"Where Not Even Gods Tread" by LegatosServant

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L.S.: So, I have a bet with my friend on writing an original story--a novel--before the other one does, to prove how disgustingly easy it is to get published. Well, this isn’t that story, but this is the idea I found when searching through my folder of ideas and decided “Since I’ve been obsessed with WWYFF stories, I should write one myself now.”

Last time I did this, I was 13--nearly ten years ago.

Time to try again!

Attention!: At the end of this chapter is a quiz, not one that’s super long or anything, but it’s important. It will be basic personality questions, basic interest questions, to determine whom you would probably match up with better. It’s like a preliminary thing, you will most likely be made aware of the love interests in this chapter but the quiz itself will determine the one you’ll fit with best with the result of all of the love interest characters.

Unlike most WWYFF stories, there will not really be many choices throughout the story, not until major plot points begin. So this is probably one of the only times you’ll have so many choices to make, haha.

Also, I have a best friend who is truly, like, a glorious artist--I’m not being stupid here, her art is so amazing--who has agreed to draw my love interests for me! Expect these links in the next chapter!


The beginning, the formation of all life started with neither a word nor a blast--it simply just began. But the world was formless, it’s beings lost in a darkened and evil land that had neither beauty nor hope. There was nothing but death, chaos and helplessness.

However, a group of beings banned together in their sheer power out of pity for a world without hope and discarded their bonds of mortality to raise up to divinity. With their insight, with their devotion, the world took shape and found order amongst the evils that threatened to take control. These beings, these Gods, sought to bring peace and order to the world they loved so much. They ruled, dutifully, since their ascension to divinity and watched over their beloved planet with caring hearts and amazing strength.

But times have changed and, with it, the Gods. They have grown weary of slaving for a world so weak, their hearts turning to stone and their thirst for power reaching levels that they can no longer satisfy.

They no longer care for the world they had once loved so much.


There was so little that you considered, so little that your idle mind found pertinent after eons of thought and concentration. Your eyes flickered to the side as the clouds beneath your feet shifted magnificently in order to part and reveal the glorious greens, browns and yellows that colored the surface of your beloved world, Geae. You watched as the world lay still, almost as if all was perfect and set absolutely at peace.

But this was a lie.

You looked up to glance around your kingdom; your castle in the sky, as it were. Swirling, tall, golden structures sprang up from the sea of billowing white clouds, an ethereal glow surrounding the glorious buildings and illuminating all things in beauty.

Your eyes snapped back down to continue to watching the world turn as your glance traveled its surface in desperation, your eyesight traveling far and beyond what any race nor God could hope to accomplish. The world moved together in harmony, your beautiful world singing it’s praises as a harsher and more foreboding note began chiming right alongside it.

“You can feel it too, as I would expect of the Earth Mother.” Your observant eyes slid to the side to meet the carefully approaching form of your friend and fellow God, Archalite. You let out a small sigh as he walked forward, his billowing golden hair cascading down to his knees as if it were rays from the sun while a crown rested proudly atop his head in perfectly forged points of gold, weaving back with sapphire jewels dancing around the ingot lines beautifully.

“Your wisdom must come from the whispers of the wind; you truly are a noble God of the Skies.”

The man smiled briefly in amusement before he shook his head jokingly. “The wind speaks of many things, you know this. It also speaks of the terrible dangers that burn in our peaceful world.”

As the man came to stand beside you he glanced down at Geae with a deep and saddened frown on his face, his eyes dancing around the scene with their crystalline blue radiance, so bright that they glowed brilliantly. “Arcalite, we can’t allow the others to remain so blind to the evils that roil in Geae’s depths.”

“They are not so ignorant, [Your Name], they are well aware of all things.” You could see the way his eyes narrowed upon those words, his features twisting into a look of desolation. His face was narrow yet still masculine, his ears lifted back into deep a point to provide sharper hearing while his skin appeared silky like the clouds, beautifully glowing against his lean and poised body that seemed in complete contrast to his great power. You could see his arms cross over his chest thoughtfully as your eyes glanced down to notice the elegancy of his noble attire. He wore a deep gray tunic with matching pants that were woven from the clouds themselves and glistened with unseen currents of lightning that served as a protection to its host, golden streaks of armor weave themselves around his shoulders and connect to a billowing azure cape that curved around him in elegance.

“They have grown indignant and bloated in their rule, no longer able to see why we ascended to Ollandius in the first place.” You could feel anger begin to quake within you as the world below seemed to almost shift with your mood, the contours of your clothes billowing in the unseen wind of your heavenly home. Your hand went up to smooth the hair from your face as your fingers grazed the small tiara that sat atop your shining tresses; delicate silver wove itself strong around the piercing diamonds and glowing onyx that adorned it, the end of your crown traveling down and twisting around your ears to peek out past your neck in the broad shape of wings. Your gown hung off of your shoulders deeply, snug against your chest with sleeves of dark russet lace come out from the sides to wrap around your arms and shimmer over your dress before cascading out behind you once reaching your waist. The dress seemed to slither down your form with deep greens and shades of delicate browns before reaching the end of your hips and fanning out gloriously like a field of green.

“Be careful with your emotions Earth Mother, we wouldn’t want a catastrophe happening to our people.”

“We certainly wouldn’t.” A voice floated forward in feminine delicacy as two sets of footsteps approached solemnly. Both you and Archalite turned back to see the forms of the only other ruling Gods that still had any morality inside of them.

