"One-Shot: A Dangerous Mind" by BonitaWolfSpirit

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Disclaimer: I own nothing that you recognize, nor do I own the song A Dangerous Mind by Within Temptation.

BWS: Jeeze, I shouldn't bother with schedule's because I obviously can't keep to them very well XDD Sorries ^.^ I AM trying my best, but now that I work mornings, it's really kicking my butt. But I graduated (THANK GOD!!), so school's over until I go to college in September. My graduation party is tomorrow (6/22) and my birthday was today (6/21), so I figured I'd give all my readers a present...or two ^.^ IF (and that's a big if) I can type up something for you all. I'm not sure which story or if it'll be a one-shot, but I'll try. And if not, I'll try to get it in last minute before I go set up for my graduation party tomorrow ^.^ Well, I hope you enjoy the one-shot! ^.^

Idea Created On: March 31, 2007
Chapter Started On: April 9, 2007
Chapter Ended On: April 10, 2007
A Dangerous Mind

You honestly didn’t know why your uncle had you work at the BullsEye Bar with him; despite the fact that he was blind, he took care of customers perfectly well. In fact, he was fixing your mistakes more often than not. And the customers! Oh goddess, the customers! And that man Enzo! Sometimes you just wanted to crawl in a hole and die with the things they said to you. Your uncle thought it was hilarious. That was until his old friend Enzo wanted to recruit you as a stripper for Love Planet. He had promptly found a butcher knife in his face, and not from you, for once, either.

A couple of schoolgirls around your age came in one night a week to shoot pool, also. Other than those three, there were very few regulars worth mentioning. New customers came in all the time, leaving you with more drunken perverts to worry about on your way home, when your shift ended at half-past midnight.

Name,” your uncle started, not stopping in his task of cleaning a glass, “I want you to be careful on your way home tonight.”

You nearly gagged on the water you were drinking. “What?!” You snapped. “Oh, so NOW you suddenly care about all the crazies that come in here and hit on me and try to follow me home?!”

“I’ve always cared,” he said with a slight snap, turning his head slightly to look over his shoulder at you, assuming he wasn’t blind. “It’s just the crazies that roam the streets that worry me. The one that killed a group of thugs the other night.”

“…what? And you’re telling me this now?!” At your yelp, a customer entered the bar, both you and your uncle turning your heads towards the doors. A man in a long, blood-red trench coat strode in, a large sword on his back. He wore green, cargo-like pants and black boots, his booted feet thudding across the wooden floors of the medium-sized bar. His chest was bare, the strap for the holster on his back somewhat loose across his muscled chest. His body was toned, that much you could see, and looking up at his face met you with shaggy, platinum hair that hung to his neck, bangs hanging in hardened pale-blue eyes.

My goddess, he’s gorgeous,’ you thought as your uncle said a cheery “Welcome!”

“Nice tunes,” the man commented. His voice sent pleasant tingles down your spine. He seemed very likeable, but you had a reputation to keep at this bar. It was a known fact to regulars that if they so much as looked at you, they risked the chance of getting their head chopped off.

“S’called ‘Let’s Rock’. If you’re just here for the music, leave. If not, get a drink,” you snapped as he sat down. Yes, you could be a bitch when you wanted to.

“Feisty,” he said back with a smirk, placing an arm on the table.

“Name,” your uncle snapped lightly as you went to snap back a retort. You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest and pouting lightly. The platinum-haired man snickered.

“Nice place. Got a special service for your regulars?”

“Yeah, booting your ass out the door,” you snapped. ‘Though that might change for you, ’ you thought. Hey, he was a nice piece of eye candy!

The man looked at you, one eyebrow raised. “Jeeze, that doesn’t sound like a great special. Got any specials that involve you?”

“Just try me; you’ll find a butcher knife in your face.

“Really feisty,” he muttered. “I can get real feisty too, if you know what I mean,” he said with a playfully, suggestive wink. Your uncle quickly intervened, placing a bottle of tomato juice in front of the customer before you could leap over the counter and try to strangle the man.

