"On Marriage And Relationships" by apples4ryuk

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I thought up this little plot bunny today and finally wrote it out. I hope you guys like it! :D For all the lovely ladies at Loki's House of Hoes and Tricks!
“Did you know that Loki was to be married, before all this?” Thor asked casually.

Tony choked in the middle of his next swig of alcohol. Clint nearly spit out his own drink. Natasha simply raised a brow.

“…Really?” mused Steve, taking a gulp of beer.

“I’m not all that surprised,” Bruce said. “He was considered royalty, just like you, correct?”

Thor laughed heartily. “Yes, you’re right. It was an arranged marriage.” He swished the remaining liquid of his drink around the cup, an amused smile on his lips. “I’ll have you know, she was once my girlfriend as well.”

This time Tony actually spat out his drink. “God dammit!” he cursed, rushing into the kitchen and grabbing a towel to clean up the mess. Though he was irritable due to the stain forming on his nice, clean carpet, his curiosity got the best of him. “Now how the hell did that happen? She dump you for him, or something?”

“Weren’t you listening, Stark?” Steve asked. “It was an arranged marriage. I thought you were a genius.”

The Iron Man momentarily ceased cleaning the mess to glare at the Superhuman before him.

“Well?” Tony asked, choosing to ignore Steve’s remark as his attention focused on Thor.

“It’s quite a long story, actually…”

You stomped down the stone stairs as fast as you could, four of Asgard’s most powerful guards in front of you and another four behind you. The clinking of metal from the guards’ armor echoed in the large hallway. You wore armor of your own, but it was much lighter and easier to move in.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t protect you should your crazy-ass fianc├ę decide to attack you.

You sneered, your eyebrows knit together in frustration. It had been years since you’d last seen him. You didn’t even want to marry him at first, but it was to unite his kingdom with your own. You had run away when your parents, the King and Queen, informed you, and yet once you were ready, he had vanished.

Not so much vanished, as went crazy once he found out what he really was.

So you ran away after hearing that he was truly the son of Laufey. He was a Frost Giant. Why on Asgard would you want to marry a Frost Giant?!

Well, once you had gotten over that fact, and after Loki was defeated and banished, you figured everything would go back to normal. There was no way Loki could get into any more trouble after being exiled.

Yeah, right! You thought sarcastically, as six of the guards positioned themselves in front of you while the other two began the complicated process of unlocking the metal doors.

Your heart rate increased as the guards finished the last combination for the doors. You didn’t know what exactly brought you here: maybe guilt, for running away? Perhaps you felt you could have helped him stay sane, at least, if you married him in the first place.

Your thoughts were cut short as the doors opened. A large, brightly lit room lay before you, with a single pole in the middle and an uncomfortable stone cot right next to it.

Attached to the pole, sitting awkwardly on the floor next to the cot, was Loki. His head rested against the pole, his eyes dull and lifeless.

However, once the guards led you inside and stepped aside for him to see his visitor, a coy smile graced his face. Your stomach twisted at the sight: even after so long, he could still make you feel all these strange things. You didn’t know what to make of it.

You waited a moment to see if he’d try anything; surprisingly, he did not move or say anything at all. You huffed and took two steps forward in front of the guards, noticing an increase in their nervousness.

You turned your head toward them. “Leave,” you commanded. They stood there for a moment.

“I’m sorry, My Lady,” one of the guards started, “We cannot leave you alone in here.”

You scoffed. “I’ll be just fine, thank you. Now go.” They stayed for a moment longer. You rolled your eyes and turned completely around to face them. “Don’t worry. I can handle him. I know what to do should he...” You glanced back at Loki. “Lose control.”

They hesitated for a few seconds before deciding to do as you said. You were above them, after all, how could they argue?

Once you were satisfied that they were gone and most definitely not eavesdropping, you returned your attention to Loki.

Taking a deep breath, you walked slowly toward him. That smile on his face gave you shivers; you had no idea what he was thinking.

“Been a while, hasn’t it, my sweet?” Loki asked, that soft voice like music to your ears. It had been so long since you’d heard him speak.

You crossed your arms and frowned. “You’ve no idea,” you replied, standing only a few feet away from him. “And where have you been? Oh, right.” You uncrossed your arms and balled your hands into fists. “You’ve been out trying to destroy the human world, Earth. Why?”

He chuckled. “My sweet, I think you know why,” he responded. You clenched your teeth.

Then, you mustered up the courage to get even closer. You bent slightly and slapped him — hard. His head snapped toward you, his eyes wide with anger. You had to keep in your laugh as to not anger him any further. “That,” you started, “Was for going crazy on all of us the first time.”

You dared to slap him again. You saw his lip twitch and his eyes close; maybe he was trying not to lose control?

“And that is for pulling this latest stunt.”

He rubbed his chin on his long since tattered clothing to wipe off the small trickle of blood coming from his lip. He smirked at you.

“I missed you too, darling,” he said.

Your fists clenched. It was taking all of your might not to just beat the shit out of him. For everything he had done, for his evil ways, for his sick twisted mind.

“Come now, don’t look at me like that.” The smoothness of his voice distracted you. Your muscles eased and you sighed, kneeling down in front of him.

“Loki,” you whispered. You looked deep into those green eyes that no longer held any laughter in them. They were depleted of everything except emptiness. He successfully masked any sadness or regret that may have clouded his vision, though you couldn’t say for sure whether he felt any remorse for his actions.

He smiled wryly at you, unable to reach out to you, for his hands were forever bound to the metal pole right next to him. You frowned and climbed upon his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck as you wove your hands through his perfect hair. He closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against yours, taking in that familiar scent he would always remember.

You closed the distance between the two of you and pressed your lips softly against his. He responded eagerly, though he was surprisingly tender. After a few moments of once more memorizing the delicious taste of his mouth, you pulled away.

“So, are we still on?” you asked. Loki raised a brow.

“You really think they’ll let me marry now?” he asked, amusement evident in his voice. You smirked.

“Well… I could get you out of here, and we could have our own wedding,” you began. The mischievous look in Loki’s eyes made you wonder if you should have even said anything. “But,” you added. “You can’t kill any more people. And you have got to stop trying to conquer Earth.”

He paused for a moment and considered this proposition before replying, “I can’t promise anything, my love, but I shall try.” He winked.

You rolled your eyes. “You better change that to a ‘Yes, I’ll do anything you ask’ before your brother Thor gets back.”

Loki frowned at the mere mention of his brother. He never understood that brute and his intentions. “Fine,” he said, defeated. He could persuade you into letting him conquer Earth some other day.

You grinned. “Perfect. Let’s get going, then.”

Thor landed hard on the ground of his homeland, Asgard. It was unusually loud for this time of night: people were frantically running around, seemingly frightened. His guards roamed the streets and stopped anyone that had long, black hair. “Wait a minute,” Thor contemplated, his eyes finding their way to the large building where Loki was being held captive in the deepest basement.

At least, where Loki was supposed to be being held captive.

He cursed, sighing as he hung his head back, hearing one of the guards nearby call out to him.

“Just what I need, another mess of Loki’s to clean up,” he muttered to himself as he made his way to the heart of the kingdom.

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