"The Pros and Cons of Silence" by Seiragaki

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SUMMARY FAIL. OTL I might change it if I can come up with something better. 8DDD;

It's been such a long time since I've written more than just a drabble for Final Fantasy 7. I hope that Vincent's still in character, and that I followed the prompt all right... ;w; Not just the prompt itself, but the fic trade theme, too...

Anyway, I'm sorry that this is a little late! I'm glad that I got the chance to post this tonight since there have been scary thunderstorms here lately. (And I'm not afraid of thunder/lightning at all...)

I hope that you like it, Vally~! ^_^

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Da da da da DA DA da da daaa!

Tap. Tap.

The entire room was silent, but then...

Da da da da DA DA da da daaa!

His eyes narrowed in vexation. If looks could kill, the entire counter in front of him would have probably caught on fire since the current subject of his crimson gaze was currently on top of it.

No, it wasn't a bug that wouldn't leave him alone. He would have been able to take care of that easily. Besides, bugs don't make noises that imitate the Victory Fanfare... as far as you knew, anyway. That noise actually came from a tiny device in front of the room's only other occupant aside from you.

Vincent was the first and only person that you saw when you walked into 7th Heaven. It was a rather pleasant surprise seeing as how he rarely dropped by, but in truth, you weren't surprised at all since Yuffie had told you that he would be there.

Guess whose number I got! ;) I'll give you a hint: he's at 7th Heaven!” She had messaged you prior to your arrival. You really should have known who she was referring to since there was only one person that she would provoke you with as she did, and that person was none other than Vincent Valentine.

Yuffie had teased you when she first introduced you to Vincent since he wasn't like anyone that you had ever met before. He not only dressed differently, but he acted differently as well... and it intrigued you. The air of mystery that accompanied his presence just drew you in, but upon seeing him for the first time, you couldn't stop gawking staring at him while he would stare back silently. You didn't find it awkward at all to be caught staring, but what really made you blush was the fact that Yuffie had joked that it was like “love at first sight” since the two of you kept stealing glances at each other.

Despite how embarrassing that was, all went well since the two of you became great friends.

You greeted him as you sat down on the seat beside him, to which he responded with a slight nod. It was a rather stiff movement, you noticed, and saw that he wouldn't take his eyes off of the gadget that he was tinkering with.

“A cell phone?” You asked him, and the screen lit up before the Fanfare began to play again. “Is it yours?”

He tapped the touch screen a couple of times, effectively cutting off the rest of the sound. He discovered that he could stop the rest of the notification noise if he tapped the screen, but it didn't stop it from repeating when another message arrived.

“I bought it this morning,” Vincent replied. His eyebrows furrowed as he glared at the phone.

You blinked a couple of times in confusion. For someone that just got a new, cool-looking phone, he didn't seem very happy about it...

The phone suddenly lit up, and once again, he tapped the screen once so that the noise wouldn't play.

As if he knew what you were thinking, Vincent looked at you from his peripheral vision and began to explain the story behind the phone.

After being called out by Marlene about not having a cell phone during the Remnant incident, he decided that it would be best to have one just in case his friends needed to get a hold of him. He admitted that he wasn't exactly tech-savvy to both you and the lady that was working at the store, which was why he didn't want to buy the type of phone that he ended up getting — that being one of the most recent models. They all had fancy touch screens, or slid open to reveal a fancy keyboard with small buttons, or flipped in awkward directions. They were all fragile-looking, and that wouldn't have been the right type of phone for him, and you agreed. You knew what Vincent, Yuffie, and their other friends did, and the latest phones probably weren't durable enough during their journeys and battles.

The lady at the store obviously didn't know him as well as you did. “But if you're looking to buy a phone, then one of our latest models will definitely keep you up to date with your friends! That is why you're getting one in the first place, am I right?” Vincent quoted her word for word, but failed to mimic the enthusiasm that she had. While she was indeed correct, she completely misunderstood as she went on about there being plenty of social networking apps, instant messaging apps, and then text messaging features — none of which he really understood. What he did know, however, was that the easiest way to escape her was to choose a phone quickly, and that's why he ended up with a phone that he didn't quite know how to use.

After his little shopping excursion, he ended up going to 7th Heaven where the others were. They were able to help him a little with his phone problem after playing around with it, but the only thing that they were really able to help him out with was how to manage his contacts. It didn't take very long before they dispersed, either from giving up or because they had other business to attend to. He had exchanged phone numbers with them before they all left, though, but he was a little reluctant to add Yuffie's number...

Right on cue, the Fanfare startled the two of you (or at least, it made you jump slightly in your seat after listening to Vincent's story), and he immediately cut it off. He averted his eyes to his phone as his face hardened with another glare.

“Yuffie has been sending me messages ever since then,” he said without taking his eyes off of the screen. He had one hand ready on the table just in case another message arrived. “Although she knows that I don't know how to respond, it seems that she's expecting me to send her a reply...”

“I see,” you reply with a nod. “So that's why your phone's always telling you that you've received a new message.”

“Yes. I've been trying to figure out how to turn the noise off entirely, or at least lower the volume.”

So she wasn't joking about getting his number after all. Although you wouldn't admit it out loud, you were a little jealous... although you were friends with him, you definitely weren't as close to him as Yuffie and the others were. You doubted that Vincent would just give you his phone number because of that. It's not like he would need to call or text you for help, and asking him for his number might have given him the impression that you would text him frequently like Yuffie was doing.

The screen lit up again, but Vincent immediately took care of it. Despite how frustrated he must be, he was surprisingly gentle with the touch screen. The look on his eyes said otherwise, though... or perhaps the anger in them was because of Yuffie and not the phone itself?