“This here is a trade. When you’re in the business long enough, you get a certain feel for these things,” your uncle told the man, putting the glass he was cleaning away.

“A feel, huh?” the man said, grabbing the bottle and studying your uncle.

“Yeah, a feel,” you snapped. Your uncle turned to you slightly, shaking his head in exasperation. “I ain’t doing it. It’s your turn,” you stated. Sometimes, you and your uncle would take turns in reading people. Your uncle was better at it anyways; you felt that this man would be likeable if he didn’t seem so…dangerous. There was just a wild look about him, and the guns in holsters at his back (that you spotted when he sat down) and the sword furthered that he wasn’t someone to take lightly. Oddly enough, all this drew you to him, when it should have been steering you away.

“Shall I?” your uncle asked the man, and he nodded lightly. “Right. Seems to me like lead bullets would suit you better.”

“That a feeling too?”

“Anyone can tell just by looking at you,” came your uncle’s reply. Honestly, sometimes you thought the old man wore bandages over his eyes to throw people off. You sure as hell didn’t know. You lived a few houses down from him, and every time you see him, the bandages are always on.

“Have you heard what they’re saying?” your uncle started. “There’s a guy around these parts that sliced up people just like tomatoes,” he finished as he grabbed said vegetable and a knife. You yelped.

“What?! And you’re telling me now?!” During your small outburst, your uncle sliced up the tomato in the blink of an eye.

“Those are some fine slices,” the blue-eyed man said with a smirk, taking a sip of his drink. “You could be in a shredding contest.”

“That punk sliced them up finer,” your uncle said, turning to make an Italian-styled pizza. “My business is letting people come home and have a friendly drink with God, but–” You blinked, tilting your head to the side, curious at your uncle’s words. What was he getting at? Wait…Enzo said he got jobs for some kid mercenary….

You yelped again, pointing a finger at the platinum-haired teen.

“You’re Dante!” Your response was a raised eyebrow and your uncle’s rambling.

“Enzo’s an old acquaintance of mine. I try to make my pizza the real Italian way. You like that?” he asked, placing the pizza in front of a now revealed Dante.

“Yeah…and some tomato juice.”

“With that huge sword and those guns, even the slicer punk would have been no problem for you,” your uncle continued. Oh, you knew where this was going. Your uncle was a sneaky one, yes he was.

“If it was work, yeah,” Dante replied simply, taking a slice of pizza.

“That’s part of your job, isn’t it? That kind of service?” your uncle asked, placing his elbows on the bar and folding his arms. You were nearly jumping excitedly behind him. Was he seriously going to try and get you a bodyguard so you could walk home tonight without worrying you’d be killed?

“Better if you asked about that down at the strip club–get more out of it. I just borrowed an office, anyhow. Can’t take anyone out for you,” Dante said as he went to take a bit of the slice of pizza he held. He soon found it snatched out of his grasp, along with the rest of the pizza, by a glaring you, nonetheless. Your uncle took it from you as you placed your hands on your hips, eye color eyes narrowed in a glare.

“I heard the upstairs of the strip club is a total mess,” you snapped.

“Heard it from the man who demolished it himself,” your uncle added cheerily.

“Horrible accident, that was,” Dante replied half-heartedly, sulking over the loss of the pizza. All your attentions turned to the double doors of the bar, where a screaming Enzo crashed through, falling on his face and knocking over tables and chairs as he slid on the floor, latching onto Dante’s bar stool.

“DANNNTE!!! Ow ow ow oww! Who the hell put sand all over the floor?!” You fumed, coming out from behind the bar as your uncle shook his head, muttering an “Idiot!”


“Dante!!” the tubby man shouted at the same time you screamed the dark-haired man’s name.

“Yo, Enzo,” Dante said as he turned sideways on the stool.

“I thought you never copped out at the last second?!” Enzo yelped, getting up halfway and scrambling away from a furious you.

