"Black Sun" by Hikari Renge

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Because Judal wouldn't leave me alone and I felt like writing something. I do not expect this to be a very long story; probably like five drabbles/ chapters.

In any case, I LIVE!!! Working two jobs sucks, guys. Being an adult sucks. :'(

Disclaimer: I do not own Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic or any of its franchise. I just own this story. Please respect that!
You awoke to the sounds of birds chirping loudly outside the window.

Their chatter never ceased and only grew louder as the morning light began to seep into the bedroom and you groaned with displeasure, stretching idly beneath the warm covers.

Damn birds… you thought groggily, slowly lifting yourself up into a sitting position. You ran a hand through your hair, pushing back the knotted mess and blinked a few times before you finally noticed a few things.

One: you were very naked.

Two: your body was pretty sore, especially your legs.

Three: There was an equally naked person lying next to you.

You raised an eyebrow, wracking your muddled brain for just what happened last night and realization dawned on you just a moment later.

Oh yeah, this guy and I… you pouted a bit, shoulders slumping as you observed your apparent partner from last night.

His long black braid was still in place, though a few tufts had been pulled out when you had been fooling around, and it cascaded over the side of the bed that he slept closest to. He slept on his stomach, his lean body curling towards the center of the mattress and his pale skin was practically luminescent in the pre-dawn glow. You knew that in the proper daylight though, he would appear ashen and those long lashed eyes that were closed in sleep now would open to vibrant, malicious blood red.

You were pretty sure you didn’t want to be here when he woke up; your love-hate relationship wasn’t exactly the healthiest to have.

With a stealth that rivaled the ninjas of old, you slipped out of bed and gathered up your clothes, hastily tugging them on even as you made for the door. You cracked the door open and edged out of it, turning to close it behind you, when you reflexively glanced back at the person still in bed.

And a single red eye was watching you leave.

You hesitated, and then quickly shut the door.

Whatever, it wasn’t like this hasn’t happened before.

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