"Words of the Wise" by Crys-chan

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Crys: This is all DragonSilk's and Prophet Lexicon's fault. Blame them. (Or thank, whichever.)

Mokuba: Hi!

Crys: Hi...

Mokuba: She doesn't own you, Yu-Gi-Oh! or its characters! And she had help with all of these morals! Have fun.

Crys: Yes... have fun.

Opening song: 화이트 (White) by Pink Dolls
Words of the Wise
Moral I: Love letters will never be read.

It's one of the more obvious things when it came to Seto Kaiba. Why some people failed to notice this was beyond your comprehension. You sighed as you watched from your place at your locker. The CEO of his own corporation was hurriedly making his way down the hall so that he could make a meeting he had in fifteen minutes. He looked irate, which he generally always did, actually, and everyone in his path moved out of his way.

That is, except for one lone, stupid, girl.

Instead, she moved right in front of Kaiba which caused him to stop and send her the nastiest glare he could muster up. Everyone in the hallway ducked into the nearest classroom. They didn't want to see the carnage that was about to occur.

You sighed and continued to watch out of morbid curiousity. The perky blonde held out a letter to the tall man. It was in a pink envelope and, even from where you stood, you could smell the scent of perfume from it. You almost gagged at how strong it was. Kaiba stared at the envelope in disgust. He sighed and grabbed the letter from her, eyeing it as the girl's eyes shone with hope. You blinked.

What was he up to?

In that instant, the letter was ripped in half and tossed to the ground. He stepped on the remains for good measure and pushed his way past the shocked girl.

"I don't have time for this nonsense."

And with that, he left the girl who was on the verge of tears behind. She knelt to the ground and gathered the letter before running off down the hall and into the nearest restroom. You shook your head slowly and pulled out a small notebook, writing something down into it.

Kaiba hates love letters.

Ending song: The Shadow by BoA

Crys: ... There you go. Kaiba hates them. Never send them. Ever.

Mokuba: He gets too many as it is.

Crys: Yes. See you next chapter!

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