“Huh? Sign just says that I won’t be taking any jobs for a while,” Dante replied calmly to Enzo while looking you up and down. You caught him checking you out now that you were out from behind the counter, and you fought down the heat that threatened to rise to your cheeks.

“C’mon, please?!” Enzo begged, clasping his hand together as he sat on his knees, squeezing his eyes shut. “The client’s a Chinese guy! He’s gonna make sweet and sour pork outta me!”

“He’d be doing me a favor,” you muttered, Dante holding back a snicker.

“There’s no way I can send anyone but you!” Dante leaned back slightly, giving you a perfect view of his sculpted body, and you tried not to openly drool. Thankfully, he took no notice.

“It’s not that I hate Chinese food, but an acquaintance of mine’s been coming around,” Dante explained, taking and eating a slice of pizza. Apparently, your uncle was still holding it while leaning against the counter near Dante. “Get someone else to do it this time.”

“You know somebody?! Is it that blonde babe?!” Enzo shouted, only to have Dante’s knee smash into his face as said man turned. You, your uncle, and Dante ignored him.

“That’s serious. Is it a man?” your uncle asked as Dante finished the slice of pizza.

“In any case,” Dante started, dismissing them both, “that’s not a big deal.” He turned towards Enzo fully, standing. “Good luck working on your diet if you don’t wanna be turned into pork.” That said, Dante strode towards the door.

“Dante!!” Enzo yelped, using Dante’s vacant stool to lift himself off the floor. “How long should I wait?! You coming back?!” The platinum-haired teen merely waved, looking over his shoulder slightly, before walking out the door. “Dammit! Devil!” Enzo shouted after him.


You had left shortly after Dante poked his head back in to yell at Enzo to fix his office. So now you were walking home, alone, and paranoid that someone was going to jump out and kill you. You really needed to invest in a vehicle….

~I’m searching for answers
‘Cause something’s not right
I follow the signs
I’m close to the fire

But something was bothering you. It was true about what your uncle told Dante about the feeling. And you got the feeling that there was more to Dante than what met the eye. That was further proven by Enzo’s comment. He called him a “devil”. You jumped at the noise to your left, panicked eye color eyes darting over to the alleyway across the street from you. You gasped when you saw something move in the darkness. You were getting a bad feeling about tonight…and it really didn’t help that the moon was blood red and bloated-looking. You whimpered as you began to walk faster, before you broke into a full-out run at the sound of an inhuman groan. You knew the sound for what it was — a demon. When you were younger, people used to laugh because you believed in demons. The only two who never laughed were your uncle and Enzo. They knew, just as well as you did, that demons existed.

~I fear that soon you’ll reveal
Your dangerous mind

You let out a short scream as a skeletal demon jumped in front of you, it’s back hunched, a tattered black cloak over its form. A scythe was in its hands, and with a groan it raised it high above its head. You shrieked, darting down the alley it came from. Which soon proved to be a bad idea, when you found it to be a dead end.

“Shit,” you cursed, looking for any way out. You turned at the inhuman groans and screeches, pressing your back flat against the wall. Several demons made their way towards you, all holding sharp scythes that that you were sure could slice you to pieces. You watched as they came closer, the one in front swiping at you with its scythe. You screamed loudly, jumping away from the blade and into the corner of the alley, cowering. Great, you HAD to go get yourself stuck in the corner. You screamed again as something suddenly dropped down in front of you, crouching, before standing up straight. You saw a familiar flash of platinum as the figure stood, before the one voice you would probably never forget spoke.

“I didn’t even agree to it, but I guess I still gotta protect you, huh babe?”

“Dante!” He turned to look at you over his shoulder, a playful smirk on his face. But what you saw in his eyes scared you; pure bloodlust.

“You owe me for this, babe,” he said, complete with playful and suggestive wink, before jumping into the fray of demons, wielding his huge sword.

