"Assumptions" by Bleu Wales

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Okay, so, this actually happened to my cousin Quinten a few days ago - just the part where he saw her and immediately assumed and ran around his house screaming the same thing. It inspired me for this and I thought, "Who better to play this role than Sora?!", it might be because I'm on a Sora binge right now. HE'S JUST SOOOOO CUUUUUTEEEEEE :3

So yeah. Here's this thing, written up in about fifteen minutes. It's a bit on the crappy side, but...OH WELL. DEAL.


...and enjoy. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts.

P.S. In this, you are, like twenty-five and Sora is twenty-six. Or somewhere around there. :D Also, is okay to rate this "Youth"? I don't think there's anything bad in it. Please tell me if you think I should up the rating for some reason.

The door opens and closes, shutting off the sound of waves rolling in down the way from your home on Destiny Islands. A salty breeze blows in the open kitchen window and he breathes in deeply, inhaling the scent before smiling and announcing his presence. He had another great day at work and can’t wait to tell you about the hilariousness that ensued.

However, no response comes when one normally would, so he quickly slips off his shoes. Shuffling into the living room, he expects to find you lazing on the couch playing video games and eating leftovers as you usually do when you return from work. But no one is there. The TV is cold, as if it were never even turned on, and the couch cushions are all still located on said couch. Weird. Perhaps you’re working overtime? Or you’ve gone out grocery shopping on your way back?

He walks over to the answering machine to check for any messages you might have left, but finds none. Not even a scrap of paper telling of any post-work plans. Immediately, he begins to panic. Never in your four years of marriage have you forgotten to fill him in on your daily schedule. It’s a daily morning tradition that you make sure he knows exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going - just so he won’t freak out like he is now.

“(Name),” Sora calls, checking the empty half bath on his way upstairs.

It doesn’t take him long to check the office, guest bedroom, and master bedroom of your modest home. He eventually finds himself standing in front of the attached master bath, breathing a sigh of relief when he sees light streaming in from under the door. He knocks, knowing how you like your privacy.

“(Name), are you okay?” he asks through the door. “I thought you weren’t home and got worried.”

There’s no answer. Oh, no. What if you just left the light on and aren’t actually in there and you’re really missing?! Sora turns the knob and thrusts open the door without any hesitation. And then he stops. His muscles freeze. His heart very nearly stops. His eyes are glued to your hands.

Or, more correctly, the pregnancy test resting in your hands.

You raise your head to look at him, a puzzled expression over your features, and you remove one of the headphones from your ear. “Oh, hey, Sora. I didn’t hear you come home.”

There’s silence as you wait for him to say something. He does not. Just continues to stare, mouth agape, attempting to process the scene in front of him.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he backs out of the bathroom, closing the door as he goes, until he’s standing back in his bedroom staring at the door. Then, he calmly walks out of the room and down the stairs, stopping at the door to put his shoes on. By this time, you’ve followed him to the bottom landing, watching his actions curiously - and slightly fearfully.

Once both shoes are secured onto his feet, he opens the front door, steps outside and breathes in deeply.

“I’M GONNA BE A DADDY!” he yells at the top of his lungs, and breaks out into a mad sprint down the street. “I’M GONNA BE A DADDY!”

You facepalm, quickly recovering and moving to lean out of the doorway. “Sora! It’s negative! I’m not even pregnant!”

Your husband doesn’t hear you, though, as he is currently having a “Singing in the Rain” moment while he hangs from a lamppost singing as if you don’t have neighbors and he’s not making a total idiot out of himself. Laughing slightly, you lean back on the doorframe and watch his little show, content to let him have his delusions for a little while longer.

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