"Hold Me" by fireofblood

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ugh, Garou. I really like him and the idea of him falling for someone older.
There were many rumors going around about the hero hunter, calling him The Human Monster and though those rumors were true it was hard to see a monster in that face.

You lay in bed, holding Garou to your chest as you brushed one hand through his wild bleach blonde hair. He looked so at peace, it was so hard to believe those rumors somedays.

Often he'd visit you exhausted and bruised and would fall into your welcoming arms. All he wanted from you was comfort that you willingly provided, he was after all still just a teenager.

You didn't bother asking why he was doing what he did, you just accepted it and told him not to get himself killed. He'd only respond with a disgusted look before taking off for several days. You cared greatly for his safety, it was just your nature, but there was no way you'd talk that boy out of whatever it was he had his mind set on.

It simply became routine for you now.

He was unsure how much time had passed since he fell asleep in your arms, but from the sound of your steady breathing he knew it had been some time. Garou pressed his head closer to your chest getting a good listen to your heart beat. He'd never admit it because you were several years older, but he really wanted more with you.

He wanted to kiss you and have you look at him as something more than a younger brother. Unfortunately, he'd never be able to tell you, he was afraid to ruin what odd relationship he managed to build with you.

He wouldn't complain though, not as long as you would keep welcoming him back with open arms. He was happy just like this, for now anyway.

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