It was a woman whom had spoken before, her body sliding forward in elegance as her hair floated to her waist in luminous silver waves, light shifting against it as if it were a precious jewel while her eyes held no color at all, blank as a slate yet glowing beautifully in its stark white radiance. Her features were striking and soft, as one would expect of such a peaceful being, with skin so fair that it could almost be considered translucent. A sleeveless dress flutters down her body with grace, sequins of glowing golden embroidery weave themselves across her chest before rolling down the length of her gown as a silent testament of protection through the light that always surrounds her. A radiant tiara peeks up to a point from behind her sweeping fringe with a glittering, luminescent diamond hanging inside of the woven golden arches that twirl themselves in beauty throughout the crown, jewels of light placed in the centers of these arches. “Detania, share your wisdom and foresight with us. Is there any hope for our precious world?”

Arcalite’s words seemed to reverberate through the small area as Detania’s soothing voice echoed out; her colorless eyes seemed as if they were staring at something you would never be able to see. “The future is unsure which, I regret to say, proves what we originally feared.”

“They’re going to let them all suffer at the hands of this coming evil. Damn those careless bastards.” Your eyes slid over to the man who had appeared alongside Detania, a man with a deep scowl and pained eyes--Yenaric. His face is decidedly masculine and angular, clearly alluding to his strength while his muscular body backed up such an assumption, his skin a deep white which played against in contrast of his hair. His vibrant locks lay short against his head and constantly swept around in a blazing crimson color, the light dancing across the strands in hues of orange and yellow, hitting them in such a way that it was as if his hair were like fire itself; but, his eyes, they were alight with rays of yellow swirling as if igniting a fire deep within him. A simple crown adorned his head, encompassing his head elegantly while it glowed as bright as fire, almost flickering where it rest. He is clad in the armor of a noble warrior, metal so dark that it appeared forged from darkness itself and wove around his chest, to his shoulders and along his back with cracklings along the breastplate that glowed like lava from a furious volcano; his legs were covered with a material that resembled intricately woven chain mail yet felt like satin to the touch.

“Be careful Yenaric, I can sense the intense flame residing in you calling out for battle.”

“How can I not be enraged right now Arcalite? Those other Gods, those whom we are supposed to be ruling alongside, are willing to let our beautiful world fall so easily?!”

“They don’t want worshippers anymore.” Your three comrades turned to your voice as you glanced back down at your precious world, the colors on Geae’s surface shifting delicately as its people lived on in complete ignorance to the coming despair. “They simply want power--power that these creatures can no longer provide them.”

“They find the coming destruction a fantastical joke, providing them a way to make bets on which races will survive the coming Apocalypse.” Detania’s voice seemed far off, sorrow lacing her words like a poison as her glowing white eyes looked off into the hazy future.

“We would fight them.” Arcalite looked over at Yenaric with a piercing sidelong glance, a deep line traced over his lips.

“We could not, Gods cannot kill other Gods, I am sure you remember this.” Yenaric seemed to hiss at Arcalite’s words, the latter continuing on with his solemn speech. “Even if we fought alongside our Demi-Gods it would make no difference: Divinity cannot destroy divinity. The world would plunge into chaos and we’d be in much the same position as we are currently.”

“We cannot risk harming our world that way, losing a God would tip the balance too much to the wrong side, our world wouldn’t be able to handle it.” Your words had a bitter edge to them; while you would love to take down those power hungry Gods you couldn’t stand the thought of Geae and your people being hurt.

“Wait…” All of you stilled upon hearing Detania’s symphonic voice, it rang through like a bell--a sign that she was locked in the future. “There is a way, something that we can do.”

“What?!” You were desperate to hear the news from Detania, your fellow Gods staring at the woman with hopeful gazes.


“Well well, if it isn’t our resident charity club. How goes our beautiful planet?” You turned your head with a small snarl to meet the glorious and eternally beautiful face of Eless, her eyes heady against the sarcasm of her words. Her loveliness is unrivaled, it was as if her face were made from perfection and given to the world as a description of what beauty truly is. Her hair pours along her shoulders in glorious, flawless curls and tinted as the fairest shade of blonde; glistening, lustrous eyes shift in between shades of the deepest sapphire and the fairest emerald, looking as though they could be jewels themselves. Her tiara was golden like the sun, diamonds and rubies studded along its perfect edges like stars hanging in the sky. Her dress appeared forged from the sea, cascading around her body in azure colors like waves crashing against a beach, a single strip of cloth ran itself over her shoulder as the gown billowed over her curves as if to accentuate their perfection; a single slit opens up the train on her mid left thigh, the dress then extending backwards to as to reveal the shapeliness of her legs.

“Eless, since when have you cared for our “beautiful world.”?”

“Why, [Your Name], I am offended! Of course I care, my children are down there, you know.”

“Ah, yes, your Dyali. Their race must be proud to have such a caring birthmother.” Yenaric cannot hide all of his anger as he spoke and you find yourself glancing over towards him in an attempt to silence him. You can see Arcalite and Detania staring at the woman with little interest, their view of Eless was as if she were a parasite--this was a truth you all had accepted.

“I would hold my tongue Yenaric; my beautiful children are at least more adept at surviving then the weak, boorish Humans that you and [Your Name] birthed onto our world!”

“Do not talk of our children that way.” You stepped forward in challenge as Eless looked towards you with a skeptical gaze, your chest heaving in discomfort as you held yourself back from ripping her in half. “We said nothing of yours, the Dyali are a strong race whom surely bring you much honor. You would show respect to those whom you wish to get it from, Eless.”

The woman stared at you with a soft gaze, her eyes roiling with unspoken anger at your clear and truthful words. “You are correct, I let my feelings get the best of me, I hope you accept my apologies.”

“We are not susceptible to your manipulations Eless, Goddess of Passion or no.” Detania spoke with a sure voice, her hands placed delicately in front of her as she continued to look off into the distance--still searching into the future.