~It’s in your eyes, what’s on your mind
I fear your smile and the promise inside
It’s in your eyes, what’s on your mind
I fear your presence, I’m frozen inside

You stood up slowly, your eye color eyes wide. He moved so quickly, keeping up with the demons easily. You stepped forward slightly, your back leaving the brick wall. The moonlight lit up half the alley, casting an eerie red glow all around the opposite of where you were standing. And if it weren’t for that, you never would have seen the weird-shaped shadow fall across the alley wall opposite you. Even then, the humming noise that followed afterwards gave away the presence of something.

“Dante, the roof!” you shouted, just as several arrows shrouded in a blue-white light flew down, some landing in front of you, others piercing demons, and a particularly large one piercing through Dante’s shoulder, going clean through and into the ground. He grunted and you ran over to him, stopping next to him.

“Get behind me,” he snapped agitatedly, “unless you want to be impaled on a scythe.”

“Uh, no, but you better take out whatever’s on the roof,” you snapped back, hearing the humming again. “And I mean, like, now, unless you want another hole in y–huh?” You stopped short when he handed you a gun.

“Shoot it while I take care of these bastards,” Dante told you as he started swiping at the remaining demons. You bit your lip, looking up at the roof of the building to your right, spotting a large eye on legs with several arms standing at the ledge and staring down at you. You lifted the silver gun, holding it in both hands and aiming, firing soon after. Both you and the demon stumbled back a step, you from the recoil of the gun, the demon from being hit, the attack it was getting ready to fire effectively being stopped.

“Hit it a couple more times!” you heard Dante yell at you. “Hit it as quick as you can!”

“I’m not Speedy Gonzales like you, buddy,” you snapped, firing off several more shots and holding your ground the best you could, your arms shaking from the recoil of the gun. The demon let out an inhuman wail, before limply falling off the roof and shattering to pieces in front of you, just as Dante finished off the last demon on the ground. You turned quickly, going over to where Dante now stood and handing the gun back to him, before slipping a hand under his coat, your fingers brushing over his strong chest as they traveled to his shoulder.

“Oooh, I love a fast woman,” Dante said provocatively, giving you a playful grin. You merely glared, not about to tell him you would be a fast woman for him, when you suddenly tilted your head to the side in curiosity.

“There’s no wound…” you trailed off, looking up at him as you removed your hand.

~I’m searching for answers
Not questioned before
The curse of awareness
There’s no piece of mind
As your true colors show
A dangerous sign

His face was unreadable, but his eyes still held a slight bloodlust, and hunger. Enzo calling him a devil briefly crossed your mind, and then it clicked. So the legends were true….

“You’re not everything you seem, huh?” you asked with a slight smirk. A smirk crossed his own features.

“Wanna find out?” he asked suggestively, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you tight against him. You gasped, your chests pressed close together with your hands on his arms, feeling the muscles tighten under the red leather of his coat. You looked up at him again, eye color meeting cold, pale blue.

~It’s in your eyes, what’s on your mind
I see the truth that you’ve buried inside
It’s in your eyes, what’s on your mind
There is no mercy just anger I find

“I won’t asked what happened; it’s none of my business. I just want to know why you hate demons so much when your half one yourself. Is it family related?” you asked, remembering how he fought with the demons somewhat brutally. His grip on you slacked somewhat as his eyes went wide at your question and your correct guess, before they narrowed into a light glare, anger creeping into them.

“Yeah. It’s family related.” You nodded lightly, suppressing a shiver from his cold, hardened tone. You squirmed out of his grasp, trotting to the end of the alley and looking up at the sky. His booted feet alerted you that he was following. As soon as he stopped next to you, you both looked down at the chink sound you both heard, finding it to be the blood-red amulet Dante wore.

“Shit,” he muttered, crouching to pick it up, but you beat him to it. “Hey!”

“I can fix his,” you said, inspecting it. “The link snapped, see?” you continued, showing him. “All I need is a pair of pliers.” You looked at him. “You still up for seeing me home?” He grinned.

“As long as I get something nice in return,” he said, an arm snaking around your waist. You flushed lightly, wriggling free once again and snapping at him.

