"I Wonder" by Bleu Wales

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Been thinking about some old friends lately.

Sometimes I wonder,
"Where are you now?"
As I look at the space
Where you once belonged.

All your things are there
And I can look at them
And enjoy them
All over again.

Maybe if try
Hard enough,
I can pretend that
I'm seeing them for the first time.

Sometimes I wonder,
"What happened?
Why did you leave?"
I wish you hadn't.

We all have our reasons,
And I'm sure you do too,
But I'd like you to know
How much you taught me.

I admired you,
Strove to be like you,
In hopes of maybe
Someday impressing you.

Sometimes I wonder
"What would I be like
Without you?
If I'd never known you?"

And I realize
That's something
I can't
Even fathom.

Because without you
I could have
Become me.

And I love myself
just the way I am now,
Under the influence
Of you.

So, thank you
For helping me,
And if you're reading this now
Please know that

Sometimes I wonder,
"I hope you are happy now,
Wherever you are,
Whoever you're with."

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