"Home improvement with the GW boys" by Bobo-is-tha-bomb

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So... this is going to be our fourth fic in this series... That reminds me, I still have to post Christmas shopping with the GW boys on here. But that can wait until December.

Enjoy our craziness. Don't say we didn't warn you! ;)

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Home improvement with the GW boys

Wufei: “I’m so going to kill you both!”

Marloes: “Stop moaning and start walking!”

Wufei: “Through that?!?”

Kimberley: “It’s like a walk in the park!”

Duo hands him a machete. “Come on, Wu Wu… where is your adventurous side?”

Wufei turns back to the group and points to the enormously overgrown bush. “This is crazy!”

Heero smirks and holds up his own machete. “Just consider it a good work out.”

Kimberley: “Ooooh, you’re gonna take of your shirt?”

Heero: “Maybe…”

Marloes: “You tease.”

Kimberley eyes the bush. “How big is the chance of… snakes?”

Trowa: “Pretty big.”

Kimberley: “You’re going in first!”

Trowa: “Why?”

Kimberley: “Because you tame all the beasts.”

Trowa rolls his eyes and walks forward, starting to chop away on the bushes and plants surrounding their destination.

Duo goes to help him, and as the other guys join in a path slowly begins to form.

Duo: “This is kinda like Tarzan of the Apes.”

Marloes gives him a sly look. “Are you going to dress like him too?”

Duo: “Eh…”

Quatre: “I’m surprised you even know that story.”

Duo: “You’re library is quite extensive.”

Quatre: “Aah…”

Kimberley: “I’m kinda afraid of what we will find once we get to the house.”

Quatre: “Satellite footage showed that the house is still intact.”

Duo: “When was the last time someone visited this place?”

Quatre: “Twenty years ago.”

Wufei: “What a miserable mess… This place is gonna be a shack!”

Kimberley: “I doubt it. It probably needs a bit of paint and then it’s going to be paradise.”

Wufei: “Paradise is very far away from you!”

Kimberley nearly beheads him with her machete. Wufei is just lucky to duck in time for… a snake. The blond screams when she sees the huge boa constrictor and darts behind Trowa.

Trowa: “It’s just hanging there.”

Kimberley: “It’s huge! GET RID OF IT!”

Marloes: “It’s so cute! Can I keep it?”

Kimberley: “You crazy woman! Are you serious?”

Marloes: “Yes!”

Kimberley looks a Heero. “Quick. Take off your shirt and distract her.”

Heero: “No.”

Instead he grabs Marloes by the arm and drags her along with him. He continues chopping away at the bushes. Kimberley manages to get around the snake by using Trowa as a shield. The group continues on its way. It takes them about an hour to get to the large vacation house that the bushes were hiding.

Wufei scowls when he sees it. “A bit of paint, my ass! This is worse than I thought!”

Kimberley grins at him. “It’s gonna be fun. Come on, you never back down from a challenge, do you?”

She walks over to the door and opens it. The door creaks loudly, and the next moment the hinges break and the door tumbles into the house.

Kimberley: “Eh?”

Trowa: “I hope not all doors are in this condition.”

Quatre: “They should be fine.”

Marloes: “Always the optimistic, are you?”

Duo: “We should set up our camp. We’ll get to work in the morning.”

Trowa and Heero get to work to set up the large military tent they had brought along with them. They would rather not have a repeat of Wufei’s disastrous attempts to set up his tent last year. Duo focuses on building a fire, and Kimberley, Marloes, and Quatre busy themselves with dinner. And Wufei… he just sulks.

He thought that going to this place was a bad idea in the first place. The private island had not been visited for a very long time. And it turned out that he was right. The house was probably not safe to enter, and he was stuck with these two idiotic women again.

Why did he always end up having them drag him along every where?

(Hmm… good thinking Wu. You might have a soft spot for us after all!)

Kimberley: “So tomorrow we’ll get the supplies, right?”

Duo: “You might want to arrange a bulldozer as well to get rid of the bushes.”

Marloes: “Ooh, can I drive it?”

All the guys in unison: “NO!”

Marloes: “Why not? I’ve got my driver’s license for it!”

Kimberley: “You might accidently run over Wufei.”

Marloes: “And that’s a bad thing because?”

Kimberley: “We need someone to torture!”

Wufei: “I’m not deaf, you know?”

Marloes: “Love you too, Wu!”

And Wufei knew that this was going to be the worst vacation of his life…

- End part 1 -

Ehehehe... Until next time! XD

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