“I wouldn’t manipulate you, what need would I have for that?”

“Eless.” Your voice implored her, the change of tension so rapid that you could read the shock that poured itself over her face. “Do you not care for the evil that will befall our world? Your children? They may not survive the coming destruction.”

“No offense, [Your Name], but I’m sure having children whom are fragile would warrant this fear. However, my precious Dyali are strong, warriors--made from my perfect, cunning wiles and Kanotic’s deep, legendary strength. They will survive this fight.”

“Many will die, Eless.” Arcalite’s voice was terse, as if he were keeping himself in check as he spoke.

“Then they would deserve it--only the strong survive, I wouldn’t want such weaklings to be my children.” You were astonished by Eless’s complete disregard for her own people, your opinion of her was low but this was something you’d never considered.

“They are all your children, all the races of the earth are our children! Regardless of who bore them or if their race bore itself!”

“Oh Yenaric, you speak as if I should care for them. Why should I worry for those whom I did not create? The Dragons, the Dwarves, the Canni, all the others--they have formed themselves into the world by being the strongest and breeding their descendants. It’s merely time to see if all these eons have proved them worthy.”

“Eless is correct!” Your eyes slid behind the woman in irritation as a lumbering form--the God, Kanotic--bounded towards you all with a deep grin. “This is a battle! A time for all of those on Geae to prove their strength, prove their worth! Such weakness cannot be tolerated!” His body is large and foreboding, skin sparkling in hues that could only be described as golden and luminescent yellow, muscles rippling and tightened all along the contours of his great body. His face was strong and appeared to be carved from stone itself, handsome in an archaic manner yet every bit as sharp and angular as the jagged edges of a mountain. His hair shapes itself against his head in deep russet waves and fall against his shoulders like silk, his eyes were large and unyielding, their hue so dark that they appeared to be almost empty and fathomless. His crown was gallant, it stuck up from his head in golden spikes while onyx and garnet gems appeared almost melted into the headpiece itself, shinning brilliantly in the shifts of light. His armor was valiant, his chest piece a symphony of dark and powerful metals that blended up into great shoulder pieces, a billowing crimson cape resembling that of dragon scales was woven and secured to his back while a thick yet moveable fabric which appeared to be made from the same sort of scales wrapped about his legs.

“What a simple thought, as one would expect of a God of Chaos and Discord--all you live for is a fight, like some uncultivated brute.” Kanotic turned to Yenaric with a deep snarl, the God of Flame turning away with the roll of his eyes.

“I would watch myself if I were you, Yenaric! Your strength cannot match a warrior such as myself!”

“Do not fight with them Kanotic, they are like children hopeful of a “peaceful” solution. So foolish.” Eless’s hand gripped tenderly at Kanotic’s enraged form as he moved back alongside her, his eyes glaring hate at Yenaric as the God stared back at him in obvious defiance.

“Your heinous words reveal your true nature--disgusting and horrendous.” You can see the shock on your friends faces as you spoke these truths to the two Gods before you, their eyes wide in surprise.

“You filthy vermin! How dare you call me that!”

“What’s wrong Eless? Not used to people seeing the true ugliness that lies beneath your poisoned skin?”


“Oh, a fight. Zanathos, let us gain a closer audience.” Your group turned to see the two darkest Gods coming towards you, another trailing behind them as he stared forward with questioning eyes.

And so, the supreme Gods of Geae all stood amongst one another.

“Nilanthi, Zanathos, Onidan, you finally arrive!” Kanotic turned to his fellow Gods with a timbering bellow, the two darker Gods looking up at him with questioning gazes. Nilanthi held on to Zanathos’s arm as she strode forward with him, her depthless eyes scanning your group. Her body is lithe and poised, belying her terrifying threat as nothing more than a fluttering whisper; her face is both sharp and angular, shining with archaic beauty despite the vapid emptiness of her inking, hollow black eyes. Her hair flowed from her head in short waves towards the back before pouring forward towards a deeper length that nearly reached her knees in the front, the hue of those gossamer strands were such a deep, bloody red that they could’ve been mistaken for black. Her gown was like the night, billowing down her body and hugging it as if the dress was alive, shoulders bare while the fabric held tight at the chest and sleeves extended from this point down to envelope her arms entirely. Instead of a crown adorning her head she wore a velvet choker around her neck which held a large, foreboding ruby in the center of it, smaller gems in the way of diamonds litter the woven surface of the velvet strap.

“My shadows alerted me to your discussion. Are we still betting on the world’s survival? I would love to let in my opinions.” Nilanthi smiled against her morbid words before her fathomless black eyes seemed to stare off into the distance for a moment, your own snapping over to Detania just in time to notice the woman wince once before turning her attention fully to the other figures.

“Nilanthi, I see your shadows are still attempting to block the future from my eyes. How long do you think you can keep this up? You cannot hope to block my visions entirely, even as the Goddess of Darkness you are not skilled enough.” You are shocked to hear Detania speaking in such a threatening manner, she is always so peaceful--as one would expect of the Goddess of Light. But the rivalry between Detania and Nilanthi swelled eons, their bitter distaste for one another causing a great rift between the light and darkness. Nilanthi’s mouth raised into a small snarl before Zanathos’s hand reached up to grip her fisted palm choking around his bicep, his eyes glancing towards Detania briefly.

