"Thoughts in the Dark" by Jozerr

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Here I am with another poem! I haven't written anything fanfiction-related material in a while. As stated in the summary, I wrote this poem for the May 2015 "Vivacious, Victorious, Vital Villains" Challenge, and it is written from the perspective of Light, right after he dies. In other words, he is relating his thoughts on his present experience with death. I hope you all enjoy! And if not, feel free to leave me some feedback on how to improve. Feedback is always welcome =)
That is how I feel right now,
like I am floating through oblivion, or
nothingness, or maybe
an abyss of bittersweet bliss.
I do not know.

How can I know?
I cannot even open my eyes,
feel my limbs,
smell my breath,
hear my heartbeat–
absolutely nothing.

Funny, though, how I
can still hear my thoughts
so clearly and
watch my memories play
through my mind.

I remember.
Bodies dropping,
fear and terror etched
onto irises devoid of

Funny how deathly spirits
are how this all started.
And I, self-proclaimed
Death God among men,
am now not-so dearly departed
from the world I tried to burn.

What awaits me?
Am I cursed to float endlessly
as a weightless entity
for eternity?
Is this my punishment for playing
with powers not meant for what
were once my hands?

I constructed a mortal legacy while
fancying myself an immortal deity.
And look at me now: erased like all
the criminals I had deleted off the face
of this Earth.

The irony…

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