"In Sickness and in Health" by Bleu Wales

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So I was reading a RI fic wherein Levi takes care of Reader-tan while she's sick and I thought, " that really IC for Levi?" So, I experimented with it a bit and this is the result. :D Really, I just like breaking fanfic stereotypes. Like the FF hipster that I am.

Also, kudos to those who can spot the movie reference I slipped in!

Please enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan.

P.S. - I hope Levi's in character. I thought I could loosen him up a bit since Reader-tan is married to him and all; I hope it wasn't too much! OTL EDIT: lmao didn't notice I accidentally clicked the yuri tag when making this story? whoops!
The door to your bedroom opens and in saunters your superior-slash-husband. He looks as immaculate as ever, but the deep scowl on his face gives away his currently peeved state. Stomping over to the bed, he rips the sheets from between your fingers, looking down at your pitiful form, curled into the fetal position for protection.

You peel one eye open to look up at him.

"Hi, Levi," you croak out, sore throat and stuffed nose warping your voice to an almost unrecognizable degree. "Sorry I wasn't at the assembly this morning; I'm sick."

There's a slight pause as your beloved stares blankly at your watery eyes, red nose, and chapped lips. You reach over to the night stand while he's apparently distracted and grasp feebly at a tissue, blowing your nose rather loudly into it. The used paper is then discarded into the overflowing wastebasket by your bedside, bouncing off the top and rolling across the floor to join others like it.

Levi grimaces.


And with that, he gracelessly drops the sheets back onto your face, feverishly wiping his hands with a handkerchief on his way to the door. You poke your head out from beneath the coverings, looking severely insulted.

"Hey, aren't you going to stay and take care of me?" you ask in the most hurt tone you can procure.

Your husband turns, looking slightly green at the mere thought of staying in your ill presence any longer.

"No," he answers plainly, and makes to shut the door behind him.

You scoff as loud as you can. "I am your wife, Levi. You have to!"

"I don't remember that being on the job application," he says around the door.

Really, he looks ridiculous - as if he's using the wooden portal as a shield from your germs.

"'In sickness and in health'? Does that ring a bell?"

"Ah," he says, not sounding surprised in the least. Obviously, he realized you would argue this point beforehand. You have to wonder if this man just enjoys pushing your buttons. "Yes, but that only means I have to love you when you're sick. It doesn't mean I have to be near you."

However, you don't really pay attention to the rest of his argument, as now you're giggling madly, covering the lower half of your face with the sheets. Curious and a bit agitated because you know he finds the giggling adorable at the laughter that he doesn't find endearing in any manner, he steps back into the room slightly.

"What's so funny?" he inquires.

"You just admitted that you love me."


"You love me~!" you singsonged, wiggling around in bed. "You want to kiss me, you really like me~!"

Levi seems unimpressed by your shenanigans, though you can see the barely-repressed smirk trying to edge onto his otherwise emotionless countenance.

"You're just figuring this out now?" he replies.

His tone is reminiscent of ice, but the meaning of his words is not lost on you. Lifting your chin over the blankets, you pucker your lips out at him.

"Gimme a kiss," you demand, making silly smooching noises. Those noises quickly turn into congested coughs, making your husband automatically cringe and throw his handkerchief over his mouth. "Ugh...."

"I'll send someone to check up on you later," Levi says as he closes the door.

"Hey! What about my kiss?"

"Put it on my tab."


But he's already gone.

" have a kiss tab?! What happens if I ask for you to pay it off all at once?!"

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