"Romancing the Sword" by Bleu Wales

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Also...Reader-tan in this is...very...bipolar? I don't want to use that word, because I know that's not it (and I don't mean to insult anyone), but she just...

Okay, so around regular people doing regular things, she's normally a bit strange and a bit abrasive (as you'll see in the next chapter). However, she's also somewhat of a prude, so attractive people (or unattractive, doesn't really matter) doing even mildly sexual things freaks her out and makes her very shy - as does being in a new setting around new people. Also, those who are dumb or pass immediately through her "acquaintance" category and into her "friend" category - aka, Luffy, on both counts - she's rude and mockingly sweet towards. Those she counts as regular friends usually receive her typical weirdness, although this Reader-tan is more down-to-Earth than some of my other versions...*sweatdrops*


With that long, probably unnecessary, and confusing explanation out of the way, let's proceed.

Bleu listened to Through the Night by Grum while writing this.

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece.
“I’m just not ready for that kind of commitment…”

Every time. Every time you thought it was real.

“We’re too young for that sort of thing.”

Every time you felt he was special. That he was the one.

“I’m a free spirit. I just go where the wind takes me.”

Every time you were wrong. He was wrong.

“Maybe we’re better off being just friends.”

Fuck that shit.

You flick the cigarette butt out the window as you exit onto the on-ramp. A warm glow reaches up over the dark horizon, the bright lights of a city in the distance, and you let a smile tug your lips. The bag in the back of your car slides when you take a sharp right turn.

There had to be something special about living life without any inhibitions like love. All those shallow-hearted bastards couldn’t be wrong. As you pull onto the outrageously-packed interstate, an excited feeling flutters in your chest, seeing the towering skyscrapers and radio towers piercing the night sky.

Who cares if your boss is pissed at you for quitting on the spot? So what if you sold everything but the clothes in your duffel bag? It doesn’t matter that you ditched all your friends back in Loguetown.

Fuck that shit.

You’re going to find out why everyone’s running away to Grand Line City.

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