"From the Top of the Pyramid" by Kumi

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It's 3AM and I have school in four hours. Fuck.

I just finished my ISU essay worth 15% of my final grade, and i wanted to just unwind. This was the result, since my other Haikyuu!! story was well-received. o w o

Please enjoy!

I think this is my first story rated for all. heh. u w u

The only sound in the room is the sound of buttons being slammed down upon.

That, and the shifting of fabric as you move around in an attempt to help your avatar out.

Neither you nor Kenma look up; both of you are engrossed in a player versus player game.

You break the silence first, shouting profanity at your handheld console as Kenma’s avatar throws a shell at you and pushes you off Rainbow Road.

Kenma’s silent, but not because of you. He listens as heavy footsteps grow louder, and you’ve just put your console down when Kuroo bursts through the door and throws a volleyball at you.

It hits you in the face before you can even react, and Kenma reaches over to pat you on the head almost instinctively.

“Kuroo!” you yell, eyes closed as you try to stop the watering.

You can hear him snicker and you automatically know that there is a giant, hideous red welt on your face where the ball hit you.

“Sorry,” he tells you teasingly, drawing out the ‘o’ for a good few seconds as he does.

The mattress shifts beneath Kuroo’s added weight, and you feel him lie on top of you as you grab onto Kenma and beg him to get your black-haired, long-limbed oppressor off.

Rather than feeling Kuroo’s weight being lifted off of you, Kenma sits himself on top of Kuroo’s back and goes back to his game, ignoring your cries for help. Whenever the three of you get together in someone’s room, it usually ends with a pyramid-like formation where either Kuroo or Kenma himself is lying on top of you.

Though you protest, you’re having fun; you always do.

Kuroo’s always grinning cheekily when he’s with you and Kenma, as though he has a secret up his sleeve that he will not divulge.

Kenma glances down and cannot help but feel thankful to have two good friends that spent most of their time with him.

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