"Persona 3 Portable Poems" by Konekochan07

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Yeah... >.>' So, I liked Pharos/Ryoji. And I think I liked Pharos more than Ryoji, but that could have been because Pharos was a mystery and Ryoji was just a grown up Pharos. Anyways...enjoy! Or don't...either way.

Those bright blue eyes stare at me and watch me through the night.

But still I have a feeling that something is not right.

Those bright blue eyes stare at me and talk in riddles too.

And still they make me wonder what it is that I should do.

Those bright blue eyes stare at me and warn me of "The Fall".

But still I have this feeling that I'm bringing about it all.

Those bright blue eyes stare at me and smile and call me friend.

And though no one else can see him, I know he's not pretend.

Those bright blue eyes stare at me one last time with morose.

And I know I shall never again see my dear, sweet, little Pharos.

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