Your eyes wandered to where your thoughts were heading as they landed on his phone. It looked strangely familiar, but you couldn't quite place your finger on the exact reason why... could it have been one of the models that you've seen on advertisements? It wouldn't have surprised you if that was the reason since the latest things in technology were often showcased.

That's when it hit you.

You pulled out your own phone from your pocket and placed it beside Vincent's on the counter. The two of them looked almost identical, only his phone had a slimmer, sleeker look.

“Your phone must be the next version of mine,” you told him. “My phone isn't that old, though, so they probably work similarly...”

Vincent watched carefully as you held the two devices, one in each hand, and compared them. Sure enough, their screens and buttons were very similar. You decided to test the two volume buttons on their sides until they were both on silent mode.

“There you go,” a triumphant smile lit your face as you placed them in front of you. “Now it won't play any sounds unless you increase the volume. I'll put my phone's volume back up, though. You see, there are these two buttons here on the side, one to increase and one to decrease volume, so you can change it.” You pointed to a little icon on the top bar of his screen that looked like a megaphone with a slash through it. “See this? It lets you know how loud your volume is. Right now, your sounds are off.”

He leaned closer as you continued to explain how his phone worked. It turned out that his phone was basically the same as yours, only his was physically smaller, lighter, and his operating system was a little more advanced.

Once you were finished, you observed as he sent his first text message — a long-awaited reply to Yuffie, who continued to send him messages throughout your explanation. You decided not to look at what he was sending. After all, you wouldn't really want others to see what you sent to your contacts since it wasn't very polite.

After finally taking care of that, you continued to show him around through the phone's other features such as its many apps. As you were scrolling through which ones were already installed on his phone, a certain shortcut icon caught your eye.

“Oh, here's a good one,” you said as you tapped it with your finger. “I've been hearing about this for a while. It's a really popular game that a lot of people have been playing recently, but I haven't been able to try it yet since I need to upgrade my phone to get it. They say that it's really addicting...”

As you began to play it, you then realized that he might not have been the type of person to play silly mobile games, and immediately pressed the menu button in order to pause the gameplay.

“But,” you began with a nervous chuckle, “you might not be interested in these games, so I can show you the other apps instead.”

When you looked back up at Vincent, you saw that he wasn't paying attention to the game at all. In fact, he wasn't even looking at his phone. He was watching you like he was on the very first day that you met him. It was a little different this time, though. Rather than standing with Yuffie by your side, the two of you were sitting close to each other, and the distance from before had shrunk since it was difficult to focus on a tiny screen from where the seats were regularly positioned.

You stared back at him with wide eyes, jaw slackening a little as you had the urge to say something. However, no words left your mouth. You couldn't really think of anything to say, and he wasn't saying anything either. You began to feel your face getting warmer with a blush. The close proximity, his smouldering crimson eyes, and the silence were making it darken by the second.

“You can keep playing.” Vincent finally broke the silence after a minute, but it seemed much longer than that to you. He also broke eye contact as he looked down at your phone sitting in front of you. “Would it be all right if I look at your phone as you have mine?”

“Sure.” Since his eyes were no longer on you, you were finally able to tear your own gaze away from him. But even when you resumed the game, you couldn't get the image of him staring intensely at you out of your head. Although you knew that he would be occupied with playing around on your phone, you glanced at him every once in a while to see if he was staring at you again.

It was a silly thought. Maybe you were just being paranoid, or perhaps you were secretly hoping that he would be staring at you again. It felt a little embarrassing to wish for such things, but it made your heart beat faster whenever you were looking at each other. And since you didn't see him as often as you wanted, those moments seldom came along... you wanted to change that, but how?

You looked at the game's menu screen and decided to quit. Although it really was fun and addicting as they said it was, you didn't want to hold on to Vincent's phone forever. Just as you were about to give it back to him, an idea came to mind when you saw the icon for his contacts.

Before you decided to open it, you looked at him from the corner of your eye and saw that he was still looking through your apps. You felt kind of bad for going through the list (even though it was composed of mutual friends), but you knew that it was probably the only chance that you'd have to do it.

You entered your name and number in his contacts list as discreetly as possible. You were grateful that his phone was already on silent mode so that it wouldn't have made any confirmation noises. Once you were finished, you went back to the game and its menu before returning his phone.

“Thanks for letting me play, Vincent.” You smiled at him thankfully as you tried not to let your nervousness show. Technically, you weren't lying though, right?

“Anytime.” To your surprise, he returned the gesture with a small smile of his own. He then set your phone back down in front of you. “Thank you for letting me play with your phone as well.”

“N-no problem.” You cursed inwardly for stuttering. “I have to get going now... it was nice to see you again.”

“You too.” With a nod, he returned to his regular, expressionless disposition. It was definitely nice to see him smile every now and then, regardless of how brief those moments were.

You slid your phone in your pocket before rising from your seat. Your legs felt strange when you walked towards the entrance, but it was unlikely from sitting down for a long time. On the way there, you tried not to look over your shoulder to see if he was watching you, but you failed when you glanced at him one more time before finally leaving the building.

You weren't sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing that he wasn't looking back. He was preoccupied with something on his phone. Nevertheless, you smiled to yourself since you managed to help him out.

The sounds of Edge's citizens greeted your ears as you emerged into the streets. There were children laughing as they ran through the streets, neighbours talking, as well as cars passing by. Everything was so loud compared to the noise level of your previous location that you were tempted to cover your ears. But just as you were about to do so, a familiar notification noise caught your attention.

You took your phone out from your pocket and saw that you received a new text message. When you read who it was from, you almost dropped the device in astonishment.

Sender: Vincent Valentine

Message: Thank you for giving me your number.

There was only one way that his name could have been displayed with that message, and your face lit up as you wrote a reply:

And thank you for giving me yours. :)

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