"Stealing a Thief's Heart" by Konekochan07

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One of my few stories without a song in it (so far). There might be one later, but I will try to refrain as I don't want it to be too long with lyrics.

I had to do a Loki story! I'm obssessed!
Anyways, please enjoy! I'll try to update soon.
(I know, I need to update other stuff, but I had to get this out of my head.)

"Who are you?" The question wasn't supposed to escape your lips. You had meant to only say it in your head.

You never should have asked.

Of course, you had come to realize, you never should have snuck into this stupid party in the first place. None of these people were really rich, and definitely none of them were interesting.

Especially not to you.

But how do you interest a girl fascinated by morbid and gory things? This guy sure had.

You had been hiding in the background, hoping to go somewhere and steal something. You were good at that: sneaking into a party and stealing things when it was too boring. And they were always just so boring.

But this guy made it sort of fun.

It wasn't how he had tripped the first guard to render him unconscious, nor was it how he attacked the other guard or even the guest of honor at the party. No, it was that little contraption he used. The one that ripped through that guy's eye. It looked like just a toy.

You hid behind a statue, hoping not to catch any attention. He had thrown the object to the ground and started following the masses. You didn't do well with masses.

You picked it up, when you were sure no one else was there. It looked odd, but you wanted to see how it worked. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to open up anywhere for you to examine the inside. You pocketed it and snuck closer to the door.

He had just blown up a police car, using copies of himself to surround the group. He wanted them to kneel.

It was fun, watching the high and mighty socialites kneel in front of a man none of them knew. That was when the question had escaped. And though you hoped he hadn't heard it, the slight movement of his head in your direction said he did.

But the awe in your voice amused him. He looked at you and, with his staff, pointed at you, beckoning you to him.

You froze for a moment. Getting caught was certainly not what you did best. You had never been caught before. But, you realized, you had never met someone interesting while working before. A thief is a thief. He was, to you (who was all that counted, in your opinion), so much more.

After shaking your head and pulling yourself together, you started toward him. You had no idea why you were drawn to him, but since you had been alone for so long, you figured that something, somewhere, was trying to tell you something, whether it was your heart or some cosmic entity, you weren't sure. But as you moved toward him, you were filled with a need that quickened each step.

You needed him.

Something deep down said so, and it was confirmed with every fiber of your being. For some strange reason, you needed this man.

And something smaller said he needed you.

When you reached him, you curled into him, surprising him (and most spectators, but they don't count). He then pushed you behind him while he spoke to the crowd and you stood there, waiting.

Then Captain America showed up, fighting him. Then Iron Man. Along with someone hiding in a jet. They pinned him down on the ground. Instinct took over.

Fight or flight was never your strong suit. No one had ever made you want to choose fight over flight. Until now.

You stood between the two 'superheroes' and this stranger you needed for some reason. They looked perplexed, and decided to take you with them, since they would obviously not deter you.

The ride in the jet helped you think a little, but did not release the need. You filed the feeling away for a later date. You were unsure of it.

Captain America was trying to talk to you at present. "What do you think you were doing? And who are you, anyway?"

"She's probably this 'Phantom Thief' we keep hearing about," said the woman in the co-pilot's seat. "She's been known to sneak into high profile parties and steal valuables from them."

You glared at the back of her head. How dare she give you away.

"Is that who you are?" Iron Man was looking at you. You realized you may have stolen some of his stuff once or twice.

You decided not to answer. You stayed sitting next to who you now knew as 'Loki', closer to the outer hatch than him, just in case.

Lightning flashed outside the jet. Something heavy landed on top of it. Iron Man opened the hatch, to have another man stand in the opening. He shoved Iron Man out of the way to get to Loki. You did not move. This made him hesitate for a moment, though he still reached for him.

You barely heard Loki as he whispered to you. "Move."

You did, though you didn't like it. The scowl on your face said as much. You had given the briefest of nods before doing so, so that he knew you had heard.

Loki was pulled out of the jet. Iron Man followed, Captain America close behind him. The co-pilot muttered something you couldn't hear. Then she closed the hatch and decided to talk to you.

"So, why did you come with us? Why protect him?" You glared at the question. Not that you were angry with her anymore. No, it was her question.

You answered as truthfully as you have ever done. "I don't know."

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