"Blue Pineapples Are The Best" by Rinnu500

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Ritsu: I dunno what came over me… but this plotting bunny just attacked! And here it is… So, G, mind doing the disclaimer?
G: If you stop molesting my boss…
Ritsu: … I don’t own Katekyo Hitman Reborn~!
G: … damn woman..
Ritsu: Pardon any OOCness… but in my defence… We haven’t seen that much of Daemon.. XD
Now it all made sense. All those warnings. All the rumours. Everything made sense!

Of course the Vongola family was dangerous! Well, to their rivals. To someone like you, they were pretty harmless. All except one, that is…

“Stay away from me! You foul demonic creature!!” you yelled from atop the tree you’d sought shelter on. He refused to leave you alone!

“Mmm~ I don’t feel like staying away.”

“… I’m not into gardening utensils…”

“… What?”

“… Well… you said your name was Demon Shovel, so…” [1]

Daemon felt somewhat relieved the rest of his ‘family’ wasn’t present, however that did little to calm him.

“… Daemon Spade.”

“Yeah, that’s what I said. Demon Shovel.”



“What were we talking about anyway?”

Ritsu: IDK.. I don’t know anymore.. XD I needed some crack to lighten up my day, since it sucked. So here it is..
[1] I seriously called him that once by accident… XD

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