“We find it unfair in such betting that you would use your clairvoyancy to give you the upper hand.” The color of Zanathos’s skin appeared to ink out into a deathly pallor, his strong body pulling against the misleading appearance of weakness that his skin portrayed. His cascading hair bled down from his head in pin straight, midnight black strands which billowed down to his waist and moved about him whimsically, his wide eyes shone a deathly emerald color and emphasized the blackened veins that extended from his eyes. Despite this, it is clear that he holds much beauty in his features, cheeks arched high while his jaw angled delicately to a rounded chin. He bore no crown on his head--a simple silver chain wrapped around before stopping at a point on his forehead, a glowing red stone nestled perfectly in the middle. He wore no armor, no need could be found in his mind since he felt lording over others endowed him with an overwhelming sense of superiority, yet elegant and bountiful robes traveled down his body in hues of dark sapphire and inking black with a single, golden cord used to tie these garments to his body.

“Her foresight isn’t being used for betting, Zanathos. Besides, if anyone would have the upper hand in betting on those who would die, then who better than the God of the Dead?” Arcalite moved forward as he spoke, his deep azure eyes staring deep into Zanathos’s inky forest ones.

“I suppose as a God of the Skies I would feel so cheated since I could not be in control of anything useful.”

“Your lordship over the dead is almost comical; souls now are almost always completely at rest to move on to Annysiom or Gangorga where you’re no longer able to manipulate them. All you have is your corpses, a true reflection of your inner self.”

“Is there a reason you are all seeking to wound each other with your words?” You let your eyes slide over to the behemoth form that is Onidan, his eyes narrowed deeply at your small cluster of friends. His body is hulking, powerful and immense in comparison even to the other God’s, his skin appears sun kissed and casts a golden bronze luminescence all over his body. His hair spilling across his shoulders in a rich orange color, almost pale against the shifts in movement revealing tinges of crimson and even pink hues--resembling the most beautiful of coral--while his eyes danced with dark blue tones which resembled the depthlessness of the oceans. A large crown sat atop his head, its golden presence arching high as woven pieces of silver seemed to dance along its glorious sheen, pearls and sapphires placed delicately along the lines of silver. His body was covered in billowing green robes while glimmering, shining armors fanned out across him like the scales of a fish, their intricacy concealing the great power and protectiveness of their glittering golden beauty.

“I merely came to ask them of their bets and they begged me to reconsider my thoughts on the evil. They worry for the races, apparently.” Eless sounded so nonchalant, as if she weren’t discussing the possible deaths of millions of innocents.

“They cannot hope to fight against this evil Eless, how can you be so cruel?”

“I don’t know [Your Name]; maybe it’s just my true self showing.” Eless’s mystifying jaden cerulean eyes stared deep into yours as if to challenge you. You could feel the rage inside of your chest growing before seeing through your minds eye the small tremors that begin to litter sporadic surfaces of the earth, this realization caused you to calm yourself quickly in an attempt to get Geae’s land under control.

“She spouts words of concern for Geae as she causes numerous quakes throughout the land! Counterproductive, that is!”

“Well Kanotic, since your brain is as empty your wit, you would be unable to see that it is my anger at you fools that causes these problems!”

“Do not lose your head [Your Name]; you would harm my precious oceans in the process.” You glanced over to Onidan as he let out a deep laugh at your angered face, his eyes shining with unspoken cruelty. “Who cares for what befalls those land monsters? They ruin all that they touch!”

“Don’t lump my and Zanathos’s children in with those fools, our Veniri are perfect examples of a race, unlike those feeble Onyss.”

“Hold your tainted tongue against my children Nilanthi, the Onyss provide insight and light in Geae while your children steal souls and live against the darkness.” Detania spoke with a fervent voice, though it sounded like she was speaking through a tunnel as her colorless eyes stared off into the distance.

A deep timbering laugh escaped Zanathos’s lips at Detania’s words. “Heh, your children know nothing more then to hide from the world. Not unlike Arcalite’s creation; for something you formed yourself and had [Your Name] birth from the earth they are surprisingly dull.”

“My Elves are simply creatures of the air and earth, searching for wisdom and peace--something you would be unable to comprehend.” Arcalite seemed to bristle against Zanathos’s insult to his creation, you felt bitter against him too--you gave them life from the earth, they were just as precious to you as they were to Arcalite.

“Look at you all arguing over your pathetic land dwellers! My beautiful Enazir have lived in the oceans depths for eons and even developed a way to blend in amongst those land walkers! My children prove their resourcefulness and strength regularly, this evil will prove nothing to them!” Onidan was adamant in his boast of this people, his chest shaking against the power of his laughter. “My children will survive this fight, to be sure!”

“As will mine and Kanotic’s, they are a strong people.”

“My and Nilanthi’s will prove victorious as well, there is no doubt.”

“If you’re all so confident and so keen on placing bets, could I throw a wild card into the mix?” You all turned at Detania’s words, her body turning towards the group and a small smile played over her features. “Let us assemble a small collection of warriors, an elite group that is comprised of one from amongst our children to fight against this coming threat. You have nothing to lose here; even if they fail you could still place your bets as to which races will fall.”

You were in shock at Detania’s words; she would never speak so brashly about the living! Her entire body seemed composed as your fellow Gods looked amongst each other in contemplation. “Unless… there are no warriors amongst your children.”

“Don’t insult us! The Dyali are the fiercest of warriors!” Kanotic’s voice boomed over Ollandius and you could see the Demi-Gods in the distance, watching this display with conflicted stares.

“We accept your proposal Detania; we are only regretful that out precious warrior will be the one pulling all the weight.”

“You speak so soon Eless! Our Venirian child will prove quite able bodied and might even show up your blood draining children.” Nilanthi turned to Zanathos with a cruel smirk as the God sent one back to her.

“Ha! You are all ignorant! I already know of whom I will send! A young warrior, but the best I have seen in eons! You will all cower against the might of my Enazir children!” With these boisterous words the other Gods left your group, off to search amongst their people to choose warriors fit to outplay the others.

