You nervously entered.

“Miss Name.” Quatre walked over to you. “Where have you been?” Quatre couldn’t keep the sadness out of his voice.

You flinched. You hadn’t meant to make him upset. “I,” you paused. “I got a part-time job.”

“A part-time job?”

You nodded. “Valentines day was coming up.”

Oh, Quatre understood. You must have had a boyfriend. You probably wanted to get him a gift…

“Here.” You held a box that was hastily wrapped out to the boy in front of you. “Happy Valentines day!,” you managed to blurt out.

Quatre stared at the object in your hands. It… it was for him?

Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes. What was he waiting for? You worked so hard to get this for him… what were you crazy? Of course he didn’t feel that way about you. You lowered your outstretched arms in defeat. You weren’t in the same class as Quatre, he was way out of your league! He was rich, handsome and just amazing! You were nothing but a commoner, a klutzy girl.

Quatre’s eyes widened. You did this for him… A smile graced his face as he placed his hands upon your own. “Thank you.”


“I’m sure I’ll love it.” You blushed, letting Quatre remove the box from your grasp. He couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle, you obviously had no practice in wrapping gifts. Slowly he opened the package. It was filled with various assortment of candy.

“I wasn’t sure what kind you’d like…” You chewed on your bottom lip. “So, I bought all the kinds I like.” You laughed nervously.

Quatre placed the package on the table. “Thank you Miss Name.” It was a very touching gesture. He walked back over to where you awkwardly stood. “But I’m afraid I don’t have a gift in return yet.”

“It’s alright…” You peered up at him. You honestly didn’t expect one. He hadn’t felt the same…

“But…” Quatre gently placed a slender finger under your chin, lifting your face up to look at him. “I do have something for you until I find the perfect gift.”

“You do?,” you were surprised you managed to find your voice. He was so close…

“Mhmm.” Quatre wrapped his arms around your waist, closing the gap between the two of you. “Happy Valentines Day.” He caught your lips in a innocent kiss.

Your eyes slipped closed, you wrapped your arms around his neck. This was absolutely blissful. He felt the same way about you… You couldn’t be more happier!

Quatre swore he’d do anything to make you happy. He would find the perfect present for you. He pulled away just enough to look you in the eyes. “I love you.”

Your eyes watered, you wanted to cry, You were so happy! “I love you too.” You drew him in for another sweet kiss.


1- I don’t know if they mentioned any of the names or ages of his sisters. So I just made up a name and I’m going to assume she is just a few years older then Quatre.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it! I might do Wufei next… or maybe Trowa!
-Yami Sango

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