“Yeah, your pendant being fixed!”

“Speaking of which,” he started, plucking it from your hands, “I’ll be holding onto that, thank you!”

“You have trust issues,” you muttered, walking towards your home.

“Is that a feeling?” he quipped, before continuing. “So do you.”

“Is THAT a feeling?” you snapped.

“No, it’s a fact, according to Enzo, who got it from your uncle.” You growled.

“Damn old man,” you muttered. Dante laughed, and you smiled lightly. You liked his laugh. You mentally slapped yourself after a moment. ‘You’ve only just met him and you’re already falling for him,’ you scolded yourself. ‘But he’s just soo…. He draws people to him. He’s that kind of guy. And…I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but, we really just clicked with each other at the bar.’ You remembered your uncle telling you, before you left, something along the lines of “You two warmed up to each other just nicely,” or something like that. Now you knew what he meant.

You arrived at your house a few minutes later, taking Dante inside and through the living room, and then into the kitchen. You opened a drawer at the end of the counter that you declared as “the junk drawer”, pulling out a pair of pliers and holding your hand out.

~I just have to know, while I still have time
Do I have to run, or hide away from you?

When he didn’t move, you raised an eyebrow. “Well? You gonna let me fix it?” He hesitated, reminding you of a little kid who was being scolded for something he shouldn’t have possession of, before finally handing it over rather reluctantly. You gently placed it on the countertop, taking the broken link and hooking the unbroken one on it, before taking the pliers and squeezing the broken link shut. You tugged on the chain, double-checking it, before scooping it up in both hands and handing it back to him.

“All done!” you chirped. He took it, placing it over his head, the amulet resting against his chest.

“Thanks. You sure it’s not gonna break again?”


“What if it does?”

“Then I’ll fix it again!” you snapped, not realizing he was getting closer to you.

“Right. So, where’s the rest of my reward?” The sudden change of subject threw you off.


“Fixing my amulet was one half. Where’s the other half, for protecting you?” he asked, his voice slightly low, sending shivers down your spine. He was so close to you now that you could feel the heat radiate off his body.

“I didn’t know they were two separate jobs, Mr. Dante,” you said softly, looking up at him. That hunger you saw in his eyes at the alley was back full force.

“Now you do,” he replied smartly. You laughed lightly.

~It’s in your eyes, what’s on your mind
I see the truth that you’ve buried inside
It’s in your eyes, what’s on your mind
There’s no mercy just anger I find

“Yeah, I guess so.” You then found his lips on your own, kissing you hungrily. You responded with equal vigor, gasping when he pulled you to him roughly, allowing him entrance into your mouth. You wrapped your arms around his neck as his tongue explored, his hands traveling down your waist and to your bare thighs, where he gripped them tightly and lifted you up onto the counter, pushing your legs apart so he could fit between them. After a several minutes, you broke apart for air, Dante trailing kisses down your neck, paying more attention to the dip where your neck and collarbone met.

“You leave a hickey on me, I swear I’ll–”

“Too late,” he muttered against your skin, sending a pleasant shiver down your spine. You slapped him lightly on the shoulder, glaring.

“Punk,” you snapped, a playful smile on your face. He smirked lightly.

“I’ll have to take a rain check on the rest of my reward–”

“Don’t you even think I’m gonna be some fling like the girls at Love Planet–”

“–‘Cause I got some business to take care of–”

“–I’m warning you, Dante–”

“–And whenever that’s done, I’m taking a nice, long, well-deserved vacation.”

“You screw me over I’ll never forgive you and hate you forever and ever,” you finished after Dante. He laughed.

“Didn’t you hear me, babe? I said I’m taking a vacation.”


“You’ll be coming with me.”

“…why?” He sighed, flicking you lightly in the forehead.

“‘Cause you know you want to,” he said with a grin. You laughed.

“Damn straight, after you tormented me at the bar, I deserve it!”

He snickered. Torment? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, babe.” And before you could even retort, he captured your lips in another hungry, passion-filled kiss.

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