“Detania, how could you say such things? Sending a group of mortals to fight this evil? We weren’t even sure how we were going to do that--it’s suicide for these poor warriors!” Arcalite seemed deeply distressed by Detania--like his beautiful Elven race--he cared much for life and thought Detania to feel the same.

“I am aware.”

“How could you send these mortals off to the slaughter?!”

“I am not going to do such a thing, Yenaric. I could never.”

“We are unsure of what you mean Detania…” You eyed the woman suspiciously as a smile broke out onto her face, her eyes looking far off into the future.

“Now that Nilanthi has something to preoccupy her time, the future is even clearer than before. No, these warriors will be lead by someone, the only one who could hope to round up and lead such a group.” Your friends fell into silence as Detania’s voice rang out from far into the future, a deep smile still placed on her lips.

“Who would that be?” Your words echoed for a moment as Detania’s spirit came back into the present, her head turning to you as your eyes widen.

“You will lead them.”

You were in awe, your entire body wracked with shock as your other two friends moved towards her with just as much surprise.

[Your Name]? She can’t, Gods cannot walk on Geae! Detania, our divinity will kill any who lay their eyes on us, it’s impossible!”

“No Arcalite, there is always a way.”

“How, pray tell, will she get around something like being a God?” Detania turned to Yenaric as he spoke, his mouth snapping shut upon seeing the seriousness of her expression.

“She will be settled back into her mortal shell.”

“I was not aware we could do that. We shed our mortal skin long ago Detania, sealed our bodies deep within the caverns of our individual temples as a symbol of our willingness to sacrifice for our world.” You spoke what you all already knew, trying hard to find any sort of loophole in your words that could be used as Detania says.

“We are more than able, [Your Name]. We just simply never have.”

Silence settled over your group again as Detania stared off into the future again, your eyes darting around the swirling mass of the clouds beneath your feet as your mind raced. The future has decided that you will lead these warriors against the evil? The more you considered it, the more it made sense… You are the Earth Mother, able to bend the world to your will with just a movement of your hands--even as a mortal you were able to do this, it was the reason why you ascended with the others to become Gods.

“Will I cease to be a God this way? Won’t that cause a shift in balance?”

“No, you are aware that only once our mortal bodies are destroyed do we cease becoming Gods--not if we transfer ourselves back into them, you will still remain a God… albeit, in mortal form.”

“That presents its own problems, mortals can die.” Yenaric spoke what you all already knew, his hand moving up to run itself through his deep red gossamer locks. “I cannot see how this will be beneficial…”

“Because once the evil is destroyed the Gods will be busy with settling their bets. Which will leave them wide open to be dethroned.”

You could not hold in the gasp that left your lips at Detania’s words, Arcalite almost appeared to be drowning in surprise where he stood as Yenaric looked as if he would faint.

“D-Dethroned?! Detania, you know that Gods cannot kill other Gods! Though [Your Name] will be mortal, she will still be a God! She can’t--”

“She will lead herself and the warriors to their temples and destroy their mortal shells, and then the no longer divine bodies of those once Gods will appear as mortals once more.” Detania drifted back once more into the present as she turned to Yenaric with an emotionless expression. “They must be killed completely once this is done or they could ascend again, yet, while she and her group do this, we will have been searching among the Demi-Gods for fitting replacements for these soon to fall Gods, so long as we anoint them with each God’s symbolic show of divinity--their crown--and place their discarded mortal bodies where the old ones once lay, there will be no time for chaos to settle in the world. A God will have taken their place, they will have been dethroned.”

You could barely believe what you were hearing… there was a way to put an end to the power hungry reign of these sick Gods that you had once put so much of your faith in.

“So… I’m going to dethrone… six Gods.” You could barely comprehend what you were hearing come from your own mouth, you were almost sick to your stomach upon saying it.

“Yes, you will.” Detania’s voice was so sure, so completely and utterly unwavering that you began to feel a little bit better upon hearing her. Her future is confident and true, while the future can sometimes shift, she knows that this is burned into the thoughts of eternity.

“Well, I can honestly say that I am not surprised.” You turned to Arcalite as he spoke, his blue eyes thoughtful against the confidence on his face. “If there is anyone who can, it would be [Your Name]…” The man chuckled briefly before Yenaric began laughing along with him, happiness settling onto their faces for the first time in a long while.

“Well, I suppose we need to choose our warriors then! [Your Name] needs to have those whom she can count on, we cannot be sure of those that the other Gods will choose!” Yenaric turned to you with a smile, his deep amber eyes piercing deep into your own as you felt your entire body relax. “Well, we’d better go choose the warrior among our children.”

Arcalite and Detania nodded their heads before they wandered off, surely to look down onto their people in mindful consideration as they chose the most worthy warrior.

Yenaric strode forward to envelope you in a strong hug, your body melting into his as relief settled into your bones. “I am truly worried for you, worried for how this will turn out.”

“I believe in Detania’s wisdom, she is unwavering in her choices.” Though your words were strong, your voice was considerably less sturdy, concern drifting alongside it heavily. You feel Yenaric move back as his hands went to grip the sides of your face, his deep golden eyes pouring into yours with the deepest emotion. You can feel your heartstrings lurch as old feelings began bubbling up after centuries of dormancy, whether coming about because of your intense shock at the news you’d received or at the coming hopelessness of your situation.

“I’m afraid that we will not find a warrior like the others will…”

“Don’t speak of our children that way! Remember, ours weren’t created; ours were born from our love, our union. They may be weaker inherently because of how they were born, but they have the potential to be stronger than even the mightiest of Dragons.” You smiled brilliantly at Yenaric after speaking, his eyes softening slightly as his fingers began stroking your cheeks tenderly.

