"Raining Again" by Konekochan07

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So...this short is based on a weird dream plus a weird idea that just popped up. If you don't like it, let me know, but I had to put it up.

And I can't really explain it because, since it is so vague, I can say it's not based on anything in particular.
It was raining again.
She hated when it rained. It always reminded her of him. She was never sure why that was, since he was almost always around when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but it did.
Oh, that’s right. She remembered now. She always missed him when it was raining. That was going to make life very difficult, considering she was planning on never seeing him again. He was dead, after all.
And the heavens cried, even for a creature like him.

He was searching.
It had been years, decades possibly, since he had last laid eyes upon her. And that final memory of her pained him. She had been terrified, and he was the probable cause.
He searched anyways. He had to see her again. She was what kept him going when he was so lost and unstable. She kept him sane. In the life he had received all those years ago, he hadn’t been sane until he met her. There was nothing else for him without her. He would find her. Or he might destroy the world trying.

Was it day or night?
She couldn’t remember anymore, and didn’t want to know enough to move. She had been asleep, but woke listening to the rain. It hadn’t stopped yet. She had a feeling something was watching her, but she was ignoring that as much as she ignored the question of time.
All she wanted was to go back to sleep, but her head was spinning. Something in the back of her mind told her to get up, but she didn’t, figuring it was just her imagination. He was never coming back. He could never come back from that…

He could smell her.
She was close. But there were too many other smells to tell where she could be. He tried to call to her, in his silent way, but she seemed to be ignoring him. Why?
Oh, of course. She had witnessed that. She probably thought him dead. He would have to try harder…

She bolted upright in the bed.
That was definitely him. But how? She wasn’t sure she cared. He was still alive, or rather, not dead.
She got up and went to the door, but stopped with her hand on the knob.
Was this a trick? It was technically possible, but she wasn’t sure if anyone else knew how to call to her, or even knew of her. She’d have to risk it.

He saw her framed in the doorway.
She still looked as beautiful as he remembered. Time had aged her as little as it had aged him, physically. Her eyes held the light of an old soul, though. A soul aged as old as his own, perhaps older. He had never learned of her past. He had never cared, and she refused to explain. He ran to her.

She embraced him with every fiber of her being.
She had missed him. It was difficult to understand why she could love him even after his transformation, but she did. Perhaps he didn’t change as much as she had first thought he had, only gained more confidence to be who he had always been. Vampirism seemed to do that to most.

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