"You're Serious, Aren't You?" by Leviathan Marionette

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Well, this is my tribute to Aomine! What can I say? He's just my type of guy, so I just HAD to write something! Also, the rating is for later chapters, so hold tight!

Dislaimer: I dont own anything from Kuroko no Basket. :(
“(Name)-san,” your new teacher pointed to an empty seat next to a rather bored looking boy. “Your seat is next to Aomine-kun.”

Said boy looked up at you, and you felt the intensity and aggressiveness behind his seemingly passive stare. Suddenly, you didn’t want to sit next to him.

Reluctantly, you took your seat, grateful for the single desks. The guy was radiating overconfidence and smugness. He was beginning to annoy you, and all he’d done was look at you. No greeting came from him, and you said nothing to each other for the rest of the school day.

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