“You’re right… I often forget about that…”

“Well, don’t.”


“Have we all chosen?” Eless seemed almost cocky in her words, her deep blue-green eyes scanning across the group as everyone nodded. “How are we going to bring them together?”

[Your Name], she will be placed back into her mortal body to bring them together and assemble them.” The eyes of your fellow Gods looked both disbelieving and suspicious at the same time; Detania’s words were strong regardless.

“That’s… possible?”

“The future tells no lies, it is possible.” Detania brushed off Kanotic’s empty words with a strong statement, her body still standing tall against the stares.

“Hmm… this could be interesting.” Nilanthi’s voice seemed laced with a chuckle; her fathomless eyes almost appeared to be boring into your body. “I have no qualms with this, seeing you struggle around Geae as a mortal once more? I could find nothing more entertaining.” Zanathos laughed deeply when Nilanthi finished, Onidan chuckling alongside them.

[Your Name], I’m sure you know what you’re getting in to, but it seems bothersome nonetheless.” Onidan’s body shook with his uproarious laughter once more, his arms crossing over his chest while his sea blue eyes drifted onto your form. “All this to save a few mortals? Seems like too much trouble.”

“Once upon a time, any of you would’ve done this too.” Your words pierced through the space like a sword, the others rolling their eyes when Arcalite moved forward.

“Have you all chosen or haven’t you?”

“Oh, we’ve chosen.” Nilanthi’s voice was jovial as she spoke, arrogance laced deep within her words as she continued. “I was sure to let the Grand Magister of my dear Veniri know. When you locate their capital city known simply as The Kingdom, request Tyganik Harkken--the Grand Magister himself--and show him your proof of Godhood, he will then lead you to our warrior; Mikeil Harkken.” Eless looked over at Nilanthi with an arched eyebrow when the woman finished speaking, a small giggle in her voice.

“Mikeil Harkken, you say? I’ve heard of that child from the tongues of my Dyali, he has taken on the spirit of the Dragon, Hylandor the Fierce.”

You were rather shocked to hear this, your eyes sliding over to rest on Nilanthi. “Hylandor aided us well in reforming the world when we first ascended; to hear that one of your own has taken his spirit proves of his greatness.”

“Yes,” Nilanthi lets a sinister grin form onto her face carefully, Zanathos chuckling in response. “It does.”

“Heh, as if taking some spirit proves a warrior’s worth, that has no bearing on true strength!” Kanotic bellowed deeply, his dark obsidian eyes narrowed against the thought of such a thing. “Our child is more than capable! Hell, he could fight this monster alone!”

“That he could.” Eless smirked heavily upon Kanotic’s roaring statement, the action appearing just as terrifying as it was beautiful. “Go to the empire of my beauties, Transalia, and locate my son, the king of the Dyali--Syanus Galain, you need not prove your divinity to him, for he is sure to remember your face. Tell him then of our warrior, his son and my grandson; Fearah.”

“Oh, Fearah, really?” You turned to see Yenaric rolling his eyes as Eless and Kanotic shoot him angered glances. “He is practically a child! I thought he had shamed your family line by denying the thrill of slaughtering the innocent?”

“Fearah will prove his merit soon enough.” You were surprised by how confident Eless appeared as she glanced up at Kanotic with a smile. You had heard of Fearah, brief tellings of his mercy and his desire to never hurt an innocent being. It’s strange that Eless would choose such a gentle warrior when she and Kanotic are so unlike him. You had to wonder how the boy must feel to know what his “grandparents” are.

“Your land dwellers are probably strong, perhaps, but my child will prove her worth.”

Her worth? Your warrior is a female? Onidan, don’t shame your children this way.” Zanathos chuckled after he spoke, Nilanthi covering her lips gingerly as you noticed Onidan grow angry.

“Despite this, her warrior spirit trumps all of your pathetic choices, I’m sure! My beautiful Enazir have a small land based village on the edge of the Vierdian Sea known as Lithan, there you will find the High Mariner known simply as Betahs. He will lead you to the grand underwater city of my children, Triton. He knows already to lead you to the Enazir king, Kiotaya Blackcove. Once in his audience ask for my warrior--Obsidia Darkfin.” You stared at Onidan wide eyed as he finished, your jaw hanging open before Arcalite moved to speak.

“Obsidia? That is your warrior? Her immersion in the dark arts and slaughter of your own children did not prove enough to shame you, so now you must shame yourself?”

“She rid the world of the weak ones.”

“She slaughtered innocents of all races, you are sure that you’d have one so unloyal fight to prove your children’s worth?” You shook your head briefly at these words, completely floored that Onidan would take a risk like this--you thought him stupid, but nothing like this.

“I am sure.”

“Your children will all be noble, I assure you.” You turned to see Detania staring off into the distance, her voice proving the strength of her statement. “While your choices are strange, they are well met.”

“Oh, you can hear of our choices, but not us of you? That seems unfair.” You received a pointed look from Nilanthi before Arcalite turned towards you with a deep smile.

“You are aware of my Elves precious kingdom, Elysium, once there go and seek out Dianon Vilanis--he is my warrior.” You reared back in surprise at Arcalite’s words; you would never have thought that he would be the God’s choice.

“Dianon? You’re sure?” Your voice wavered, showing the confusion clearly as the man let out a small chuckle.

“Dianon Vilanis! It would be you to choose one so cunning--but picking a child so cutthroat! He is an oddity amongst your people; I suppose you knew that you needed such a combatant to go against us.” Zanathos spat these words at Arcalite, his lack of respect for the other man obvious.

