"The Player" by Viska Vatten

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I thought of this idea a long time ago. Hopefully it will turn out to be entertaining. : )

I hope you like it CloudySky~

Disclaimer: I do not own YGO.
Chapter One

The sun was hot on your skin and it made you smile. Summer had to be your favourite season. The hot temperatures, the sun and the good weather were wonderful factors in your life.

You were lying on a soft beach towel in your backyard in an attempt to tan. There was music playing from your portable iPod stereo on the deck and your cat was lying lazily beside your leg.

Flo Rida was to blame since Mokuba Kaiba was able to sneak up on your spot.

“I thought you had work today?”

“Yeah…I called in and quit,” you replied, looking up at your best friend through the large sunglasses on your face. “Your brother allowed you out of the office? I’m shocked.”

Mokuba sighed and shook his head. “He hasn’t realized I left yet.”

“Shall I take a stab and say that Serena is taking up his time again?”

“Sandra,” he corrected and took a seat on the grass. “And yes, she actually came into my office an demanded me to get my brother. He was in the middle of an international meeting. Why’d you quit?”

“My co-workers weren’t attractive enough. What sort of ditz is she?” you questioned, rhetorically. “Jacquie and Samaria weren’t that bad.”

Mokuba nodded in agreement and ignored your sarcastic answer. “I think he’s getting worse with picking his girlfriends.”

“I think he’s using the wrong head to choose them with.”

“That’s totally wrong to say out loud. Thanks for the mental image.”

“Cute, Moke, you still think your brother is a virgin.”

“Moving on,” he interrupted with a disturbed expression. “I think we need to tame his inner playboy.”

“I still think he’s in the closet,” you stated and rolled onto your stomach.

“Seto isn’t homosexual,” Mokuba argued but he was smiling as he did.


Moke was silent after that and you looked up at him with an analyzing expression.

“How do you expect to tame his ‘inner playboy’?” you asked with some concern. The young man had quite the imagination.

A smirk. “With your help.”

“Ah. That’s what I thought.”

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