"Sunshine" by Kumi

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oops it's 3:50 in the morning and I just finished this.



"Right here, [Name].”

You reached out and felt the bed shift with his weight as he crawled into your arms and pressed soft kisses to your face.

"Were you busy?"

He made a soft noise as he kissed you. "Not one bit. Good morning.”

"You're always up so early," you laughed, pushing his hair back from his eyes.

Smiling, he kissed you again before getting up and making his way to the door. "Surprise, love.” As he opened it, your two kids burst in, each holding platters of breakfast food.

“Mommy, daddy helped us make breakfast for you!”

You were surprised as they set down an entire meal for four on the bedside table. The scent of pancakes drizzled in syrup and freshly squeezed orange juice wafted into your nose, making you smile as you pulled the two kids onto your bed and kissed the tops of their heads.

“What’s the occasion?” you asked, laughing as they clung to you and urged you to eat. You hugged them both tightly.

“No reason in particular,” Ichijo said as he sat down next to you, gently tucking your hair behind your ear as he kissed you. You felt the bed shift as your kids slid off of the mattress and scurried out of the room silently, the sound of the closing door the only indication that they were gone. “We were all awake and they wanted pancakes, so we made enough for everyone.”

“That was sweet of you,” you whispered against his lips, wrapping your arms around his neck and hugging him. “They’re like little angels that look just like their father.”

“Anything for my queen,” Ichijo laughed, scooping you onto his lap and holding you tightly. “They look more like you than me, thank goodness.” He buried his face into your neck and you pressed your lip against his hair, inhaling the scent of his soft tresses. He smelled like sunshine like he always did, and it was your favourite scent.

“They both have your eyes.” He pulled away from your neck and you watched as he blushed, his eyes darting away as he tried to hide the pink in his cheeks. “I have the most handsome king,” you teased, cupping his face in your hands.

Ichijo smiled, pressing his hands over yours as he leaned into your touch. “I love you.”

Your heart skipped a beat and you kissed him tenderly, your forehead bumping against his as you pulled away. “I love you too.”

Another thousand years could pass and you would still never get used to how he made you feel.

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