“An Elf so manipulative, so able to get what he desires… His wiles are wasted on your pathetic race.” Eless spoke with annoyance, her shimmering eyes glaring hard at Arcalite as he looked back at you, his sky blue orbs speaking multitudes as you nodded at him.

“As you know [Your Name], my children live in but one place; Charos. You will not need to seek him out, for my children have foreseen his place in this battle. He will be waiting for you in the high temple, Fatima; he is known as Rhema Bokra.”

“Hmm, you’ve chosen one so secretive, I’ve never heard of this child of yours.” Eless spoke boldly, her eyes narrowed against the realization that she is left in the dark.

“No one has, the Onyss are hidden from the rest of the world.” Onidan’s words rang out as he wrapped his arms around his chest, irritation alight in his eyes.

“Rest assured, he is not much to be excited over. What I know of him doesn’t donate much to his strength, his foresight is great and that is all.” You were not shocked that Nilanthi knew this; she was always looking for a way to one up Detania--the classic battle between light and dark.

“I must go to be assimilated--”

“You have not revealed your warrior.” You turned towards Onidan to see him smirk sinisterly against the weight of his words. “Perhaps you’ve conceded that your delicate Humans are not strong enough to stand against a might like this?”

“Our warrior is plenty strong I’ll have you know.” Your head swiveled to Yenaric as he bared his teeth slightly at the God across from him. “Our warrior is from the Human village of Londora, he has proven by attacks waged and challenges made that he is a truly destined warrior; he is Erion Quinox.”

“Ahh, I was right! I almost thought you too light hearted and stupid to choose him, but you’ve shown that sometimes you don’t choose just because of tears and feelings.” Yenaric snapped his head to practically hiss at Kanotic, the man smirking at him in response.

“I am proud that you’ve heard of him, Erion has accomplished much in his young life--that a true warrior like you recognizes him proves that our selection was made with wisdom.” You can see Kanotic’s confused gaze at your words, truth lacing them despite the fact that you cared so little for the God himself.

“Have you alerted your temple guardians of your resurrection? I would hate to see the horror on their faces upon seeing your body emerging from your grave of earth.” Zanathos seemed to laugh at these words as you rolled your eyes at him, irritation deep.

“They are aware, I assure you.”

“If you all don’t mind, I must take her elsewhere to perform the rites.” Detania moved forward to grip your hand in hers before you looked out towards your two friends, Yenaric and Arcalite, their eyes clearly alight in both worry and sadness. You wanted to reach out to them, to embrace them yet you knew that there was very little time for such pleasantries.

“Serve us well [Your Name], we hope to see you back in one piece.” Your eyes slid back to meet with Nilanthi’s obsidian depths, you nodded back at her sarcasm before turning back forward with a small snarl.

She will fall first, you’ve already decided.


You stared up at Detania as she placed her hands over you and looked far off into the distance, iridescent white eyes glowing brilliantly while she did so. You shifted slightly against the soft satin of your casket, your hands folded on top of each other over your heart and your limbs nestled gently against their resting place.

“You must not waste time when you’ve immerged; you would be safest to travel directly to Londora since it is nearest to your temple.” You nodded at the God when the sound of shuffling hit your ears, a small grimace of irritation dancing over her lips. “You are aware that your presence here, while touching, could cause me to send [Your Name]’s soul into another dimension, yes?”

“We have the utmost confidence in you Detania.” You smiled softly as Arcalite’s sun like hair played against his face as he leaned to stare down at you with agonized cerulean eyes.

“That may be a kind gesture but my previous point remains.”

“You can do it, don’t worry.” You can see Detania becoming irate as Yenaric leaned over your casket too, his hair bouncing about like a flame while deep amber eyes looked down at you in sorrow.

“Come back soon?” You would’ve responded to Arcalite’s words but, for some reason, you couldn’t because you suddenly had the thought that you would never return. You opened your mouth, desperate to say the words of reassurance but you couldn’t force any sound from your mouth--this scared you terribly.

“We’ll miss you.” Your eyes shot over to lock with those of Yenaric, his smile bitter as he stared down at you. You could feel tears welling up in you eyes as Detania’s eyes grew ever brighter, your body beginning to feel warm as the faces of your friends exited your view.

“Be well [Your Name], Goddess of the Earth, may your soul be at ease and may your journey bring about your destiny.” Everything went white then, like everything ceased existing in those moments and as if you no longer existed yourself.

A single tear drop fell before the world faded into a deep haze and you knew nothing more.


The Quiz

Before I get started, there’s something I must know! This is important!

Do you prefer a partner who is similar to you, or the opposite?

B. Opposite

If you said A, proceed to the First Set of questions.
If you said B, skip past these questions to the Second Set, those are for you.


First Set

1. When given a choice of how you would like to spend your day, which of these is the closest to your answer?

A. In comfortable solitude, staring out a window and observing life as it rolls by with a comforted smile.
B. Doing whatever you wished and ignoring the ignorance of others, unless they could provide you with something you need.
C. Surrounded by people, laughing and smiling and having a good time--having a few attractive people around would definitely be nice too.
D. Alone, staring out from your perch as you watch for any who would disturb your peace with an almost hateful bitterness against such an atrocity.

2. If someone whom you’d never met before came to you in need of help, which of these is most likely for you to do?

A. You would quickly assess the situation as you attempt to help the person, just because you are helping someone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious.
B. You would let a smile slip onto your lips as you asked the person what they needed, using your charms to woo them on the off chance that you could use them later.
C. You would help without question, your heart going out to them yet being wary of their true intentions--you know enough of the world to know that not all cries for help are real.
D. You would most likely ignore this person unless they provide either a monetary gain or a statement powerful enough to move you--you don’t have time to waste on the weak.

3. If your friends could describe you in three words, which would be closest to them?

A. Trustworthy. Quiet. Withdrawn.
B. Cunning. Dependable. Calculating.
C. Friendly. Flirty. Happy.
D. Serious. Irritable. Sly.

4. Is it fairly easy for you to admit to yourself when you like someone?

I don’t often think about that stuff, not that it wouldn’t be nice, I’m sure.
B. I can’t foresee anyone catching my attention enough to warrant affection that way.
C. Easy enough, I may be flirty but all that means is that when I truly like somebody--I know it.
D. I don’t have an idle mind, if I even entertained the idea of holding affections for them then there is no need to deny it--I wouldn’t have thought about it if it weren’t true.

5. Would you consider yourself a good person?

A. I try my hardest but I know that I can sometimes fall short; as long as I am always trying to do the right thing then I have no problems.
B. Being a good person is a subjective matter, I do what I need to do in life and that makes me a smart person--which means more.
C. I think so! With everything I do I want to be good, to go against the nature that most seem so keen to bow to.
D. No.

Tally up your answers and proceed to the section after the other quiz set for your destined pairing!


Second Set

1. Which of these is closest to how you would feel if you’d found that someone had stolen from you?

Angry, it would probably ruin my entire day and I’d keep thinking about what I’d do if I knew who did it.
B. I’d be irritated but probably assume that I just left it somewhere on accident and that’s how it got taken.
C. Furious, how dare anyone think to take from me! If I had the ability, I would hunt them down.
D. At first I’d be upset but then I’d just brush it off, maybe the person who took it needed it!

2. Do you have many friends?

Yeah, I have a pretty good amount! I find it rather easy to talk to people; they’re easy enough to understand.
I have a lot of friends; actually, I find it pretty easy to warm up to those around me.
C. No, I don’t really care much for people.
D. I love making new friends! I have a lot of them; everyone says I have an inviting persona.

3. Do you end up liking people romantically very quickly?

I can’t help but romanticize life sometimes; I think that it’s normal to like someone sometimes!
B. I think I have an illness when it comes to liking people; I’m like a serial attraction machine.
C. I can’t believe some girls, liking people as if they were tools. Why would you waste your time doing something like that?
D. I don’t know if I like people quickly, but I don’t have a problem ending up liking a guy at all!

4. If you came across someone who was getting assaulted, what is the closest to what you would do?

I would contemplate getting myself into something like that, would it just hurt more in the end?
B. I would yell at the assailant before calling the police, yelling all the while and hoping the assailant just runs off.
C. Probably nothing more than a police call; the person should be able to stand up for themselves.
D. I would jump in without thinking, running towards the assailant to slam in to him to knock him down while scrambling to get the injured person to safety.

5. What do you think people think of you?

They probably think I put myself out there too much, that I’m too stubborn.
B. I’m sure that they think I’m considerate, someone who they’d always go to if they needed a friend.
C. I’m sure they assume that I’m cold and easily prone to anger--they’re right.
D. I hope everyone thinks I’m nice! I want to try to show people the good side of themselves, so maybe they’ll think the same of me.

Tally up your answers and move down to find your destined pairing!


The Results!

Mostly A’s:

Erion Quinox, Human.

Erion is endlessly kind and nice to a fault, always seeing the good in people while showering respect and admiration on those whom prove themselves worthy in his eyes. His default expression is one of hardness, his eyes and features come off rather cold due to his nature of always being aware of everything happening around him. Though he doesn’t often smile, he surely doesn’t mind doing it at all and has even gone entire conversations with a smile hanging on his face--this usually unnerves many who know him well. He typically chooses not to say much yet that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like people, he only feels that idle chatter is usually unneeded. He often finds it hard to relate to others and, so, never talks much about himself or the things that he feels.

Mostly B’s:

Dianon Vilanis, Elf.

Though Dianon’s features are inviting and serene, his attitude is almost entirely the opposite. He parades around with a smile and soothing voice all the while thinking of the many ways he could exploit ones weaknesses. He is cunning, his silken tone so captivating that many will give or tell him whatever he desires just by him asking for it. Though he puts on a good show, he typically cares little for people--a rarity for Elves, considering their love for all things living. Though he would not be considered cruel--his attunement with nature is exceptional even among his brethren, he does not enjoy going against the natural ways of the earth--he still holds very little concern for others outside of what he feels benefits either him or the earth.

Mostly C’s:

Fearah Galain, Dyali.

While Fearah’s people are often very regal and stoic, he seems to strive to be anything but as he is almost always good natured and talkative, often times seductive. Seduction comes naturally to his kind because of whom they descend from and their need to lull prey into their web of lies in order to take them. As such, he often finds himself flirting and enticing women for sheer amusement because he doesn’t use those skills for hunting purposes. He loathes the way that his kind feeds and takes measures to make sure that he never harms one who is innocent since his kind must feed from the blood of the living. He often takes it upon himself to search for the lowest of the low in an attempt to keep himself from being overwhelmed with guilt for killing so mercilessly. Because of this kind of hunting he is an impeccable judge of character, able to see through almost any ruse or lie to the point that many almost believe him able to read minds.

Mostly D’s:

Mikeil Harkken, Veniri.

Mikeil has a deep distaste for most things and finds most to be a total waste of his time. Though he feels strongly about the right for all to live and be, he also has no qualms with taking the life of any who stand in his way. He was raised to be cutthroat and serious despite the fact that his race wishes to disprove the prejudice that their kind is inherently evil. He feels that the weak have no reason to cry when they can’t even protect themselves but respects those who, even in what others view as weakness, strive to try in hardship. He isn’t evil, not at all, but he truly does not find many to be worth his time nor energy.

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